Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Caught Cheating

Hello guy's and welcum to my domination blog. I am here for all of your CBT, Cuckold, Humiliation, Panty boy, Sissy, And Strap On Play fantasies. I am laying back on my couch now waiting for you to come and serve me today. I am your sexy, sensual and dominant Mistress who knows how to give it to you just how you need it and deserve. So why don't you come let me give you an experience that I know you will never forget....

I would like to open with a taste of one of my Cuckold calls that I just had the other day and he had very few limit's when it came to the things that he was into...For all of you Cucks out there enjoy....

I'm in my living room right now dressed in my matching satin bra and panties set. I was just about ready to come out of my bra as I started to think about a hot call that I got from you. I played your wife and you were away for the day taking care of some things. Right after you left two of my hot friends called me. They were both sexy as hell. They both had very hot bodies and very big cocks. They asked me what I was up too and I said that I was home alone just hanging out by myself having some fun. They asked if my husband was around and I said no he's gone for the day. So then they asked me if I wanted some company and I said oh yes I would love some. They showed up at my door dressed very sexy and smelling so good and standing so tall. I asked them to come inside and asked if they would like to have a seat on my couch. I walked over to them dressed in my short little black dress.The kind that fits so tight that it shows off my perky breasts. Under that I had on a satin matching black bra and panties with flower print on them and some black thigh hi's and six inch pumps. They glanced their eyes all over my body as I got closer and closer to them. I looked at them and saw the big fat bulge in their pants as it started grow more and more. I instantly got turned on and found myself wanting to touch myself. They knew that my husband was lacking in the size department and knew that he was just not satisfying me. I mean how could his average size cock make me happy? I needed someone who was at least eight inches and above. Anything under that is really pushing it. They got up off of the couch as I showed them back to our bedroom. They watched me as I crawled up on the bed and started to slip out of my black dress. Seeing me as I teased them a little bit as I was on my knees slowly lifting it up. Exposing my satin panties to them. Then sliding off my dress I laid back and took my hands and ran them across my silky soft bra. Teasing them as I started to touch my breasts and squeeze them together. Then taking my soft hands as I started to run them down the front of my body approaching my soft satin panties. Slowly opening up my little legs as I took my hand and ran it under them and giving them that seductive "I want you look" I could feel my little pussy get wetter as they took their hands and started to stroke their cocks through their pants. Seeing how they were looking at me as they started to take their cocks out of their pants. MMMMM one of my friends cock's was at least nine inches long. And very very thick. My other friend's cock was a little bigger. His was at least ten inches long. All I could think about is the three of us in my bed as they took turns fucking me. They walked over to me as they started to undress. As I was laying there still with my hand in my panties taking my finger tips as I ran it up and down my clitty and moaning out I started to slide them off. Wiggling my little hips back and forth as they lowered to my ankles and then taking my feet out. Exposing my pretty little pussy I started to run my finger tips back up between my legs as I started to run them up and down my pink lips. The first one slid between my legs putting them up on his shoulders as he started to stroke his cock for me. Running his hand up and down that long hard shaft. The other was at the side of the bed stroking his big fat cock bringing it closer and closer to my mouth. MMMM I was about to have both of my hot holes filled at the same time. One in my mouth and the other in my tight little pussy. He took the tip of his head as he started to trail them across my mouth. Taking it and running it in circles. My other friend took the tip of his cock head and started running it up and down my smooth little pussy lips. As he started to slide his long hard rod in my pink little hole. As I started to open up my mouth I stuck out my tongue so I could tease the tip of the head. It was so fucking hard and made my pussy so wet that all I could think about doing was sliding my hot wet mouth on it nice and slow. Sucking on it just how he wanted me too. MMmmm it felt so good the way it filled up my little mouth. The other guy looked at me and said "tell me how much you like feeling my big fat cock in your little pussy baby"

