Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bend Over Slut And Recieve My Strap On

Hello you strap on taking slut the time has come for you to get that hot mouth and ass ready for my big long strap on. I bet your cock is getting hard seeing me here like this with my red corset on and thigh high boots. With my hand wrapped around my dildo waiting on you to kneel in front of me to make it wet with your hot slutty mouth. And what a better time to give it to you then now? So show me how good you can wrap that hot mouth around it. On your knees and start sucking you slut. That's right slide that mouth up and down as your cock gets hard. Harder then a fucking rock as you look up at me hearing me say "Let me hear you slurp on it like a good bitch." As you moan out and feel me grind my hips round and round. Taking my hand as I put it on the top of your head and guide you up and down. You like sucking on my cock don't you? You know I know how to use this too as I look back at your ass moving back and forth. Hearing me say "Take it even deeper!" As your head starts to bob up and down even faster. I know you want to stroke your cock as you are inching your cock between your legs. But you better not fucking touch it until I say its okay. I look down at you as I say "Now take your tongue and lick it up and down. From the tip of the head all the way down to the base." As I pull it to the side exposing my wet little pussy to you. I know you wanna make your way close to my pink tight hole and get a lick. But not until I say it's okay. You have to show me how ready you are to bend over my table here and take this in your slutty ass. As you start to moan out again you make your way back up to the tip as I start to fuck your face. In and out over and over as you are slurping and sucking like a strap on taking whore.

I look at you and say "That's wet enough now get up and bend over. Spread those fucking ass cheeks and get ready for me to slide this in your tight little hole. You look back at me as you say "Oh please fuck my ass Mistress Brandy. I've been waiting on this for so long now." As I take the tip of it with one hand and start to run it up and down your hole. Teasing your crack as I take my other hand and grab your hip. As you feel me start to slowly push it in. Letting you feel every single inch of my eight inch strap on as I was all the way in. Looking into your eyes as I started to slide it all the way out. Hearing you say "Ohhhhhh ya." Then sliding it all the way back in. And all the way back out. Teasing you as I stretched that tight ass open. Grabbing your ass as I started to fuck you a little faster now. Saying "I'm going to make you my slut today." As I started to move my hips round and round Fucking your slutty hole like it's never been before. As I said "You want to touch your cock don't you? I know you wanna stroke it." You said "Please yes let me stroke it." I took my soft little hand as I ran it between your legs. Wrapping it around your cock as I began to stroke it nice and slow. Feeling it slide up and down as I was sliding my strap on in and out of your ass so good your head started to spin out of control. As you were begging me to pound your little hole by now. Stroking your cock faster now as I started to squeeze it a little tighter. Hearing me say "My pussy get's so wet when you submit to me like this and be a horny slut for me." I'm going to fuck that tight ass and pump your cock so good that you wont be able to hold that cum back any longer. Are you ready to blow that hot load for me now? Hmmmm maybe i'll let you shoot it on my wet little pussy and lick it all up like a good cum whore. Get ready to be my slut and call me at 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Brandy

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