Monday, November 9, 2009

You Call That A Dick? It's A Dickette!

All I can do is laugh when I think about that pathetic little dick of yours. You came up to me one night claiming to be a real man when I met you at the party I threw at my house. We were eyeing each other all night and I thought the chemistry was hot between us. You had the looks and the body of a guy who I knew would be able to knock me off of my feet. I could even see a very big bulge in your pants and all I could think about is getting you alone in my bedroom so I could show you how much of slut I was going to be for you. When we made our way upstairs I locked my door and started to tease and flirt with you. And you looked at me and said "Brandy my big fat dick is going to make you scream and make that tight pussy cum in ways you never thought possible. So you took off your shirt and out came that muscular six pack of yours. I stepped into you and started to touch you and kiss you all over your chest. I immediately started to undo your pants and started to look into your eyes and slide them down. And then I stopped dead in my tracks and what the fuck did I see before me? A fucking sock in your pants! I said "What the fuck is this?" Your face started to turn red and I removed it and there hiding between your legs was a tiny little prick! I could barely see it and then I said "Do you think i'm going to fuck this little worm you call a dick?" Fucking loser wanna be said he had a huge cock when all you have is something so small it could be a clitty! I started to laugh so hard I could not believe what I could barely see there in front of me. I said "I was about to give you my deliciously smelling pussy." Then I lifted up my skirt so you could see the way my pretty silky panties cling to my wet lips. I bet you would do anything for me to take them off and run them across your nose. Even smother it if you had the chance too. I looked at you and said "You are nothing but a cuckold slut. You are worthless and not capable of satisfying me your wife or any other female for that matter. All you can do is stroke that tiny prick as you sit back and watch her or me fuck a real man. One after the other. Men who have thick meaty fat dicks UNLIKE yours." You said "Yes Miss Brandy I do have a little dick and I'm a worthless loser." I said "Yes and you are not worth anything but to clean up the puddles of cum that I would have for you from real men."

Then I stepped into him closer and said "I bet you could be a cum hungry slut who would do whatever I tell you to do! Especially if it meant you could have the chance to take a taste of my sweet pussy juices." I was so close to you by now I could have brushed my body against yours. And I could see you trembling all over just wishing that I would. I said in my seductive voice as I lifted up my top and slowly exposed my tits and said "What would you be willing to do to touch my perky tits? Be my slave? Be my strap on taking slut? Maybe put my fucking dirty creamy panties over your head and slide another pair on your ass? Maybe you would even take a real fucking dick in your hot holes. Or be totally feminized by choice or force and then be treated like a complete whore!" You started to touch that loser dink as you drank in my sultry voice. Hearing me say nasty dirty words that hit you just where you craved. I said "You are a use less worm that I could use. I could tie you to my bed and have complete control and use you for my human toilet! Just think of my warm piss falling into your mouth or whatever else I want to fall in there. You could be my filthy whore who I could keep fucking over and over and brain wash you into turning over your wallet to me so I can have complete control over you." I could see something that looked like drips of pre cum that started to leak out. I said "How pathetic is that you can't even last that long either loser!" Telling him that I could black mail him and make him my bitch. Saying "I know you have fantasized about a Mistress like me to have my way with you so now is the time." Telling him that I could take him back into my living room and humiliate him publicly. And if he denies me I could always make up a strange potion that he's always heard about. One that makes me grow and the other that makes you shrink. Me as your Giant amazon goddess and you as your tiny little thing for me to toss around. I know you want to cum needle dick. You can beg like a wimp and even cry like a bitch because you want to dribble out that pathetic spurts of cum. But first you must serve me and give me what I want. I know you want to hear me laugh and giggle at how useless and how much of a waste you are. So get that dicklette out like the wus that you are and give your new mistress a call.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cuckold Losers Cheating Wife's Business Trip

When was the last time you got told by your wife that she's going out of town on a business trip and would not be back for a few days? I bet just recently. And now you sit there in a pair of her dirty panties with your finger sliding in and out of your pussy ass stroking that little shrimp dick wondering if she's really on business or just fucking some hot guy at a hotel. I know you cant stop thinking about how big his dick is and how he can satisfy her like you CANT. You know you are pathetic and only good for being her clean up slut and cock sucking fag. You would do just about anything to slide between her sexy long legs and lick all the cream that's dripping out of her hot little pussy. And my sexy voice in your ear telling you how much of a loser you are. And you know I will tell you that you will be my bitch!

I know the thought of that makes your clitty dick hard doesn't it? If you answer yes to that then you should get on the phone right now and call me for some hot cuckold phone sex. I had a cuck call me last night and tell me that same thing. And the loser wanted me to tell him exactly what his cheating wife was doing behind his back. He said "Mistress Brandy my tiny dick is so hard right now I'm wearing a pair of my wife's panties and I can't stop thinking about what kinda man she's fucking this time." I laughed and said 'She's fucking a man with a huge 9 inch dick. I bet she is dressed like a whore right now in the hotel room. In a short fucking skirt and low cut tight fitting top. Showing off that hot body with a matching bra and thong under it and some thigh hi's and six inch pumps. He started to moan out like a pathetic little bitch saying "Is she really?" I said "Yes and she's laughing thinking about "What a loser husband I have. He has no idea that i'm here fucking a real man with a HUGE fucking cock." Then I went on to tell him how she's probably sucked his big fat dick already and made it rock hard. Saying "Imagine her on her knees with her hot mouth sliding up and down his thick pole. Something that you don't have. And I bet you cant remember the last time she sucked and fucked your shrimp dick." He just loved the name calling. I bet his tiny prick was just throbbing thinking about how much of a slut his wife was being right at that moment. Then I said "Just imagine him fucking her right now while she's laying on the bed with her legs wide open." Saying "Oh fuck my slutty pussy it needs your cock so bad. My husband is so pathetic I never let him fuck me anymore with his tiny dick.

The only thing he is good for is being my clean up boy and cuckold slut." I bet she told him all of the pathetic things you did just to be able to get a taste of her warm wet pussy." I could hear you touching that little reject and moaning out like a loser in heat. Saying "Oh she's fucked lot's of cocks hasn't she." I said "Yes she has. Every time she leaves out of town she's got a new cock filling her tiny cunt up. And all you can do is stay home and think about seeing her with her legs open getting fucked by some hot stud. You think about the look on her face as she is getting pounded and hearing her laugh at you looking at that ugly little thing between your legs that you call a dick." He started to pant and moan and heard me say "Yea I know you are trying to stroke that tiny prick and I bet you want to cum don't you? Knowing right at this moment your wife is taking a huge load of cum in her little pussy. It's just too bad you can't be there to clean off her lovers dick so she can allow you to clean up all that cream that's leaking out of her pussy. But maybe when she decides to come home she will let you do it for her." The moment I said that this little fucker popped and said "Oh YESSSSSSSSSSSSS Mistress Brandy." I giggled and said "What a fucking loser you are now take off those panties and clean up that cum.... I just love telling cuckolds how much of a slut their wives are. Is your's away on a supposed business trip right now? Then give me a call so I can tell you how much of a slut and cheating wife she is.