I looked at him and said "Oh baby it feels so good the way it stretches my little hole open give it to me and please don't stop." I could feel him Forcing that long hard rod in my tight little hole. Giving it to me deeper and deeper. And I thought to myself "When my husband tries to have sex with me I can't even feel his pathetic little dick in me. And I have to ask him is it in yet?" So I finally decided all that he was good for was being my cuck. As my other friend was sliding his cock in and out of my mouth and feeling my tongue run up and down his shaft I could hear the outside door open. My husband called out "Brandy are you here?" I didn't respond back to him because I was just so much into my friends taking my hot little holes at the same time and enjoying how good it felt to have real men. My husband got closer and closer to the bedroom as he said "Brandy I know you are here because I can hear you moaning in our bedroom." I started to giggle out as he busted in the door with a surprised look on his face and said "Brandy oh my god what did I walk in on? You are getting both of your little holes filled by two black guy's" I replied back "Yes I am and it feels so good too. I mean what do you expect? You are not satisfying me sexually other then maybe licking up all of the cream from my little pink pussy after i've had a real mans cock in me" Then he looked at me with another surprised look on his face as I said "yes baby when you where did you think all of that hot cream was coming from?" So he stood there watching me as my hot friends took turns fucking me. I said "Now you can see with your own eyes what it's like for a real mans dick to be stretching me out is like." As I moaned out louder and louder. I looked at my husband and said "I know you want to take your cock out and stroke it don't you?" And he replied "yes I do" When he exposed it I started to giggle. I could not believe I let him ever fuck me. But I guess because he was my husband I felt like I should. But it didn't last for long and before you knew it I was going out or letting my friends come over and give me what he couldn't. He started to stroke as my friend started fucking me faster and faster. Harder and harder. Deeper and deeper. Looking at the expression on my face as I was getting closer and closer to cumming. MMMM and I could feel his long hard cock throbbing inside of my tight little walls. He looked down at me as he said "Brandy i'm ready to blow my thick hot load deep inside of you." And I said "Oh yes baby fill that hot load deep inside of me." As I started to cum all over his cock. My husband stood there looking as he kept stroking his average size cock. I could tell that he was really turned on seeing two black guy's fuck his wife. I looked over at him and said "Now come on over here and climb between my legs and clean up all of this cream. You are going to be there for a while because he shot a very thick load inside of me." So he crawled between my sexy long legs and started to take his tongue and lick my freshly creamed pussy. Taking his tongue as he stated to slide it in and out of my wet little cunt. Making sure to clean it good. I looked down at him and said "Your tongue feels so good licking my little pussy." I started to grind my hips around his tongue as I took my hand and pushed his head deeper inside. That was one good thing about my husband that he was very talented when it came to licking my sweet pussy.

I told him if he did a good job then I would let him clean off my friends cock. I could tell that he really liked that. When he finished licking me all clean I told him to get on his knees while my friend stood in front of him so he could suck all of my juices off of his cock. I sat back as I saw my husband sliding his hot mouth up and down off of my friends cock. Cleaning it of all of my juices. Hearing him moan out as he took his cock deeper and deeper in his mouth. Looking at the expression on his face and in his eyes as he started to make that hot slurping sound from sucking it. My other friend got up on the bed as he was stroking his rod in his hand. Still very hard and ready to fuck. He looked over at my husband then looked back at me and I said to my husband. He got so hard when I told him that and I could tell by the expression on his face that he wanted to feel that long fat cock slide in his little hole. I looked at my husband as I said "Oh I can feel my little pussy drip more cum out. Come back over here and crawl back between my legs and clean the rest of this cum out of my pussy." He looked at me as he smiled and said "Yes baby I will." My friend began taking the tip of his cock head as he slid it up and down my husbands ass. Just teasing it at first. Getting closer and closer to his hot little hole. My husband looked at me and I said "You are ready to feel that big fat cock fuck your ass aren't you?" And he said "Oh yes I am!" I looked at him as I started calling him very harsh names. And it seemed like the more that I said it to him the more he liked it. He looked back at my friend as he started to bend him over. Taking his big strong hands as he started to squeeze in my husbands ass cheeks and slowly started to slide his big fat cock in my husbands ass. In and out as he fed him his long hard rod. Over and over again as he started fucking him deeper and deeper. I could see his ass cheeks gripping on my friends cock as he started taking it deeper and deeper inside of his slutty ass. The harder he got fucked the deeper his tongue would slide in my sweet little pussy and the more I would moan out. Then hearing my husband as he started to moan out louder and louder as my friend started hitting his g spot. Looking up at me as his pathetic cock started to get harder and harder he asked me if it was okay for him to stroke it. I said "Yes go ahead and stroke it" as I giggled out. I said "are you ready to take his thick hot load of cum in your tight little ass? Because he has loads more of cum to give to you." My husband looked at me and said "Oh god yes please fill my slutty little hole up I need it so bad." And just as he said that my friend started to cum over and over again. Filling up his tight little ass with his thick hot load. As my husband started to moan out stroking his little cock he started to beg me if he could fuck me. I looked at him as I started to laugh and say "are you kidding me? The last time I let you fuck me you only lasted 30 seconds inside of my pussy and then you came. Not to mention I could not even feel you. Especially after I just got fucked by two real men with much bigger sizes then you." As I laid back and continued to laugh he said "Baby can you feel it? It's inside of you." I started to yell at him "No I can't feel you are you kidding me?" Then saying "I bet you can't even last a minute either." He looked at me saying "Oh yes i'm going to prove to you that I can last much longer." As I began to laugh at him that's when he blew his load. As I looked at him he said "Oh Brandy I just cum baby" I looked at him and said "See I told you that you would not last long!" Him looking back at me as he apologized and said "But oh it just felt so good that I could not help myself" I just laid there giggling and said "No wonder why I turned you into a cuck and only let you lick and clean up my pussy! But oh well I guess you can't help it can you?" I can't wait for him to walk in and catch me being naughty again ..... What is your Cuckold fantasy today? I am ready to hear about it and have some hot fun with you...Brandy