Monday, September 28, 2009

How He Became A Panty Wearing Sissy Part 1

Hi guy's I have a story that Thomas wrote up of how I turned him into a panty wearing slut and he would like to share it with everyone. It talks about his transformation from a man to now being a panty wearing slut who now goes by the name of Tessa.

My name used to be Thomas P. Palmer, and all my suitcases, briefcases, wallets etc. were blazened with my initials TPP. They still are, but everything is now “tpp” Let me tell you what has happened to me over the last year.

It was just over a year ago, my marriage had broken up about 6 months before and I was missing the companionship, but more so, things my ex used to do to me. So, I am in the mall, in the Lane Bryant store, right near the exit of the mall. I am going through the bins of clearance panties and find several that I really like. When the salesgirl turned her back to answer the phone, I slipped three pairs of panties into my jeans. I continued to look around and as I started to leave I felt a tap on my shoulder. As I turn around I see this stunning redhead who whispers to me, “ I saw you steal those panties! Either come with me right now, or I will tell the sales girl and wait with her for the Police.” I hang my head and follow here out the door.

In the mall she tells me to follow her to her car, she wants to see exactly what I have taken and what she is going to do about it. She then shows me the video on her phone that she sent to her best friend Now she has me on tape and there is nothing I can do. We get in her car and I show her that I have taken a pair of pink cotton bikinis, red micro fiber hipsters, and black lace boy shorts. She tells me her name is Brandy and that I now belong to her. She drives to a secluded spot in the parking garage and makes me take off my pants and under shorts. I now am forced to put on the pink bikinis and get out of the car. I have to walk around car 10 times for her amusement. After this, I am allowed back in the car and put my pants and shoes back on. My socks are to stay in her car.

We head back into the mall and she says we are going to have a busy morning shopping ad hopes that I have plenty of open credit on my cards, because we need it. Our first stop is in Macy’s where we go to the men’s department. “ Ok, so this isn't too bad” I think, but little do I know how wrong I am. First she asks my pants size and I tell her “50x30”. A few moments later, she comes back with a pair of pants and a pair of shorts. She holds them up, and “no big deal”. Khaki pants and white shorts. Now my troubles begin. It is off to the women’s shoe department. As I am being fitted, I turn a deep red. Next thing I know, we have one pair of red pumps, one pair of black open toe pumps, a pair of brown sandals and a pair of five inch red strappy heels. I am told to follow her, that it is time for the first of my appointments.

I am taken to the salon where I get a manicure and set of long nails, and a pedicure. My nails are done a bright “fuck me” red. My legs and eyebrows are then waxed.

Into the mall we go, to Nordstom’s at the other end. Here I am forced to get a makeover. The eyes are a dark blue, deep pink blush, lips as red as my nails with a heavy deep red lip liner. MY mascara is dark midnight black and I look like a professional street walker.

Back into the mall, and Mistress leaves me to sit on the benches in the center of the mall. She tells me she will be back with several surprises. About 20 minutes later, she returns and says “ I have been using your card all day and I love your initials. Your name is now tessaprettypanties. Tell me your name!” “ tessaprettypanties” I say. “Very good” is her response.

I am now sent in to the restroom with a bag items and I am told not to look until I am in the stall. I am told to put on what is in the bag, leave my old clothes there and meet her right back here. I look at her in disbelief and she tells me if I don't move it, she will tell people I grabbed her ass in the mall. Into the restroom I go. In the bag is a sheer white , low cut top, my brown sandals, my new pants and a neon pink sports bra. I almost cry as I look in the bag. I think this won't be too bad until I put the pants on. They are about 6-8 inches shorter that what I wear It looks like I a wearing women’s capris. After 5 minutes, I change and go into the mall. Brandy meets me with a shiny pink patent leather purse, and it is full of the makeup from my makeover. “Pick up the bags and follow me, stay 3 steps behind me and stare at my ankles, not at my ass as you have been!” Ashamed, I follow her orders and it is back to Lane Bryant for me. As we walk into the store, Brandy says, “Hey Sis, look what I brought you! We are going to get his one a lot of clothes, lingerie, and stuff. Here are the tags from what he stole so you can add them to his tab.” Giggling, her sister Amber tells me to show her my panties. I open my pants and Brandy yanks them own around my ankles and tells me to get in the fitting room. Amber comes in and fits me for my first bras. 46DDD, and she picks out 8 of them in red, black, white, lace, under wire, you name it. Since it was August, I was told I would be getting pair for each day of the month, and a second pair for Friday’s Saturday’s and Sunday’s. girl never wants to be without, and it is going to be a “busy” month. Next I am fitted with skirts, tops, camis, slips, stockings, tights, you name it. I am forced to model each outfit as Brandy takes pics. The last outfit is a pair of light pink capris. Under this, I am wearing a black garter belt and black fishnets. I put on my black open toes and it is back to Brandy’s car. Little did I know, she had given my car keys to her sister who would be driving it to Brandy’s home.