Mistress Brandy


Monday, October 12, 2009

Controlling And Blackmailing A Pathetic Sissy

Question: How long did it take for me to black mail a phone sex sissy caller out of all of his information?

Answer: It took exactly 35 minutes

It really only took me less time then that but I really don't care. The loser was willing to give me anything by the time I was done with him. And I could have really stomped on his credit card a whole lot longer then the 60 minutes that he stayed on the phone with me. Not to mention that he kept extending his time. But I know this will only be the start of me luring him back in. Once he saw my pictures on my blog he got weak in the knees and was ready to give me just about anything that I wanted. He was a fucking panty wearing slut who craved to give his information to me. And when he denied me the black mailing just made him weaker. The moaning in his voice when he gave me the first piece of information which was his girl friends e mail address was just the beginning. He said "I can look at you and tell that you would email her and tell her that I'm a slut wouldn't you?" I said "Yes I will so you won't stop there I want her address, phone number and work number." He said "I won't do that." He started to hear clicking sounds like I was typing up something. He said "What are you doing Miss Brandy?" I said "I'm typing up a e mail to your girl friend right now and tell her that you are wearing a pair of panties right now and you are on the phone with me stroking off your little dick. And I will CC you the copy of this e mail to her." He said "No no don't do that please!" I said then give me what I want fucker!" And his voice whimpered and said "Yes Mistress Brandy. He gave me all that I asked for with no hesitation." And I started to write it all down laughing. That just made the fucker stroke even more. But I didn't plan on getting all of his information because he needed a reason to call me back other then just my sexy bratty bitchy voice. Pathetic bitches like that will give me their address, phone number work number and address mom's name and address and phone number and his e mail with his pass word and credit card number and the three digit cvv number on the back. I know that his dick must twitch just knowing at any moment I can use all of that to my advantage. I bet he would be sweating not knowing if I would actually use his credit card to buy something very expensive for myself. Don't worry loser I won't buy anything too expensive. Just maybe if i'm in a bad mood and want to treat myself to a amazon gift card. The point is to drain his credit card nice and slowly. Just like a financial domination mistress loves to do.

I mean come on now a princess like me deserves to have nice things doesn't she? As we were on the phone talking I said "You will do whatever I say dumb ass. You could be a good girl and go shopping for new lingerie. And yes you have to tell the sales girl that you are doing it for your mistress. And yes I want you to go in there and try on that slutty baby doll." He said "Oh my god do I have too?" I said "YES! And you will do it when the store is crowded with people. Just pretend that you are a fucking model for Frederick's of Hollywood." Then the pervert said as he was moaning out "Ohhhh yes do I have to do anything else for you?" I said "Yes after that you will go to the nail shop and get a pedicure and manicure done. Something that will match that new babydoll that you are going to buy. And NO I don't care what other people say I know they will be laughing at you." He said "What if I say no?" Then he heard me dialing a phone number from my cell and heard it ring." He said "Who are you calling!!" I said "your girl friend!" The little bitch said "NO NO NO I'll do it!" This pathetic sissy was new to the whole thing of being black mailed and wasn't sure of what to expect so I had to tell him what could be in store for him. I said "Look slut I can dress you in my panties and smear your lips with bright pink lip gloss and get you on your fucking knees ready to suck cock. Especially if you just come back from shopping at the mall." That got him so turned on he started to beg me to stroke his cock. I said "You cant call that little thing a cock. Its a prick! He said "But that would be so humiliating to suck a real cock!" I said "I know it will be but you know what I'll do if you don't." Then I said just come in our free sex chat room sometimes and send a message to one of my experienced cock sucking sluts. They can tell you that I can be MUCH MORE humiliating then that. His pathetic loser ass will never know what to expect and when to expect it when it comes to me. His intense breathing grew very rapid and he said "I really want to cum Mistress Brandy can I please do it now?" I said "Only if you eat it whore!" He said "Yes I'll do anything for you!" He jacked his little wimp prick off and dropped his driblets of cum in his hand and sucked it off for me and then thanked me like a fucking loser that he is.

I can't wait to blackmail this pathetic sissy again. It's one of my most favorite things to do! I know he can't wait to see what will be in store for him!

Mistress Brandy

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Monday, September 28, 2009

How He Became A Panty Wearing Sissy Part 1

Hi guy's I have a story that Thomas wrote up of how I turned him into a panty wearing slut and he would like to share it with everyone. It talks about his transformation from a man to now being a panty wearing slut who now goes by the name of Tessa.

My name used to be Thomas P. Palmer, and all my suitcases, briefcases, wallets etc. were blazened with my initials TPP. They still are, but everything is now “tpp” Let me tell you what has happened to me over the last year.

It was just over a year ago, my marriage had broken up about 6 months before and I was missing the companionship, but more so, things my ex used to do to me. So, I am in the mall, in the Lane Bryant store, right near the exit of the mall. I am going through the bins of clearance panties and find several that I really like. When the salesgirl turned her back to answer the phone, I slipped three pairs of panties into my jeans. I continued to look around and as I started to leave I felt a tap on my shoulder. As I turn around I see this stunning redhead who whispers to me, “ I saw you steal those panties! Either come with me right now, or I will tell the sales girl and wait with her for the Police.” I hang my head and follow here out the door.

In the mall she tells me to follow her to her car, she wants to see exactly what I have taken and what she is going to do about it. She then shows me the video on her phone that she sent to her best friend Now she has me on tape and there is nothing I can do. We get in her car and I show her that I have taken a pair of pink cotton bikinis, red micro fiber hipsters, and black lace boy shorts. She tells me her name is Brandy and that I now belong to her. She drives to a secluded spot in the parking garage and makes me take off my pants and under shorts. I now am forced to put on the pink bikinis and get out of the car. I have to walk around car 10 times for her amusement. After this, I am allowed back in the car and put my pants and shoes back on. My socks are to stay in her car.

We head back into the mall and she says we are going to have a busy morning shopping ad hopes that I have plenty of open credit on my cards, because we need it. Our first stop is in Macy’s where we go to the men’s department. “ Ok, so this isn't too bad” I think, but little do I know how wrong I am. First she asks my pants size and I tell her “50x30”. A few moments later, she comes back with a pair of pants and a pair of shorts. She holds them up, and “no big deal”. Khaki pants and white shorts. Now my troubles begin. It is off to the women’s shoe department. As I am being fitted, I turn a deep red. Next thing I know, we have one pair of red pumps, one pair of black open toe pumps, a pair of brown sandals and a pair of five inch red strappy heels. I am told to follow her, that it is time for the first of my appointments.

