Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cum On Subbie And Stroke For Your Princess

I just can’t stop thinking about how hard your cock gets for me. And I love the way I can seduce you into doing just about anything I want. When you walk past my bedroom window you can see the way that I look at you. And you can’t stop thinking about the times we spend alone. Your dick drips pre cum when you think about all of the kinky phone sex things that I seduce you into doing. I know you cant get enough of this princess dominating you. I take control of your cock and make it harder then anyone ever has. Some days you want to be put on your knees and take my big fat strap on in your mouth. You get so hard when I look down at you and say “Suck on this fucking strap on cock for me.” I’ll put my hand on the top of your head and guide your slutty fucking lips up and down and having you slurping all over it. You are my favorite slut and I love to wrap you around my little finger. You look up at me as your head is bobbing up and down taking it in further and further. I can tell that you are ready to be bent over my bed with your ass up in the air so you can be a good slut for me. I’ll tease you at first and just toy with your hungry hole. And when you cant take it anymore and begging me to fuck you I will grab your hips and thrust my strappy in and out of that tight fucking hole. My little pussy gets so wet when you call me for domination phone sex. I get so turned on hearing you call out my name as I’m pumping your ass deep and fast. I know you wanna cum so bad because the way that you beg me. But I know that you also like tease and denial phone sex. You want this soft little baby smooth hand to wrap around your dick and stroke it a little bit then stop. I hear your pants and moans as I giggle and then start to stroke you a little more and then stop. My palms are slippery from your pre cum as I start to jerk it a little more and get those balls filled up with more cum and then stop. You can feel my toy stretching your asshole open as I’m moving it in and out and grinding it round and round. You know this princess will control you and let you know if I’ll allow you to cum or not. It drives you insane but you drip precum at the thought of what I will do to you.
Sometimes when you are in bed late at night with your girl friend you cant stop thinking about how much you want to be a slut for me. There are times you will go to your secret spot and pull out a pair of my soft panties and wrap them around your dick and start stroking off. You know that “she” cant give you what you want. There are even times when you will slide those panties on and sneak into the other bedroom while she is sleep and call me just to hear my sexy alluring voice. You say “Princess Brandy I just had to sneak away because I could not stop thinking about your petite sexy little body and how you use that to get whatever you want from me. The way that you wear those short little skirts or tight fitting pants that shows off your ass. And the way that you bend over knowing that I’ll be looking at you. Or the way those tight fitting tops look as they grab onto your perfect tits. I also can’t stop thinking about how hot you look in your lingerie when I’m watching you from my bedroom.” I can hear the lust in your voice as your hand is wrapped around your cock pumping it for me. Then you say “I’ve stroked off so many times thinking about the way you control me and make me do things I’ve never dreamed of doing before. And I want to keep serving you. I want to be your slave for life and prove that I’m worthy to be your pet.” Then I say “I am going to lure you so far into me that when you least expect it I’ll be in your brain. You wont be able to stop thinking about me or my seductive little body. All you will want is my perky tits and hot little ass grinding into you. And my soft little hands sliding into your shorts masturbating your throbbing hard cock. I’ll stroke you so good that you will be begging me to cum. And then you will confess of how much you would rather fuck me then your girl friend. I will mind fuck you so good that you will explode the hugest load of cum you have ever had. And that’s when I will totally own your mind, body and throbbing hard cock…I will always be your cock teasing princess

Mistress Brandy

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cum Stroke With My Lil Girl Panties

I know when you see me on these hot summer days running around barely dressed in nothing but my panties and bra that you get all kinds of naughty thoughts. It doesn’t matter who you are either I know how hard your dick gets and all you want to do is sneak into my bedroom and raid my panty drawer. And if you are a dirty panty luver then I bet you wanna rummage through my dirty clothes and find a pair of my freshly worn ones.  You know how much I love to tease you and make you rock hard. I know you drip pre cum every time you think about my creamy panties sliding all over your cock. You know that I will never let you fuck me so being a panty fucker is the closest you will ever get to my sweet pink lips.  You would give anything wouldn’t you just to be able to take your hand and touch them. Sometimes I like to toy with you so I come sit down on your lap and grind my little ass back and forth in your crotch. I look in your eyes and say “I can feel your dick growing I bet you wanna slide it out and rub it across my undies.” You start to moan out like a pervert in heat and beg me to let you take it out. But you know I’m just a panty tease phone sex brat. I’ll make you so fucking hard that pre cum oozes from your dick and make you think that you can fuck my little girl panties and then laugh in your face and deny you. Do you honestly think I would allow you to jerk off with these panties without you doing something for me in return? Dream on loser but if you really wanna show me how bad you want them then it’s time for the humiliation phone sex to begin. And trust me I can think of all kinds of embarrassing things for you to do. It doesn’t matter how mild or extreme it is. I have lots of subbies who will do whatever I tell them just to get a taste of my creamy dirty undies. And if they dont do what I tell them then I will just have to use the personal information I have on them and hold it above their head to blackmail them and get what I want. Besides just think of what would happen if I emailed their wife or even worse! I would pick up the phone and call them and tell them that their husband is a panty stroking pervert.
Some get on cam and take a dildo and stick it up their ass and fuck it for me. Some get a pair of their wives panties and slide them over their head and tell me they are a worthless loser. And I have to say when they hear me giggle at them it makes their dick so hard it throbs. Some will get down on their knees and beg me to lick my boots or heels and clean them with their tongue. And some will even slide off my sneakers after I’ve just come back from the gym and beg to clean my sweaty little feet.  They love the names that I call them. I think they get off on knowing that they are a pathetic fucking slave for me. Just how kinky and dirty would you get for your princess? Just think of the reward. My soft panties wrapped around your dick jacking off as I stand there and tease you with my sexy little body. Think of me sliding my little hand down in these baby blue panties and masturbating for you. I'll finger this dripping wet pussy until you are begging me to take them off and show this pretty bare pussy to you. I just know that makes your dick rock hard. You sit there thinking “If only I could jerk with them and maybe even hump my tight tiny young ass or even worship and kiss it while you are stroking off with my panties. You know you want too. And what could be better than that? I’ll tell you what’s better panty fucker. That’s calling me for panty fetish phone sex

In return I’ll mail you a fresh pair of my sweet smelling panties.You can rub them across your dick until you squirt all that sticky hot jizz all over them. And if that doesn’t make you wanna blow your load then just imagine my soft little hand stroking your dick with them rubbing up and down your shaft. But you better not blow until you pick up the phone and call me for some of the hottest domination phone sex around. And who knows maybe if you are kinky enough you may just lick up all the cum from them and show me how dirty you can really be!
Are you ready to cum play with me today? I’m ready to make you so fucking hard you are begging me to cum…
Princess Brandy ~ 1-888-4025-8669