Back at Brandy’s I am forced to try on every pair of panties so that she can take pictures of me. She grabs me by chin and looks deep into my eyes. “Little tessaprettypanties’ you have so much to learn this month! Now close your eyes while I cuff you to the bed. When Amber gets off work, your true learning will begin!”
Stay tuned for part two to see what happens next....
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

He's A Pathetic Veggie Whore

"Mistress Brandy I'm such a loser and a pathetic veggie whore." Those were the first words I heard out of his pathetic mouth when he called me for humiliation phone sex today. He is such a fucking loser! I could not believe how horny he was and ready to stick anything up his dirty ass that he could. He craved to be humiliated all day long and had been stroking his tiny little prick just thinking about it. So I told him to get a carrot stick, cucumber, a stick of celery, a hershy's candy bar and a dildo. He sounded like a panting fucking dog when he said "Yes Mistress Brandy I have all of those items right here." He had no idea once he got finished fucking his dirty hole that he was going to have to chomp them all down for me. He also told me that he likes having other things in his dirty holes lick big fat cocks. And it didn't matter if they were human cock from a hung stud a k-9's cock or one from his barn yard. He told me that if he could proove himself to me if I would allow him to lick my tiny wet pussy. But I had something very humiliating in mind like making him lick the pussy of a woman that is old wrinkled and saggy. LMAO All I would let him do is look at mines as I teased and flirted with him. There is no fucking way I would ever let a loser like that slide his tongue in my hot wet snatch box. So he had his vegies there and I told him suck on them veggie whore make them nice and wet. First we started with him sliding the carrot up his dirty ass. You should have heard the way he moaned out when it started sliding in. I said "Tell me that you are a pathetic fucking loser carrot boy!" He panted out saying "Oh yes oh yes I am very pathetic." I said "And I'm going to make you my veggie bitch today."

Giggling out as he started to fuck his hole faster and faster. He said "What will I have to do once I finish fucking my pathetic ass with this carrot stick?" I said "You are going to have to eat it fucker that's what!" He moaned out and said "But that's so dirty Mistress Brandy." I said "I know it is but you never let vegetables go to waste. And if you are a good whore then I'll let you finish with that hershy bar in your ass and then you will get to eat it afterwards. You can bet once I told his nasty ass that, that he went through sliding every last one of those veggies up his hole. The cucumber and the celery. I told him that I would not allow him to cum though unless he shot it in a bowl and licked it clean for me. He said "Oh please don't make me do that Mistress Brandy." I said "If you don't do it I'm going to post these pictures that I took of you while you were being a bitch for these vegetables so every one can see them!" He said "You wouldn't!" I slid the flash drive out of my digital camera and held it in front of his face while my skirt and top was lifted up and he had the carrot in his mouth crunching on it." The loser bitch was getting off on my giggle and he started begging me if he could stroke his cock. I said "Don't call it a cock it's a fucking Vienna worm!" He said "Yes Mistress that's what it is can I please stroke it?" After he munched down the first veggie I said "After you slide that cucumber up your hole you can touch it." He started begging me to call him names so I said "You want me to do that loser boy? I bet you are a faggot aren't you? If you will suck and fuck a mans cock I know you are." He said "Oh yes I am a faggot Mistress!"

He had that cucumber so far up his ass hitting his g spot I knew he would be cumming fast. I said "Hurry up bitch you better not cum until you have that hershy bar up your fucking hole!" With my little thong moved to the side sliding my fingers in my wet little pussy he said "Can I please taste your pussy Miss?" I said "No you can't! If you want your tongue on my puffy lips you have to show me just how nasty and dirty you are willing to be and that will come later loser!" I told him to slide the cucumber out of his ass and chomp it down. I could tell he was going to hurl because his sweat and ass juices were all over it. But he was a good little subbie and did exactly as I told him to do. By the time he got to the candy bar his weenie prick was dripping pre cum. I handed him a bowl and said "Release your driblets in here veggie slut and drink it all down. After he slid the candy bar out of his ass he chomped that all down and said "Can I please be allowed to cum now Mistress Brandy?" I said "Yes you may shoot it and lick it." I took his toy and went behind him and started to slide it in his ass and fucked him like the bitch that he was. Pumping it in and out working it in circles saying "You like the way i'm fucking you don't you slut?" Hitting his g spot more and more I said "Who's bitch are you?" He moaned out and said "I'm your Mistress! I'm your bitch!" And I heard his slutty ass release his driblets of cum and drink it all down like a cum whore. I can't wait for veggie slut to call me back again so I can make him do even dirtier things. Are you a veggie slut and crave things up your dirty ass? Then get your vegetables ready and give me a call me for some domination phone sex today...
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