I am taken to the salon where I get a manicure and set of long nails, and a pedicure. My nails are done a bright “fuck me” red. My legs and eyebrows are then waxed.

Into the mall we go, to Nordstom’s at the other end. Here I am forced to get a makeover. The eyes are a dark blue, deep pink blush, lips as red as my nails with a heavy deep red lip liner. MY mascara is dark midnight black and I look like a professional street walker.

Back into the mall, and Mistress leaves me to sit on the benches in the center of the mall. She tells me she will be back with several surprises. About 20 minutes later, she returns and says “ I have been using your card all day and I love your initials. Your name is now tessaprettypanties. Tell me your name!” “ tessaprettypanties” I say. “Very good” is her response.

I am now sent in to the restroom with a bag items and I am told not to look until I am in the stall. I am told to put on what is in the bag, leave my old clothes there and meet her right back here. I look at her in disbelief and she tells me if I don't move it, she will tell people I grabbed her ass in the mall. Into the restroom I go. In the bag is a sheer white , low cut top, my brown sandals, my new pants and a neon pink sports bra. I almost cry as I look in the bag. I think this won't be too bad until I put the pants on. They are about 6-8 inches shorter that what I wear It looks like I a wearing women’s capris. After 5 minutes, I change and go into the mall. Brandy meets me with a shiny pink patent leather purse, and it is full of the makeup from my makeover. “Pick up the bags and follow me, stay 3 steps behind me and stare at my ankles, not at my ass as you have been!” Ashamed, I follow her orders and it is back to Lane Bryant for me. As we walk into the store, Brandy says, “Hey Sis, look what I brought you! We are going to get his one a lot of clothes, lingerie, and stuff. Here are the tags from what he stole so you can add them to his tab.” Giggling, her sister Amber tells me to show her my panties. I open my pants and Brandy yanks them own around my ankles and tells me to get in the fitting room. Amber comes in and fits me for my first bras. 46DDD, and she picks out 8 of them in red, black, white, lace, under wire, you name it. Since it was August, I was told I would be getting pair for each day of the month, and a second pair for Friday’s Saturday’s and Sunday’s. girl never wants to be without, and it is going to be a “busy” month. Next I am fitted with skirts, tops, camis, slips, stockings, tights, you name it. I am forced to model each outfit as Brandy takes pics. The last outfit is a pair of light pink capris. Under this, I am wearing a black garter belt and black fishnets. I put on my black open toes and it is back to Brandy’s car. Little did I know, she had given my car keys to her sister who would be driving it to Brandy’s home.

Back at Brandy’s I am forced to try on every pair of panties so that she can take pictures of me. She grabs me by chin and looks deep into my eyes. “Little tessaprettypanties’ you have so much to learn this month! Now close your eyes while I cuff you to the bed. When Amber gets off work, your true learning will begin!”
Stay tuned for part two to see what happens next....
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

He's A Pathetic Veggie Whore

"Mistress Brandy I'm such a loser and a pathetic veggie whore." Those were the first words I heard out of his pathetic mouth when he called me for humiliation phone sex today. He is such a fucking loser! I could not believe how horny he was and ready to stick anything up his dirty ass that he could. He craved to be humiliated all day long and had been stroking his tiny little prick just thinking about it. So I told him to get a carrot stick, cucumber, a stick of celery, a hershy's candy bar and a dildo. He sounded like a panting fucking dog when he said "Yes Mistress Brandy I have all of those items right here." He had no idea once he got finished fucking his dirty hole that he was going to have to chomp them all down for me. He also told me that he likes having other things in his dirty holes lick big fat cocks. And it didn't matter if they were human cock from a hung stud a k-9's cock or one from his barn yard. He told me that if he could proove himself to me if I would allow him to lick my tiny wet pussy. But I had something very humiliating in mind like making him lick the pussy of a woman that is old wrinkled and saggy. LMAO All I would let him do is look at mines as I teased and flirted with him. There is no fucking way I would ever let a loser like that slide his tongue in my hot wet snatch box. So he had his vegies there and I told him suck on them veggie whore make them nice and wet. First we started with him sliding the carrot up his dirty ass. You should have heard the way he moaned out when it started sliding in. I said "Tell me that you are a pathetic fucking loser carrot boy!" He panted out saying "Oh yes oh yes I am very pathetic." I said "And I'm going to make you my veggie bitch today."

Giggling out as he started to fuck his hole faster and faster. He said "What will I have to do once I finish fucking my pathetic ass with this carrot stick?" I said "You are going to have to eat it fucker that's what!" He moaned out and said "But that's so dirty Mistress Brandy." I said "I know it is but you never let vegetables go to waste. And if you are a good whore then I'll let you finish with that hershy bar in your ass and then you will get to eat it afterwards. You can bet once I told his nasty ass that, that he went through sliding every last one of those veggies up his hole. The cucumber and the celery. I told him that I would not allow him to cum though unless he shot it in a bowl and licked it clean for me. He said "Oh please don't make me do that Mistress Brandy." I said "If you don't do it I'm going to post these pictures that I took of you while you were being a bitch for these vegetables so every one can see them!" He said "You wouldn't!" I slid the flash drive out of my digital camera and held it in front of his face while my skirt and top was lifted up and he had the carrot in his mouth crunching on it." The loser bitch was getting off on my giggle and he started begging me if he could stroke his cock. I said "Don't call it a cock it's a fucking Vienna worm!" He said "Yes Mistress that's what it is can I please stroke it?" After he munched down the first veggie I said "After you slide that cucumber up your hole you can touch it." He started begging me to call him names so I said "You want me to do that loser boy? I bet you are a faggot aren't you? If you will suck and fuck a mans cock I know you are." He said "Oh yes I am a faggot Mistress!"

