Saturday, August 30, 2008

Subbie Forced To Be Bi

If you are a submissive little slut and looking for a dominate mistress to force you to do something then i'm the one who will have you on your knees before you can even think about it. You wanted to try sucking cock for the first time but was very reluctant about doing it. We met at my house and you wanted to try something that you have never done before. As I looked at you I said "We are going to go to a glory hole place and that is where you will take cock in your mouth for the first time." When we got there I could tell that you were very nervous about doing it but you knew that I didn't care about that. The idea of wrapping your hot mouth around a strangers cock and serving me overshadowed your fears. "Look at all of those cocks there just waiting to have your slutty mouth around." As I looked at you and gave you a very devious smile. You stood there very hesitant saying "I don't know if I can do this or not." I replied back "You will do it now. Your mouth and mind is saying no but your cock is saying yes. Just look at how hard its getting in your pants. That bulge is getting bigger and bigger just thinking about getting on your knees and taking a big fat cock in your mouth." Then I told you if you argued with me more then I would tell everyone that I took you too a glory hole place and that you sucked off all of these strange men's cocks. From your girl friend to your co workers, family and friends...Hmmmm blackmail and you knew I would do it too and not think twice about it. After you thought about it for a moment you could not argue with me because you knew what the consequences would be. By the time I got finished making you a deep throat cock sucking slut you will say "I had so many cocks in my mouth tonight. I started off with a 7 inch and moved all the way up too a 10 inch." And just think about how many it will take you to get up to that point. It could be three or four. And it could be a dozen cocks you will be sucking on. And all that cum they will shoot on your face from taking their dicks in and out of your mouth. Painting it up as you suck and slurp on it. I will make you my hot whore who will do whatever I say. And you know you will not waste any of that hot jizz you will drink it all down like a thirsty cum slut. And who knows maybe next time i'll take you to an adult club and have you take a big fat cock in that tight man pussy of yours getting fucked like you know how you need to be. Or maybe i'll use my strap on in you. I just know your cock is getting rock hard thinking about it. So cum on now and serve your Mistress. I'll make you blow so hard your head spins out of control... 1-888-40-Bunny ask for Brandy

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