Monday, January 30, 2012

Panty Boy Phonesex With Slutty Marci

I just love getting calls from all you submissive males. Especially the ones who loves wearing panty’s. Look at me standing here in my pretty pink panties. I bet you would do anything if I would just slide them off and give them to you. And the way that i'm teasing you with my little top raised up flashing my tits at you drives you even hornier doesn't it? Well anyway I  have to tell you about one of my favorite callers who called me for panty boy phone sex and when dressed up in female clothes likes to go by the name of Marci. She just loves being humiliated. And with a tiny pecker I can see why! This slut has a 2 inch clitty and when it’s not hard it can be considered a clitty. She told me when she wears her panties really tight that her clit looks like a camel toe. How fucking pathetic is that! I’ve come across a lot of little dick sluts but this panty boy has to be the smallest fucking little prick clit loser I’ve ever known! So you see this is why I MUST share her with you. Marci loves being totally made into a girl. And with a mistress like me I can tell you why I would totally get off on feminizationphone sex. A lot of you subbies go around saying that you would do anything to please a princess like myself. But as soon as I mention taking a big fucking toy up your mangina you chicken out just like a fucking bitch. Pussies bitch out and get scared. But Marci? She can take a fucking 9 inch thick dildo up her slutty man pussy. Even if it means her numbing it up to take it. She’s training herself to take them big, thick and long. That is the sign of a true subbie slut.

Marci owns over 60 pairs of panties. All very sexy, soft, satiny, cheeky, bikini, and lacy. BUT my panty boy does NOT own one fucking pair of granny panties or white ones either. Who wants to be in something like that? I would never tell any of my panty boys to slide a pair of those on. And if I found out they did own a pair of granny panties I would say “burn those bitches! Shred them up and trash them!” There isn’t anything sexy about owning a pair of panties that your granny would wear! Marci owns about 20 bras that have the padding inserts in them. And what I really love about those is that they have nipples so when this sexy slut is wearing a halter top or something tight fitting with spaghetti straps you can see those hard nipples poke through. I totally would dress her up in a pair of red fishnets with a black and red garter and a matching bra. Over that I would put her in a short fucking pleated black and red skirt mini style to show off those sexy long legs. With someone who stands over six feet tall, why not have on a short mini? And then I’d add a tight fitting cami or corset with that long red wig and some glossy red lip gloss and ad a pair of five inch pumps. Once my panty boy is totally feminized you could only imagine what would happen next.

Marci has been very curious about sucking cock and has bi fantasies. And anyone who knows me knows that all I need to bring out one of my studs with a big fat fleshy cock. How embarrasing is it for a fucking subbie to get down on her knees with a big fucking cock right in the face to suck, slurp and lick on. How much more humiliating would it be to have a BBC  to suck on? Talk about some humiliation phone sex to never forget about. With me standing there to guide her how to suck on it and make it feel real good. Just imagine if I was your mistress and your mouth was watering ready to suck and lick on a big fucking dick like marci. I bet your fucking clitty would be so hard in your panties you would be begging to show me how much of a good fucking dick sucker you are. That fleshy dick was pumping in out of my sluts mouth. Feeling it throb as she took in more with every suck. She tasted that pre cum dripping down her throat just knowing  what happens next! And that’s a huge fucking load of cum shot down her throat and all over her face. And there I stand over her while her face is all jizzed up to take my pretty fingers to scoop all that cum off and feed it to her. Subbies never waste cum! And when her clitty is excited from being dressed up like a slut and feeling those pretty soft panties rub against her smooth skin and face all pained up with cum then along comes me with my big fucking strappy to bend her over and fuck her like the slut that she is.

I heard her moaning out as I stood there with my big fat fucking strap on bending her over and sliding those cheeky boy shorts down and start to slowly slide it in that sissy pussy. I grab her hips and say “Take my strap on cock you slut I’m going to give it to you so fucking good you beg me to cum! And with every stroke I pump a little faster. That hole stretches out and then she feels my soft little hand slide down in those panties as I tease her clitty. Calling her humiliating names and smacking her ass and shoving that strappy in deeper. I can tell by the way Marci grabs around that huge toy that shes ready to cum. But do you think I’m going to allow her to do that? Or is she going to beg like a bitch before she can release it? I bet your clitty is so fucking excited just wondering what happened next that you’re dripping pre cum in your panties.

Go grab a pair of your favorite panties and give me a call for some of the best panty boy phone sex you have ever had. 

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