He had that cucumber so far up his ass hitting his g spot I knew he would be cumming fast. I said "Hurry up bitch you better not cum until you have that hershy bar up your fucking hole!" With my little thong moved to the side sliding my fingers in my wet little pussy he said "Can I please taste your pussy Miss?" I said "No you can't! If you want your tongue on my puffy lips you have to show me just how nasty and dirty you are willing to be and that will come later loser!" I told him to slide the cucumber out of his ass and chomp it down. I could tell he was going to hurl because his sweat and ass juices were all over it. But he was a good little subbie and did exactly as I told him to do. By the time he got to the candy bar his weenie prick was dripping pre cum. I handed him a bowl and said "Release your driblets in here veggie slut and drink it all down. After he slid the candy bar out of his ass he chomped that all down and said "Can I please be allowed to cum now Mistress Brandy?" I said "Yes you may shoot it and lick it." I took his toy and went behind him and started to slide it in his ass and fucked him like the bitch that he was. Pumping it in and out working it in circles saying "You like the way i'm fucking you don't you slut?" Hitting his g spot more and more I said "Who's bitch are you?" He moaned out and said "I'm your Mistress! I'm your bitch!" And I heard his slutty ass release his driblets of cum and drink it all down like a cum whore. I can't wait for veggie slut to call me back again so I can make him do even dirtier things. Are you a veggie slut and crave things up your dirty ass? Then get your vegetables ready and give me a call me for some domination phone sex today...
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Monday, August 31, 2009

I Will Enslave You Submissive Slut

Come here you pathetic submissive slut and get ready for the sweet scent of my pretty silky panties. Get down between my legs so I can shove your nose into them. I know you want me to smother you don't you. Do you want to take your tongue and slide it up and down and taste all the cream that's on them because i've been rubbing my pussy all day thinking about your worthless little prick and what i'm going to do to you. Or maybe you are a cuck whore and you have a tiny little prick. You know you are worthless and cant satisfy your wife or girlfriend. Your tiny dick is the size of a needle and there is nothing you can do with it but watch and see me take a real mans cock in my dripping wet pussy. I like them big fat thick and meaty. All the things that your little member is NOT. Hear me moan out as I'm getting fucked deep and hard and looking over at you as I laugh and call you a waste of flesh. All I will ever do is leave you puddles of cum for you to lick up. I know you want to clean up these sheets of my pussy juices that squirted all over his dick. And if you are not a cuck maybe you are a cum thirsty cock loving sissy who craves to be dressed up by a hot and sexy mistress. Let me tease you and bend you over and fuck you how you need it. Maybe that will be nice and slow so you can feel every inch of my strap on stretching your sissy pussy open. Or maybe I'll grab your ass or shoulders and pump you deep and hard. Pumping and ramming you so deep that you are begging me to let you stroke your little clitty. It will get rock hard as you hear my nasty mouth say "Do you like being my sissy bitch? Are you dirty and want a real cock in your holes? Maybe you are a sissy fag and want to feel a fleshy dick pump your slutty holes.

Do you have a diaper fetish and long to feel my soft intense hands spank and tease your uselss worm? I bet when you think about it you cant help yourself and start to cover your tiny prick in piss and cum. I'll make you my dirty scat lover and have you doing things you never thought you would do. Let me rape your wallet and tribute my power over you. Let me lure you in and put a hypnotic spell over you and turn you into my pretty little bitch. I know you want me to hypnotize you and turn you from a worthless man into a woman. Hearing my sexy voice take you away as your body starts to transform into a woman. Before your very own eyes your chest starts to sprout breasts. And you find that tiny prick between your legs starts to slowly disappear and before you know it there is a tight pink pussy in its place. And when you waken you are totally transformed and feminized. After you are in my slutty clothes I will take you out and publicly humiliate you. Giving you errands and assignments to do all for my own personal pleasure. I will give you a glass of that unknown potion that I made for you. I could make you a female forever. Or turn you into my slave for life. Make you my little submissive bitch who only wants to serve me. Turn you into a giant goddess or shrink you into a tiny person to toss around for my amusement. I will take control of your mind and your cock and bring you down to your knees and have you begging me to masturbate. Maybe I will let you touch yourself if you have proven yourself worthy to do so. But if you cum before I allow you then you will be in for some very stern punishment. You can beg like a little bitch for mercy but it will take more then your pathetic wimpy please for me to release you. When I'm done with you, you will be saying "Oh thank you Mistress Brandy for making it up to you and allowing me to give all of my cum to you...Telling me that you cant wait to serve me again... When will that be little subbie?

Mistress Brandy

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Punishing Him For Being A Panty Sniffing Slut

I walked in and caught you sniffing my worn panties. You were moaning out and said "Brandy's panties are so soft and smell so good." You had no idea I was standing there looking at you. I said "What are you doing? Why are you sniffing my panties?" You started stumbling over your words saying "Uh, Uh, well they were sitting out here exposed and I could not help myself." I said "That doesn't matter you are my daddy's best friend!" Then I said "Do you know what I do to guys who snoop in my panties?" You stood there with your face turning red and said "No I don't Brandy what do you do?" I said "I turn then into my sluts!" I told him to follow me back in my bedroom but he just stood there not moving. I said "Do you think I'm playing with you? I'm going to call my daddy in here and tell him that his best friend is a pervert and is sniffing my panties!" You said "Oh please no don't do that! I'll do anything you want me too!" I said "Good then follow me into my bedroom. I was dressed in my red corset with my red panties and thigh hi red boots. I could feel his eyes looking up and down my body as we made my way back to my room. I went into my closet and brought out my strap on and said "This is what I'm going to use on you slut! And not only are you going to take this in both of your holes you are going to have a slutty girls name. So call yourself Ashley while you are in my presence." I slid off my red panties and placed them on my bed exposing my pink wet pussy to him then stepped into my strap on. I said "Do you know my girl friends love to have me catching them going through my panties." I could see his cock getting harder in his pants as he said "Oh really and what do you do to them?" I said "I do the same fucking thing i'm about to do to you I push them down on their knees and make them take my strap on in their slutty mouths. Then after they have made it nice and wet I bend them over and pull their fucking panties to the side and slide my strap on in their slutty holes." I picked up my red creamy panties and handed them to him and said "Put these on they are very wet and creamy. I've been playing with my little pussy all day." He said "You want me to wear these?" I said "Yes I do if you don't i'm going out to tell my dad what you did!" He said "Okay i'm putting them on right now." He dropped his pants and shorts and out popped his hard throbbing cock. He stepped into them and started to moan out like a slut and said "Oh they feel so good Brandy." I looked at him and said "Now get down on your knees Ashley and suck my strap on like a good slut."

