Sunday, November 30, 2008

Your Secret Craving Of Being A Pretty Sissy Bitch

Are you fantasizing about being a pretty girl? Getting dressed up in your favorite pair of satin or lacy panties and matching bra? Come to me and let me dress you up and make you my sweet sissy boy. You have seen the way I suck big hard cocks and you get so hot and horny just thinking about me teaching you how to do the same. You long for me to whore your sissy ass out. Knowing you will have to get both your hot little mouth and pretty lil sissy pussy stretched out. I know you want to be watched as I put you down on your knees and make you take a big fat cock in that hot wet mouth. Just the thought of it makes your mouth hungry doesn't it? As I'm standing over you dressed in my black and pink lacy corsete with my pretty lil panties. I bet you would do anything if you had the chance to get a close look of my pink wet pussy. As I tease and giggle at you as I call you my bitch. Hearing you make that slurping noise as you suck that big fat cock in and out. Now its time to pull those panties to the side and get that sissy pussy ready to get stretched out. Can you feel it as he slides his big fat dick inside of your slutty hole? Feel him push it open as your tight hole grabs and squeezes around it. Looking up at me because you are ready to rub that little clitty through your panties. As I look down at you saying "Beg me like a good little bitch." As I hear your girlie voice call out "Please mistress brandy can I touch my clitty?" As I look at you saying "Ask me again but this time I want to hear that voice sound even more girlish." As you beg me again saying "Oh please can I touch my sissy clitty?" As I say "Yes you can but when you cum you better shoot that load in those panties." As I start to expose my breasts to you. Squeezing them together as I move my panties to the side and show off my pretty pink pussy to you. By now you are begging me to cum as you can feel your tight hole getting fucked harder and harder. Those panties rubbing up against your skin as you say "Oh please may I cum now?" As you can feel the throbbing from that big fat cock getting closer and closer to cumming. So do I let you take that thick hot load in your tight little hole or do I have you open up your hot mouth and tilt your head back and drink it all up like a cum guzzling slut. I know you are ready to cum as you hear me moaning out as i'm fucking my wet pussy with my favorite toy. So put those pretty panties on and give me a call at 1-888-40-Bunny and ask for Brandy

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are You Part Of The Itty Bitty Committee?

Hi there loser. Do you have the nerve to call that pathetic little thing hanging between your legs a cock? Well i'm here to tell you that it's not. It's more like a worm or a midget dick. I bet you can't even stroke it, it's so tiny. You need to be a part of the itty bitty committee. The guy's in that club have peckers so small they have to use their index finger and thumb just to stroke it. And sometimes that doesn't even work they have to go in the kitchen and pull out the tongs. LMAO anything under five inches is considered small. Oh come on now don't get upset if you cant use it for much. There are other ways you can be used like taking my humiliation. I'm sure you are wondering what kind that is. Well it can be anything from me laughing at you to calling you names and your non working dick. And i'm sure that makes your wee wee very hard thinking about it too. I could make you my cuck and have you on your knees licking up all the cream in my freshly fucked pussy. Or I could have you in my panties. And don't forget about CBT. Get your fucking icy hot, string, clothes pins, and duct tape out. And if you have a cock harness or cock cage i'm going to use that too. I mean what else can you do with that pathetic excuse of a worm except for jack it off as you look at me teasing and taunting you. Touching my little body as you are on your knees in front of me as I give you my girliss giggle and expose my breasts to you. And seeing me lift up my skirt as I show off my little pussy to you. Taking my finger as I run it up and down my pink lips. Seeing you beg me to stroke that dinky thing as I slide my finger inside. So tell me what are you going to do to get the chance to lick my sweet pussy? Take some mild or extreme torture. Some humiliation maybe. Or would you take my strap on in your hot fucking mouth and ass. Or maybe prance around in front of me in my panties? Lets face it loser that little knub you have hanging between your legs is all that you have and it will never get any bigger. Hmmmm are those little balls starting to fill up thinking about what i'm going to do to you or how i'm going to humiliate you? I bet you want to cum now don't you? I bet you can't even produce much cum so let it build up loser and then get on your knees and get ready to serve me....

