Monday, March 30, 2009

My Dress Up Strap On Taking Slut

I got home early after having running some errands and going shopping today and heard a noise coming from out of my bedroom. I wasn't sure if it was my boy friend or who it was so I made my way back there and could not believe my eyes! You were going through my slutty clothes and dressing up. You had on my favorite pair of off black thigh hi's with the garter and my favorite matching red bra and thong! And you also had on a favorite pair of my stiletto pumps with a short skirt and tight fitting low cut top. I NEVER had any idea that you liked doing this. I stood there in shocking saying "How long has this been going on?" As your face was red you said "For a while Brandy." You looked like a total fucking slut dressed in my clothes. You even had on a wig that I used for Halloween with some matching red lipstick and black eyeliner. I could not believe how hot I was seeing my man standing there like that. And I could tell that he was also very hard and wanted to let me have my way with him. He didn't know what to think when he found out I wasn't mad at him. As I stood there laughing at him I said "Since you want to be dressed up in my clothes like this then it's time for you to get treated like a fucking slut. " As I walked over to my drawer and pulled out my big fat strap on. Saying "I'm going to treat your virgin ass like its a god damn pussy and it's about to get popped! You are going to be MY BITCH tonight and I don't care what it is you will do it. You are going to see what it feels like to be whored out." Telling him that I was going to slide my strap on in his mouth so he could suck it and make it nice and wet. And I didn't give a shit if he didn't know how to suck on one tonight he was about to learn. And then after that I told him he better get down on all fours with that tight fucking ass up in the air because i'm going to fuck that man pussy over and over again. He said "What if it doesn't fit?" I said back "I don't care if it doesn't fit you are going to see what happens when you are in my bedroom dressing up in my clothes. And if you try and deny me I will tie your ass up to my bed and force you to take it. I could see that pathetic little dick getting harder by the second as I said "Now get ready bitch cause i'm about to make you feel so good your going to be begging me to cum. Once you feel my strap on stretching that hot little man pussy of yours open and feeling it slide in and out as I grab your hips and pumping you faster and faster i'll bring a new meaning to what it means to be called my bitch." He looked at me and said "Should I get a towel baby?" I said "Fuck no you are going to cum on your hand and lick it all up like a good cum eating whore..." After I got finished popping his ass cherry he cum so hard he trembled all over....What a good fuck he was... Are you ready to take my strap on today? And will I catch you dressed up in my clothes? Call me at 1-888-402-8669 ask for Brandy

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Favorite Way To Use Saran Wrap

Your girl friend told you that when she gets home she wants to see you laying back on your bed with a hot load of cum all over your stomach. So when you did a phone sex call with me today you were looking for a dominant girl who would be dressed in her favorite pair of black boots and matching corset. As you walked in on me and saw me with some saran wrap three dildo's and some lube. As I was laying back on the bed ready to spread my sexy long legs open. Ready to slide my finger tips up and down my pink wet pussy. Looking at you as you stood there in your shorts. I could see how hard your cock was as it pressed against them. And I could tell by the look on your face you liked seeing me masturbate like that. As I said "Come over to the bed i'm ready to tie you up now." As you walked over to me closer and crawled up on the bed. Wondering what I was going to use to restrain you. I looked at you as I was moaning out and finger fucking my pussy and said "I'm going to use this saran wrap to tie your wrist up to the head board. Then i'm going to wrap your whole body up like a mummy except for your big hard cock." As you laid there I said "I want to leave that part out so I can do what I want with it. Taking the saran wrap as I started to bind you make you helpless and then wrap you up starting off at your toes as I made my way all the way up to your neck. Leaving an opening to your ass and cock as you laid there ready for me. I reached over and grabbed my k-y gel and started to put some on one of my toys. Looking into your eyes as I said "I'm going to slide this in your tight ass. As I slid it in nice and slow. Feeling your ass cheeks stretch open as you started to moan out. Taking my other toy as I turned around with my ass facing you as I started to slide it in inch by inch. It was my favorite eight inch dildo and felt so good as I felt it sliding in more and more. Giving you a good close up view as you saw my tight ass cheeks grab around it and squeeze. Turning back around as I straddled you and said "Oh I need something in my tight little pussy as I took my soft little hand and wrapped it around your big hard cock. Stroking it nice and slow as I grabbed my other toy and started sliding it in my pink pussy lips. First teasing you as I ran it up and down my clitty making circles.

As I started to make my way down to my wet lips I slid it in nice and slow. As I let it just stay right there. Not fucking my little cunt with it but just locking my dripping wet walls around it as I started to grind into you. Feeling my leather boots run up and down your legs as I said "Look at how hard your cock is for me right now." As I gave you a wicked smile I said "I'm going to fuck your cock with my boot now." As I unzipped it just a little bit and placed your dick inside and zipped it back up. You could feel how tight it was as I moved my leg up and down your shaft. Pumping it nice and slow as I started to touch myself right in front of you. As you were totally bound and helpless not able to do anything but lay there and take whatever I was going to give you. I could feel your pre cum drip out as you saw me take my finger tips and run them across my clit. As I said "Squeeze those ass cheeks around that dildo in your ass and grind into the bed." As you moaned out even louder. Hearing my moans as I called out your name and said "I want your cum all in my boots. I want to feel that sticky fucking jizz drip down the inside of my boots." As you said "Oh Brandy I have to cum so bad right now." I looked at you as I said "Let that cum build up and fucking grind your ass into that dildo and when you can't take it any longer I want you to bust a hot load all over my boots." As my leg was pumping up and down his shaft faster and faster. Feeling his cock throb like it was ready to bust. As he looked deep into my eyes and said "I'm coming now Mistress!" And I could feel a thick hot load fill up my boots. It was so hot and sticky and felt so good. And I swear if his girl friend wasn't going to come in and find him with a load of cum all over his stomach and laying there helpless then I would have made him lick and clean up my boots of all of his cum. I can't wait to see him again so I can get him tied up to my bed again....Are you ready for me to tie you and have my way with you today? Then pick up your phone and call me at 1-888-40-Bunny ask for Brandy"'

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