He got down and looked up at me and opened up his mouth and started to slide his lips up and down. Sucking on it like a good little whore. With my soft panties rubbing against his dick I said "You like sucking my strap on don't you?" With his full mouth slurping and sucking he said "Oh yes and I'd do anything for you." I could see his dick sticking out of my panties as he took my toy in even deeper. Bobbing like he had tasted the best ice cream popsicle stick he ever had. I said "Go ahead and start stroking your cock for me because i'm ready to fuck your hole now Ashley." He raised his mouth up and looked at me. I said "Now get your slutty ass on all fours." I took my wet strap on and started to push it against his hot hole. Pushing it in as he started to moan. I said "Since you have a slutty girls name that's just how you are going to get fucked. But you want it like that don't you?" Grabbing his hips as I started giving him more. I said "You want that ass stretched open and you want it deep and hard. I know you do I can tell by the way you are grabbing your ass around it. In fact when I first met you I could tell that you were a slut and had secrets." His hand was sliding up and down my panties feeling me work my hips into his. Thrusting all the way in and all the way out. I said "I want you to feel every inch of my strap on filling up your hole and after you blow your hot load you are going to remember what happens when you decide you want to sniff my worn dirty panties." Then I said "You like my strap on don't you? That fucking ass loves the way I work it in you." He moaned out even louder saying "Oh yes I do please fuck me harder!" I said 'That's just what i'm going to do!" I plunged my toy deep inside of him. Rimming and invading his ass. I wanted him to remember what it's like to feel me fucking him. I started to hit that g spot calling him my slutty girl Ashley. Telling him how I was going to make him bust his load like he never has before. I said "Work that fucking cock jack it off for me I know it feels good in my soft little panties and I know you want to shoot your load in them don't you?" He looked back at me and said "Yes I do Brandy." I could tell he was ready to cum by the way he was panting and breathing so I said "Cum on Ashley you fucking slut I want your cum right now!" Telling him how sneaky he was and calling him a panty loving slut." I grabbed his hips again and pulled him back on me and started to move from right to left and put my pressure on his g spot and started to cuff his balls in my soft hands and the next thing I knew he was saying "Oh fuck i'm going to cum!!!" He soaked up my panties with his thick load as I slowly worked my strap on round and round. Slowly pulling it out of his hot ass and said "Now this is going to be our little secret right? Because my daddy would not like knowing that I just fucked his best friend with my strap on." He looked at me and said "Oh yes it's our secret." Until the next time I catch him sniffing my worn creamed in panties....

Am I going to walk in and catch you sniffing my creamy panties today? Maybe you like sniffing my dirty ones that I have worn. Or maybe I will walk in and see you stroking your cock with them or maybe even wearing them! You know what happens when I catch you doing that. So get ready to receive my punishment for being such a naughty panty slut.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sissy Slut Training You'll Never Forget

Hey little girl are you going to surrender to me willingly or will I have to black mail you to be my sissy phone sex slave?

Let me just give you a taste of some of the things i'm going to force you to do. I am going to dress you in all kinds of pretty pink outfits like my thigh hi's with the garter. A matching bra and satin panties with a slutty short skirt and a tight fitting low cut cami or corset. And then i'm going to put on some six inch pumps with locks on them and paint up your lips a pretty shade of glossy pink. And pick out a red or blonde wig. Once you are all dolled up my pretty I'm going to make you walk around in front of my girl friends. And the first thing they will think is that you are some kind of street walking hooker. And I will laugh and giggle saying how ridiculous you look. Once you are finished strutting around in front them i'm going to take you out so EVERYONE can see you. And don't make me force you or i'll have to use these pictures that I took of you while you were naked stroking your pathetic little dick like a horny loser and show them to your wife. So lets get ready to go to my favorite shopping mall with your pink purse dangling on your arm with your pretty pink nails that I just polished up. You know everyone will be laughing at you but I don't care about that.

There are other things I will have you do too. I could have you sit in the car and jack off your pathetic little dick or make you pee in your panties and stain up your skirt so everyone can see your wet stain when you go out to the park or library.

Or I could dress you in my pink or red bikini and have you stand out in my back yard in the broad day light and yell out "I AM A SISSY FOR MISTRESS BRANDY." Playing with your man pussy with a fucking dildo shoved up your ass. And if your dinky dick is tiny then i'll cut a hole in the middle of a watermelon or a yam and have you fuck it until you are begging me like a little bitch to cum.
Public humiliation phone sex is one of my favorite things to do to girls like you.

I could also make you suck on one of my favorite toys too. Put you down on your hands and knees and take it in your pretty sissy lips. Slurping and sucking on it like a bitch. And I could get behind you and pull your pretty panties to the side and fuck you with my huge strap on. I just get so turned on making you my slut. Hmmm and if you really want to prove yourself to me i'll bring over one of my hot boy friends and you can take his real cock in your mouth and sissy pussy. You know I want to hear how good you suck on his big fat dick. And I know you want to be treated like a real girl so do NOT deny me bitch.

And if you are the dirty kind of sissy then I can put you on your knees and stand above you as I make you my piss drinking slut. Drink in all of my golden showers like I know you want too and then clean me up. I know your clitty is getting hard thinking about being my dirty slut. A mistress can never get enough toilet slaves and if you deny me I'll just tie you up to my bed and cuff you. Just imagine if I was your bratty school girl standing above you dressed in my checkered skirt and white top. With my white cotton panties over it just squatting over your face ready to piss right in your mouth. I would not remove my panties either I would just go right through them and when i'm done with you i'll slide them off and ring them out in your dirty fucking mouth. Then laugh at you and call you a pathetic loser. You know you like it when I call you those names don't you?

Do you want to see how dirty my mouth can get? Then pick up your phone and get ready to serve me sissy. I know what you want so it's time for you to give me what I want and that's a hot
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

How Much Can You Take?

How much can you stand before you are on your knees begging me to cum? I look into your eyes saying "Take all of your clothes off for me. I want to see your big fat cock." You see me laying back with my tight delicious pussy starting you in the face. With my sweet scent in the air that makes you stiffen the more you smell it. You stand there looking at me with my fingers sliding up and down my pussy lips. I know you want to touch your cock but you know you must ask for my permission first. I see the look of lust in your eyes as I slide my first finger inside. Its so tight and wet and you can see it going in deeper and deeper. I go to squeeze my pink lips around it and your dick starts to stiffen even more. MMMM it really starts to swell and throb as I tell you "Do not touch it just yet." As much as you may try to deny that you don't like to be tease I know you do. You like it as much as I do. I look into your eyes saying "Give me your hand." You place it on top of mine not sure what i'm about to do and I take your finger tip and gently run it against my smooth bare lips. You can feel how wet and creamy it is and you start to moan out intensely. And you think this is the moment that i'm going to let you slide your finger inside of my dripping wet pussy but I go to release your hand. Giggling as I say "Get on your knees baby and take your tongue and slide it up and down my tiny little pink lips. Allowing you to take your big fat cock in your hand and run up and down your shaft. Stroking it for me as your tongue is running circles around my clitty. "Do you want to slide your tongue inside and taste my sweetness?" You really start to get turned on saying "Oh please let me tongue fuck you Brandy." I can see the pre cum dripping out of the tip of your head and I know that you are ready to cum soon. So I say "Take your hands off of your cock but keep licking me." I start to grind my hips into your face. Taking my hands to pull your head into me. Wrapping my sexy long legs around your head and as your tongue is deeper inside of me rimming me you can feel my tiny walls grab and squeeze around your tongue. You start to beg me "Can I please touch and stroke my cock again for you?" Sounding like a bitch in heat I say "Not yet!" You are going to taste my cum as I start to moan out your name saying "Lick it just like that. You feel so good baby no one has ever licked my pussy so good before." With you licking faster and faster. Up and down from my lips to my clit. Sucking in on it and then I give out a very loud moan and release all of my sweet juices on your tongue. You lick up all of my cream as it's falling down my leg and I go to lift you up and take my palm and wrap it around your dick. Running it up and down your shaft. Squeezing on it a little bit as you move back and forth. I look at you and say "I'm going to take you to the edge and then make you blow your cum like never before. Pumping faster and faster as my finger tips hit that sensatitive spot under your cock head. Driving you out of your mind as my other hand starts to wrap around your balls I go to cradle them and squeeze them lightly. I look up at you and say "I bet you would give anything to feel my hot wet mouth wrap around your cock head and tease it just a little. What would it take for you to blow your fucking load all over my face? Call 1-888-402-8669 ask for Brandy

