Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Love Cock Hungry Sluts

You are in your office right now with your door closed reading my previous forced glory hole entry. With your cock getting hard as you pick up your phone and call me and tell me that you want to go to a glory hole club and get whored out. You are rock hard as you think about being on your knees sucking on all of those strangers cocks. Taking pictures with your camera phone to e mail them to me so I can show your boss, your aunt, your friends, and your girl friend that you are a slutty little faggot boy. You know that I will send them out with NO HESITATION. You have been practicing sucking for me with bananas. Peeling the skin off of them as you imagine that it's a big fat dick sliding in your mouth. Pumping it in and out as you think about it throbbing like a real cock would. You are going to take as many cocks as I tell you to take. A true cock sucking whore has no limit's to how much he will do. And yes you are a dirty fucking pervert too. Sitting in your office with your cock out stroking it as you hear my bitchy voice calling you names. Hmmmm I bet you have precum dripping out of your cock dont you? Just think about all of that hot cum you will be getting. All that cream shot all over your face. And I know you are thirsty for it aren't you? White cocks, asain cocks, hispanic cocks, and yes black cocks too. You know those are going to be big thick and fleshy. You are ready to cum now aren't you thinking about your mouth sliding up and down that hard flesh pole. Slurping on it and sucking on it. Not forgetting to get those full balls too. Can you taste that pre cum leaking out of his cock? That means you have practiced very good. You know i'm the best teacher when it comes to showing you how to suck on a big fat dick. Hearing you say "Oh please Mistress Brandy can I cum now?" After you have begged me over and over again. Hearing me say "Yes I want you to cum on your desk and lick it all up like a good faggot boy." Then you shoot your thick hot load and do just what I tell you to do like a obedient slut should....Brandy

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adult Sex Club

You horny little slut I have a surprise in store for you tonight. I am going to dress you up in my slutty skirt and tight fitting top with the spaghetti straps. Under that i'm going to put a padded bra on you with a matching pair of panties. I'm not too sure if you will be in red or pink. I will decide that when I get you home with me. And then you will put on some thigh hi's and six inch pumps. Ad some lipstick with that to put on those lips and we will be all set. Now here comes the real treat... Once I get you dressed up like that we are going to go to this adult sex club and i'm going to whore you out tonight. Don't even think about refusing me you know what happened the last time you did that. I black mailed you and threatened to tell everyone that I knew that you were at a glory hole place. What are we going to do once we get there? Well that's a need to know basis and right now all you really need to know is that there will be lots of horny men there with needy cocks that need to be stuffed in your tight little holes. I could take you and auction you out to the highest bidder. Just think about being up on stage dressed the way that you are with me standing besides you looking just as hot and slutty as you do. And all those guys with bulges in their pants just ready to pop out and have their way with you. They could take you back to one of those rooms with glass all around so everyone can see you being used over and over again. And who knows maybe after they are done i'll be taking money from those who want to do things like tying you up to the bed in there. Bondage? Yes that's right. You may not be so willing and ready so I may have to tell them to tie you up and force you to take their big fat cocks in your hot little mouth and tight little man pussy. I could even have them blind fold you so you have no idea what will happen to you. Whatever I decide is what's going to happen. I could just put you on your knees and have you suck as many cocks as I want. MMmmm those big fat ones sliding in and out as you slurp lick and suck on them. One after one. Then putting you on all fours as those soft little panties are moved to the side to take their long hard rod in your ass. Hmmmm and if that wasn't enough i'll make you drink all of their cum down like a thirsty cum slut that you are. And yes you will be taking it bare back. No covering up of their cocks what so ever. The choices to what I have in store for you are endless. Your cock is throbbing isn't it. Thinking about serving me and doing what I tell you to do. You want to touch it don't you? I bet you are starting to drip precum right now just thinking about all of this. Well you can't touch it until you ask permission from me. You know what to do now... Call your Mistress and serve me. I am ready for you to be a good little whore for me...Brandy

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