Mistress Brandy

Monday, November 10, 2008

Erotic Hypnosis

I was having some problems with my computer so I called you over to see if you could help me to fix it. When you arrived you right away noticed the sparkly necklace that I was wearing. It was deep red as you could not take your eyes off of it. I asked you in as I showed you over to my computer. You said "You look so sexy today Brandy." I smiled at you as I said "Thank you" You noticed the ambiance on my computer. It was a very relaxing screen saver as you looked at me and back at it again. Hearing me say "Do you like my sparkly pretty necklace?" You said in a very calm voice "Yes I do very much." Making your way over closer to my desktop. I said "Why don't you have a seat in my chair." Sitting down as I said "You look very relaxed right now. Almost like your eyes are getting sleepy." You saying back "Yes I am." You looked into my pretty baby blue eyes as you found yourself telling me your secrets. You said you wanted to explore things that you have never really done before. Then telling me that you went to a hypnosis therapist and she gave you a trigger word that when said it would put you under and make you be at the mercy of a Mistress. As I stood there listening to you told me how soothing, relaxing and sexy my voice was and that I could put you under my control. I said "Look at that relaxing picture on my screen. Find yourself getting sleepier and sleepier. You are finding yourself more relaxed as the seconds go by." Then telling you to look back at my necklace and focus on the way that the light hits it. My sultry voice taking you away as you are ready to submit to me. Telling you by the time I count backwards from 10 to 1 you will give me your trigger word and do as I command. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6,5,4,3,2,1 Saying "What is the trigger baby." You looking into my eyes saying "It's black panther." Hearing me repeat it back to you as you were totally under my control. As you said "I have always wanted to be on my knees with a sexy Mistress like you standing above me. Telling me how you wanted to be my submissive slut to take and use however I wanted. As I looked at you with my hands running all over my little body I said "On your knees for your Mistress." Taking out my strap on as I said wrap your hot mouth around it and suck on it for me. As you looked up at me saying "Yes I will obey." As you started to suck on it nice and slow. Moving your mouth up and down as you made it wetter and wetter. I could see he bulge in your pants getting bigger as you moaned out with your mouth full of my strap on. Taking your tongue as you slide it up and down as you took your hand and started to rub your cock through your pants. As I said "I bet you want to slide them off don't you?

I just know you are ready to be bent over my couch and take my strap on in your slutty little hole aren't you." Hearing you say "Oh yes I want both of my holes being used." As you started sucking again. Hearing me say "Suck on it like a good subbie. Make it wetter because i'm ready to fuck that little ass for you and make you my whore. Taking my hand as I put it on the back of your head and guided your mouth up and down Hearing you as you started begging me to fuck your hot ass. I looked down at you as I said "Take your pants down now and let me see that big fat cock." As I started to raise up my little skirt and expose my panties to you. Touching myself as I saw how big and hard you were. Taking my finger as I started to slide it inside of my wet little pussy. Saying "Stay on your knees for me." As I took my soft hands and grabbed your ass cheeks. Still looking at the ambiance as you said "Oh I want it so bad Mistress Brandy." As started to slide my strap on in your tight little hole. Thrusting in and out as I said "You are my obedient little play toy aren't you? And you will do whatever I say won't you?" As you moaned out "I will obey your every command." As I started to slide deeper and deeper inside of you. As I placed my soft hands around your cock to stroke it. Feeling it throb as I started grinding in and out and round and round. Hearing me say "I'm going to own that cum you slut." As I started hitting your g spot and fucking you just how you needed it. You looking back at me as you said "Oh please can I cum Mistress?" I said as I stroked your cock even faster "Not until I say as I grabbed your ass and started to smack it. Telling you to let that fucking load build up until you couldn't take it anymore and then shoot like you have never shot a load before ever. As you begged me again "Please Mistress Brandy I want to cum so fucking bad I can taste it. I'll do anything if you let me cum." I looked at you as I gave you a sexy smile and said "Okay but I want you to shoot that cum in my panties and lick it all up." As I grabbed a pair of my sexy satin ones. Handing them to you as you wrapped them around your cock and stroked faster and faster until you said "Oh fuck Mistress I'm cumming!!!!" As I was pounding your ass now and making you my cum whore. Turning you around as I slid out of you and said "Now lick them slut..." As you took your tongue and cleaned them for me like a good obedient servant. Telling you that "When you hear the sound of a horn you will wake up out of your hypnotic state and remember what happened today....Smiling at you as I said "I can't wait to see you again..." Do you feel a strong urge to be put under my erotic spell today? Then call your sexy Mistress at 1-888-40-Bunny and ask for Brandy

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