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My New Sissy Slut Busted At The Bar

You were sitting at the bar having a drink and I saw your red satin panties when you went to raise up your arm to get the waiters attention for another round. When I saw this I could not resist walking over to you and tell you what I saw under your shirt. I decided to join you since the seat next to you was open and said "Hi there I'm Brandy and I was sitting at that table over there and I just saw what's under your top." You said "Hi there i'm Tessa what are you talking about?" I said "Well you are wearing red panties under your pants." You looked at me and said "No i'm not I'm wearing shorts." I said "come on now there is no way you can deny that you are not wearing panties and with them being red you know they are going to stand out." I told you to lift up your shirt again so I could get another look. You said "I can't do that Brandy I'm sorry." I said in a stern tone "It you don't i'm going to yell out and tell everyone what I saw then you will have to show everyone then!" He said "I don't believe you." I said "Try me if you think i'm playing." As I got up and turned to everyone in the bar. "He said in a worried voice "Okay don't do it I'll show you now." He raised up his shirt and sure enough there were those red fucking panties under his top. I looked at him and said "Since you lied to me this is what's going to happen. We are going to go back to your place and i'm going to punish you for not being truthful with me!" He looked at me and said "Yes Miss Brandy i'm staying at a hotel at the Sheraton." Then he asked me if I would follow him or drive with him. I said "I'll drive you over there you may try to escape and get out of what I have planned for you." When we arrived there we went up to Tessa's room and to my surprise she had all kinds of lingerie, fishnet panty hose, bra's, pumps and lipstick. I looked at him and said "This is what's going to happen, I am going to totally feminize you and then I have something else in store also." I told him to get undressed so I could get ready to transform him into a female. When tessa dropped his pants I could see a very tiny bulge in his panties and I said "Look at that tiny little dick how small are you?" He said "I'm only four inches." I said "No wonder why you are in panties then! You have a tiny little prick!" Standing there laughing I said "that wasted flesh is totally useless I bet you have to sit down like a girl when you pee dont you?" His face turned red and said "Yes I do." I said "Well today i'm going to turn your pathetic ass into my slutty bitch." Standing there in his cheeky panties he said "Oh my god this is going to be so humiliating isn't it?" I said "You bet your loser ass it is." I could see that Tessa was already completely shaved on her legs arms chest and pub area.
So I brought out the fishnets and matching bra and brought out some red lipstick and pumps and said "Get dressed in this Tessa now." She stood there looking at me saying "Do I really have to do this?" I said "Yes you have to fucking do it or i'm going to run out in the hallway and tell everyone you are in here dressed in red cheeky panties! And i'm going to yell at the top of my lungs too!" Tessa still standing there I said "Oh you think i'm bluffing?" I walked over to the door and opened it up and saw some people walking down the hallway and said "Oh I have something to tell you." Tessa said "No I'll do it Brandy I promise." As I laughed I came back in and said "I thought you would change your mind slut." Tessa got dressed for me and put on everything and I must say she really transformed into a hot looking girl. I looked and said "Now it's time for you to be my bitch." I looked and said "Have you ever had curiosity of taking a big fat cock in both of your slutty holes?" She said "Actually yes I have been curious of what it would be like to try just once." I said "Well you are in luck then because outside that door I have a hot stud who has a big fat cock and he is ready to have it sucked and fucked." Tessa stood there saying "You do?" I said "Yes I do for real." I called him in and said Tessa meet my hot friend." She looked up and down his body and seen the big bulge in his pants. And I know her tiny little worm was getting hard seeing the way he was looking at her. I said "Now drop down to your knees slut and take his big fat cock out." Tessa got down there looking up at me and him and unzipped his pants. Pulling them down with his huge 9 1/2 inch dick in her face.With her red painted lips ready to open up and slide down his shaft she parted her mouth and started to suck on his big meaty rod. Moving her head up and down my friend started to moan out calling her a slutty whore. Telling her how good it felt feeling her lips suck on his dick. I said "Tessa spread your fucking legs open pervert and start to play with that large clitty. She started to touch it as her mouth started getting fucked deeper and faster.

I said "You are such a slut make sure you make his cock nice and wet because i'm going to get you up on that bed and get that slutty man pussy of yours ready to get fucked. Talking with her mouth full and sliding up and down almost gagging on his rod my friend said "Okay that's enough or i'm going to cum in your mouth bitch." I said "Take the proper position and get that ass up in the air and spread those cheeks open. My friend crawling up on the bed behind her taking his big fat cock in his hand he started to push it in her fuck hole. Feeling how tight it was he said "God damn you are tight." Grabbing her hips he started to pull her back onto him. I stood there teasing Tessa as I started to lift up my black little top saying "Look at my perky tits I bet you want to touch them don't you pervert. And that loser baby worm is getting hard just thinking about it isn't it?" As I started to laugh I pulled up my skirt and flashed my little panties at her. Saying "I just love making horny fucks like you my bitch." Take that cock deeper in your whore hole!" Seeing my fuck buddy rim her hole Tessa was moaning out like a bitch in heat. Grabbing his beef stick as she choked and grabbed his cock. I walked over to her and started to tease her clitty. Rubbing it back and forth saying "You like that don't you loser?" Running my finger tips up and down feeling her boy shorts get wetter I said "Are you ready to drink down a load of cum you slut?" Looking back at my friend as he was stretching her hot hole open. I said feed this horny bitch your cum now down her throat. He said "Hell ya I am cause i'm ready to blow right now!" I looked at Tessa and said "Get on your knees and slide your hand down in your panties and play with that useless dick." She pulled it out exposing it and I looked at it and started to laugh. Saying "Oh my god you cant even see it. Where is my fucking magnifying glass it's so tiny I need to shine my spot light on it." Tessa's face turning red because she was feeing so humiliated I said "Tip your head back slut and say ahhhhh and take down all of his cum. Plus you are going to cum in those panties and lick them clean too. You are dressed like a fucking whore so you may as well be treated like one!" With my friend jacking off his huge dick over her mouth she said "AHHHHHH..." I said "Beg him for his cum you thirsty slut!" She started begging like a cum slut saying "Please blow your load in my mouth I want it so bad." He said "Oh yes you hot bitch I'm cumming now!" And shot the biggest load of cum i've ever seen. I looked at Tessa as she was rubbing her tiny worthless pecker and said "Now spurt your little drops of cum in those panties now and take them off so you can lick them all up for your mistress. Tessa's face looked so pretty painted in cum and she licked it all up like a good girl and cleaned her panties too. I can't wait to find her in a bar again so I can have my way with her.... Are you looking for a Mistress to come dominate you today? Come see me here or just call 1-888-402-8669 ask for Brandy

