Monday, November 9, 2009

You Call That A Dick? It's A Dickette!

All I can do is laugh when I think about that pathetic little dick of yours. You came up to me one night claiming to be a real man when I met you at the party I threw at my house. We were eyeing each other all night and I thought the chemistry was hot between us. You had the looks and the body of a guy who I knew would be able to knock me off of my feet. I could even see a very big bulge in your pants and all I could think about is getting you alone in my bedroom so I could show you how much of slut I was going to be for you. When we made our way upstairs I locked my door and started to tease and flirt with you. And you looked at me and said "Brandy my big fat dick is going to make you scream and make that tight pussy cum in ways you never thought possible. So you took off your shirt and out came that muscular six pack of yours. I stepped into you and started to touch you and kiss you all over your chest. I immediately started to undo your pants and started to look into your eyes and slide them down. And then I stopped dead in my tracks and what the fuck did I see before me? A fucking sock in your pants! I said "What the fuck is this?" Your face started to turn red and I removed it and there hiding between your legs was a tiny little prick! I could barely see it and then I said "Do you think i'm going to fuck this little worm you call a dick?" Fucking loser wanna be said he had a huge cock when all you have is something so small it could be a clitty! I started to laugh so hard I could not believe what I could barely see there in front of me. I said "I was about to give you my deliciously smelling pussy." Then I lifted up my skirt so you could see the way my pretty silky panties cling to my wet lips. I bet you would do anything for me to take them off and run them across your nose. Even smother it if you had the chance too. I looked at you and said "You are nothing but a cuckold slut. You are worthless and not capable of satisfying me your wife or any other female for that matter. All you can do is stroke that tiny prick as you sit back and watch her or me fuck a real man. One after the other. Men who have thick meaty fat dicks UNLIKE yours." You said "Yes Miss Brandy I do have a little dick and I'm a worthless loser." I said "Yes and you are not worth anything but to clean up the puddles of cum that I would have for you from real men."

Then I stepped into him closer and said "I bet you could be a cum hungry slut who would do whatever I tell you to do! Especially if it meant you could have the chance to take a taste of my sweet pussy juices." I was so close to you by now I could have brushed my body against yours. And I could see you trembling all over just wishing that I would. I said in my seductive voice as I lifted up my top and slowly exposed my tits and said "What would you be willing to do to touch my perky tits? Be my slave? Be my strap on taking slut? Maybe put my fucking dirty creamy panties over your head and slide another pair on your ass? Maybe you would even take a real fucking dick in your hot holes. Or be totally feminized by choice or force and then be treated like a complete whore!" You started to touch that loser dink as you drank in my sultry voice. Hearing me say nasty dirty words that hit you just where you craved. I said "You are a use less worm that I could use. I could tie you to my bed and have complete control and use you for my human toilet! Just think of my warm piss falling into your mouth or whatever else I want to fall in there. You could be my filthy whore who I could keep fucking over and over and brain wash you into turning over your wallet to me so I can have complete control over you." I could see something that looked like drips of pre cum that started to leak out. I said "How pathetic is that you can't even last that long either loser!" Telling him that I could black mail him and make him my bitch. Saying "I know you have fantasized about a Mistress like me to have my way with you so now is the time." Telling him that I could take him back into my living room and humiliate him publicly. And if he denies me I could always make up a strange potion that he's always heard about. One that makes me grow and the other that makes you shrink. Me as your Giant amazon goddess and you as your tiny little thing for me to toss around. I know you want to cum needle dick. You can beg like a wimp and even cry like a bitch because you want to dribble out that pathetic spurts of cum. But first you must serve me and give me what I want. I know you want to hear me laugh and giggle at how useless and how much of a waste you are. So get that dicklette out like the wus that you are and give your new mistress a call.