Friday, January 23, 2009

Dirty Panty Torture

I have a panty slut who loves to be tortured. So for him I will purposely not wash my dirty panties. Also being because I have such a huge panty collection I don't need to wash them that often. And with such an active life style that I have I tend to go through them a lot. Between school, dance clubs at night, working out you can assume that I go through them pretty fast. But it doesn't bother me, that's why I have my panty boy *giggles* When ever I call on him he will come over. And when ever I want to use his dirty tongue to lick and clean all of my pretty little panties I don't ever have to wash them. But first he has to take every single pair of them and go through them and smell. It's total torture for him to have to drink in the aroma of some of them because sometimes they can be cream filled of hot cum. And if i've been a dirty slut some of them will have pee stains and brown stains in them too. Who knows maybe I could have had one of my hot friends with benefits over who likes to fuck me with my panties pulled to the side. Just think about all that hot jizz that he shoots deep inside of my tight pussy and how much it leaks into my panties. And sometimes before he starts to smell and lick them I will slip off my freshly worn ones and make him wear them. I know his pathetic little dick gets hard just thinking about my soft pretty panties rubbed against him. There will also be times where he will not be able to taste them until he has smelled every last pair. I just love having the power to deny him like that. And it's so much fun to watch him get more turned on with every smell then see the look on his face when I laugh and say "Oh you don't get any!" He will say "Oh please Miss Brandy I will do anything if you just let me take a taste of your dirty creamy panties!" Over and over again until I either make him get down on his knees and suck my strap on or fuck his dirty ass or make him my toilet boy or even make him suck my fuck buddy off. If I'm not feeling devious or if he catches me on a day where I won't make him do those things then I'll finally give in and let him taste and lick them. I mean how else am I going to get them clean? I bet his little dick is getting hard now reading this thinking about the next time he will have to come over and be my dirty panty licker. Are you dripping pre cum now just thinking about it? I bet you are. I have a bag full now so why don't you bring your pathetic dirty ass in our free sex chat room and message me or just give me a call 1-888-40-Bunny ask for Brandy