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Daddy Is A Panty Sniffing Pervert

I'm thinking of a time when I was younger and just got in from shopping and found my daddy in my bedroom with a picture of mine in his hand and a pair of my dirty panties in his face smelling them. I said "Daddy what are you doing sniffing my dirty panties like that!" He jumped and said "Oh baby I was just emptying your dirty clothes into the hamper." With his face turning red I said "Don't lie you were smelling my dirty panties!" Then I looked down and saw the huge bulge in his pants with wet stains on his crouch. He looked at me and said "What's in the bag baby girl?" I said I got some new clothes and I also got some new lingerie today." Daddy perked up and said "Oh really?" I said "Yes really I did and they are very hot too." He stared looking at me the way a perverted pedo looks at underage girls and had that look of hunger in his eyes. I said "I know you are going to like watching me in the outfits. You always can't seem to stop staring at me when I walk around in my skimpy little clothes." Walking closer to him saying "Isn't that right you pervert. Don't you like to see the way my little tops show off my tits? And I know you like seeing me in these really short skirts. And I know your big daddy dick gets really hard when I go to bend over and I show off my panties." Daddy started to moan out as he took his hand and started to run them across his crotch. I just loved to tease him calling him names and told him how disgusting he is. And I know he could not get enough of going through my dirty clothes hamper to find my dirty panties. I said "Well you know I'm going to have to punish you for finding you like this." He said "Punish me what do you mean?" I said "Don't play stupid you know what I mean." I told him if he didn't do what I told him to do then I was going to tell mommy that he was a panty sniffing pervert. He said "You wouldn't!" I said "Try me." He started to walk out of my bedroom and I grabbed my phone and started to dial her number. I looked at him and said "I'm sure she really wants to hear about this while she's away on her business trip." He said "Put the phone down Brandy I'll do whatever you tell me too!" After hearing him beg me like a little bitch I thought "I can blackmail daddy however I want and show him what happens to horny perverts." I stood there looking up and down his body and said "Take out your cock I want to look at it daddy." He said "No I don't want to show it to you Brandy." I said DONT TELL ME NO IF YOU DON"T DO IT NOW I'M TELLING MOMMY ON YOU!!!" He looked at me and said "Please not that! I'll take it out now." He unzipped his pants and brought it out and oh my god it was so much bigger then what I thought it was. I didn't want to stare at it but I just could not help myself. I said "Look at how hard your cock is. I bet you are having perverted thoughts right now aren't you my pervy daddy?" He moaned out and said "MMMMM yes I am baby." I said "Start stroking that cock for me but first I want you to put on my panties."

I started to slide up my skirt teasing daddy as I started to slowly lower them. Exposing my pink tight pussy to him he must have grew and gotten even harder. Stepping out of them I said "Here put these on for me." He took them in his hand and sniffed them and said "Fuck baby your pussy smells so good and they are creamy too." Sliding them on I said "Now stroke your dick through my panties and if you deny me I'm going to walk over to my closet and bring out one of my favorite toys." He said "Toys?" I said "Yes I have a strap on, dildo, and I have a vibrator." He said "What would you do with those?" I said "I would put you on your knees first and make you suck it like a slut. And then I would bend you over and make you take it up your ass like a bitch." As his hand was sliding up and down his dick I started to tease him again lifting up my top saying "Just think about how good it would feel with my soft little hands on your ass and my big fat strap on sliding in your tight fucking hole." I could hear him moaning out as I was telling him exactly how to stroke his cock. Telling him when to speed up and when to slow down. And to tease that big mushroom head as his other hand was massaging his full cum filled balls. Looking at him as he looked at my firm perky tits I said "That feels good doesn't it bad daddy?" He said "Oh I can feel myself wanting to cum Brandy." I didn't make it any easier for him I walked even closer to him and lifted up my skirt exposing my wet pink lips saying "I bet you want to feel my pretty pussy lips don't you daddy? They are so smooth and tight. I bet you have stroked off so many times with my dirty panties wishing that you could slide your pervy cock inside of your little girls snatch box. I know you want to feel how tight it squeezes and grips around that big fat dick don't you." Walking even closer to him I said "Now jerk and pump that cock for me and squeeze it too!" He did exactly what I said and feeling my soft dirty panties rub against his shaft he said "I can't hold it anymore baby may I please be allowed to cum now?" I slid my finger inside of my pussy and said "Do you really want too bad?" He said "Yes I'll do anything if you let me cum." I said "Okay daddy I want you to shoot your fucking load in my panties and then you will lick them clean do you hear me?" He said "Oh no don't make me do that I don't want to eat my own cum." I said "Well if you can't do that I won't allow you to cum!" Lowering my skirt and top slowly and making my way over to the door I said "I'm also going to tell mommy what a fucking pervert you are when she gets home." He stopped me and said "No no please don't deny me cumming I'll eat up my cum for you." As I got a wicked grin I turned around and said "That's what I thought now shoot your load!!" Pumping and jerking his cock he started to spray strings of cum all in my little panties. Hearing me say "That's right empty those balls!" Daddy came so much that he just about collapsed. He slid my panties off of his ass and put them up to his mouth and started to lick them all clean for his little girl. I just love having my way with daddy I can't wait to catch him in my room again so I can make him do even more *giggles*
I love you daddy!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Give In And Surrender To Me

