Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How He Became A Panty Wearing Sissy Part 2

Hi guys! You know how much I love domination phone sex and I know you have been patiently waiting for Part 2 of how Thomas became a panty wearing sissy. I have had alot of things going on and now I don't plan on keeping you waiting anymore! Please enjoy the second part of how I turned him into my hot panty wearing slut...

Well, I was laying there in Mistress Brandy’s bed, spread eagle, tied to the four corners of the bed. Mistress Brandy continued to laugh at my tiny little sissy clit sticking out of my red crotchless panties. “This is going to be so much fun” she said. “Amber will be here in about an hour. She told me she has something special for you when she gets here.”

Mistress decided I needed to be properly readied for her sister’s arrival, so I was blindfolded and she took off her bikini panties and stuffed them in my mouth. I could hear nothing and only smell her pussy. This torment went on until her sister Amber arrived. The blindfold was removed and there stood two red headed beauties. Brandy and Amber are both very gorgeous and look like twins. The only difference is that Brandy is a size 2, while Amber is a 14. She has beautiful curves and a little bit of a mean streak, but more of that later.

As I lay there, Amber tells Brandy she knows me. “Really” says Brandy? “Yes, this is the jerk I told you about a few months ago. He was hanging in the food court with his buddies when I went to lunch. First I heard him compliment my good looks, but as I was placing my order, I heard him tell his buddies that he liked big girls – More cushion – less pushin”. “You’re kidding me, did you really say that about my sis?” I could have crawled under the bed, knowing I was busted, all I could do was agree that I had said it. “He will regret the day he said that” said Amber. “Take him in the bathroom and cuff his sissy ass to the shower bar, his days of being a man are over”. With that Brandy took me into the bathroom and cuffed me. She then went in the other room with her sister and they made their plans.

A few moments later, they come into the bathroom and start to work me over. As I was cuffed to the tub bar and bent over at the waist, Mistress Amber, as I am now to call her, takes several permanent markers and begins drawing on my lower back. This is to become my tramp stamp. In pink and red and green, she has written my new name across my lower back, just above my hips “tessaprettypanties”. “We will freshen this up every Friday before she goes out,” says Amber. I am told that for humiliating her in the food court, I am going to be made to become a crossdressing, bi-sexual nymphomaniac. I begin to argue, but Amber slaps my face and Brandy squeezes my tiny clit. “Since you are much larger than I am, the guys are really going to have their way with you – More cushion – less pushin girlfriend. Tonite you get your first sissy douche and you will have three a day to keep your “pussy’ all clean. With that, I am given warm, soapy enema and am made to hold it for 10 minutes. They giggle as I am doubled over in agony.

As I stand there, Amber and Brandy both put on some plastic gloves and rub a lotion all over my body. Amber takes great pleasure in making sure she gets deep inside my ass crack and all around my “sissy clit” as she continues to call it. I am left there, cuffed in the tub for about ten minutes. The longer I stand there, the more my body begins to burn. I realize what is happening, my body is going to be as smooth and hairless as a new born. A few minutes more and I am told to shower. As I do, all my hair is washed down my body, causing a clog in the drain. Brandy cracks me on the ass. “Clean that hair up bitch, and do it now!” I get out of the shower and bend over the tub to remove the hair. As I do, my ass is wide open. Mistress Brandy quickly shoves a butt plug deep in my ass as I yelp. “Shut up and keep the sissy pussy tight slut. If that falls out, you will not like what happens next!” I stand, dispose o of what was “my” hair and return to her bedroom.

As I walk into the room, there is Amber. Dressed in black cami, miniskirt and fishnet stockings and garter belt. I am thinking, this can’t be too bad, they just want to have a little fun. “Onto the bed my sissy whore” Amber commands. I do, and am cuffed the way I was earlier. Brandy leaves the room and comes back a few moments later. Dressed like Amber, but she is in red. Two gorgeous redheads before me, dressed like they want to fuck. Okay that is not correct. They are dressed like they want to do the fucking, but that did not occur to me. My cock starts to get harder and they begin to laugh. “Look at our little sissy. Her clitty is getting so hard, she looks like she is going to have an orgasm right now. It must be our “cocks” that are turning her on!” says Brandy. With that, they drop their skirts and they are wearing matching strapons. My eyes almost bulge out of my head. Amber comes over, shoves her moist panties that she wore to work all day into my mouth. Here I am, tied to the bed, bright pink put plug deep in my ass, and matching pink lace panties in my mouth. And two beautiful women laughing at me.

Each of the girls climbs onto the bed. Brandy grabs my coc and tells me that I will never refer to it as a cock again. It is a clit and it belongs to her an Amber. I shake my head and Brandy laughs. She takes one hand and pulls by balls away from my body, and squeezes my cock with the other. The main makes it shrivel up to a nearly non-existent state. She laughs and tells Amber it is her turn.

Amber reaches under me and removes the butt plug. I sigh in relief and they both begin to laugh. Little did I realize the humiliation to come. Brandy attaches a leash to the headboard while while Amber releases by legs from the two corners of the bed. A bar is cuffed to each ankle, spreading my legs about 36 inches. I am confused as my legs are hoisted into the air and attached to the leash. Amber stands back and I see her start to stroke her “cock” with lotion and laugh. Reality hits me hard. I try to yell, but her panties muffle my cries. Next thing I know, she is on her knees between my widely spread ass. “Bitch, I am going to fuck your pussy. Yes pussy! You have a clit and a pussy, just like real girls. Only diference is your are a little farther apart.” She then proceeds to forceher cock into my “pussy”. I feel like I am being torn in two. The pain, the burning, oh God, please let it stop. I start to cry, and they both begin to laugh. “She must love this. It has brought her to tears” says Brandy. Amber continues to move in and out slowly. The pain now longer seems as intense and Amber realizes this. She begins to pump harder. As she does, I try to push back. “Oh, our big girl likes being fucked in her pussy”says Amber. Let’s see if she lkes what else we have for her.

Brandy then removes the panties from my mouth. She tells me if I scream or talk, I will be very sorry. I lay there as she stands on the bed. She lowers her cock covered pussy over my face and tells me to open my mouth. I refuse. Amber grabs me by my clit and squeezes. I scream and in goes Brandy’s cock. Both of my holes are now filled. They now begin to pump in unison. Fear, confusion and shock seem to intertwine. Next thing I know, lust seems to take over. I eagerly begin to suck at the cock in my mouth. I begin to push back against Amber. Amber feels this and notices that my clit is beginning to get hard. She reaches down and strokes my clit as she fucks my pussy. A few moments of this, and I cannot stand anymore. I shoot my load onto my chest.

Both girls look at each other and laugh. Both pull out of me, my mouth feeling empty, and my pussy gaping wide open. They take turns, each scraping my cum off my chest and feeding it to me. I eagerly lick their fingers, trying to get all my cum. Brandy says, “Look, one ass fucking and one blow job and “she” is already a cum whore. This going to be fun”....

The plot thickens...

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