I know how bad you want to be my submissive obedient slave. But can you handle the task of pleasing me? That can be a very wide range of whatever I'm craving. From being my naughty panty wearing slut to being my hot sissy dressed in my pretty outfits to my hot kinky strap on taking slut to taking a real cock in your mouth and ass to my dirty ass licking whore to my piss drinking slut and more. I could even tie you up and have my way with you with all of my toys ready. I just love controlling helpless men who are bound and tied up. I could do some forced feminization and have you looking like my own personal slut in no time at all. I also love to humiliate little dick losers and laugh and embarrass them. I bet serving me makes your cock rock hard doesn't it? And you know you may try to deny my desires but you always find yourself coming back to me. Your bratty princess who dresses like a hot slut and will have you on your knees before you know it. And I can also hear it in your voice and the way you respond to me. I really don't give a fuck if you tell me no. Believe me when I say I have my ways to making you do whatever I want you to do. I could always call your wife or girl friend and tell her secret things that only I know about. Or maybe come out with those private pictures that I took of you doing very humiliating and degrading things. When I'm finished dominating you, you will be my complete and total slut. My submissive little bitch who will obey me. You know I like making you my little pet and toy with your mind. Give in to your desires and surrender to me. And let me take control of your dick that is ready to bust out of its pants right now. Do you like it when I call you names? I know some of you guy's out there do. You like being my fucking loser and hearing me call you my perverted little bitch. Hearing that bitchy tone in my voice makes you throb. But you wont cum unti l I allow you to cum. And yes when I do let you shoot your fucking load you will be eating it up like a cum slut. I will make you my slave in no time at all. So get that cock ready pussy boy and give me a call. Maybe if you are a good pet i'll let you lick my sweet little pink cunt and take a taste of my tight little ass. Call me at 1-888-402-8669 ask for Brandy

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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Just think about walking in catching me in our bed with a real man between my legs. Fucking my tight wet pussy like you can't. Oh come on now don't be upset. I know you love me but I need a man who has something you don't. And that's a big fat hard cock. Look at your worthless little pathetic dick. You really don't think that I would want you fucking me with that tiny thing do you? And admit it, the thought of your girl friend having a big fleshy dick stretching my tight cunt open makes your little knub hard doesn't it? I bet you have even fantasized about watching me take it in my tight holes as you stand there looking at me. Seeing me look deep into your eyes as i'm getting pleasured just like I want and need to be. Hearing me moan out my fuck buddies name as he's grinding into me. My dripping wet pussy never got this wet for your little prick. Do you throb at the thought of him fucking my hot wet mouth? Think about me being on our bed as my pretty lips are sliding up and down his dick. Taking it in deeper as I slurp and suck on it. Feeling him throb in my mouth as i'm gagging on it. Feeling him push my mouth down even deeper as it fills up my throat. And if you really like it dirty I could fuck a big black guy. You know they have huge cocks. What about a Nig**R cock that's at least ten inches long and three inches wide. I'm such a dirty slut for those. Maybe you admit to me that you are a faggot and you think about what it would be like to have your mouth and ass hole fucked by a real mans cock. Because let's face it I'm never going to allow you to fuck me. Well maybe I will if you prove to me that you can be my fluffer and clean up or cream pie boy. Yes you have to get down on your fucking knees bitch and clean his dick off. Taste my cum dripping down my well hung lovers shaft. How long do you have to do it? Do it until you have cleaned it all of. And if that wasn't enough and you REALLY want to prove yourself to me then drop your fucking pants and expose that pathetic little dick. I know you are ready to stroke it. Look at me laying back with my sexy long legs wide open as all of this cum from another man is dripping out of my pink little pussy. And get your slutty ass ready to take his ten inches of dick deep inside. You know you want him to fuck your faggot ass don't you? Go ahead and confess that to me loser. Feel him sliding inside of you as he grabs your hips and slides in and out.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Dirty Cum Eatting Slut

It's been a long time since I heard from you. But when you messaged me last night you said "Brandy I've been reading your domination blog and I really like your latest entry about your dirty panty entry. And I miss the way that you make me your pet." As we chatted for a while he told me that he was ready for me to have my way with him again. So I told him that I would get my favorite toys ready for him and that I wanted him to dress in his black thigh hi's and wrap up his balls with a thong and put on a pair of satin panties. Before I knew it I heard my phone ring and I knew he was ready for some kinky Phone sex. I was ready to make him my dirty slut. I know he will do anything for me because obeying me means he will get my dirty nasty treats. As he walked in my living room I said "Tonight we are going out to an adult sex club. I had something very kinky for him to wear. And he would put on just about anything for me weather it's leather pants with his ass out and a matching sleeveless vest and i've even put a collar and leash on him and lead him around on all fours. When we arrived to the club all of my girl friends were there and they were ready ahead of time and knew that he was going to be getting very nasty for me tonight. I took you to this room and said "L I'm ready for you to be my piss drinking slut now. As I raised up my little skirt laying you down as I started to squat right over you face. Nothing makes you harder then seeing my bare little cunt starring you in your face as I tease you with it. Grinding it round and round as you start to stroke your swollen cock to drink in my treats. You are always such a good dirty slut for me too and will do whatever I tell you too do. I looked down at you as I said "I want you to lick my pink pussy lips clean for me now." As I could feel your tongue sliding inside of me. Devouring me as you slid it in deeper and deeper. Feeling how tight it was as you started hearing me moan out. I said "Now it's time for you to lick my tiny little ass and show me how dirty you can be. That made your cock ROCK hard when I told you that. I love to show off my tight little ass to you.

Bending over and lifting up my skirt knowing that you would do anything to pull my panties or thong to the side and lick it. And you are a hot ass licker too. As I grinded my hips into your ass I said "You know you have to get ready to drink your piss for me soon." But I thought about something even more nasty. I said "Get up slut." I am going to give you an enema but this kind will consist of your piss mixed with mine and my girl friends." You said "Oh my god yes I want that so bad." As my girl friends giggled they said "We do have to go pee really bad too. You throbbed knowing that some of them were underage and knew that those tight little pussies were so fresh and ready to do whatever I told them to do. As I got the enema machine ready my little girl friends lifted up their skirts and exposed their little panties to you as you said "Oh my look at those pretty little panties." As I turned around I said "I bet you want to taste those panties too don't you L?" I knew that he did as the started to slide them off and handed them to me. As I took the tube and slid it in your ass and we filled the tank up with our piss I said "I'm going to slide an extra tube up your dirty fucking ass hole. Because when you shoot it back out the tube you are going to drink it all down." As we cut it on I stepped around in front of you as I said "Feel all that hot golden rain shooting in your ass?" You moaned out saying "OHHHHH yes I do. I love it when you use me like this." As I handed you the tube I said "Now put this in your mouth so you can get ready to drink it all down for me." Taking the panties as I started to run them across your nose. Seeing the expression on your face as you smelled all of those dirty little panties. Your dick and balls looked like it was about ready to pop out of the panties you were wearing as I said "MMMM they smell so good dont they? But none smell as good as mine do they?" He said "No they don't mistress." Pumping his cock as he drank all that piss down I said "Since you were an obedient dirty piss drinking slut i'm going to fuck your tiny ass with my strap on." And L would let me put just about anything up his hole from candy bars, to ice cubes, to carrots, cucumbers and more.

And yes he would even eat the candy bar and vegies after they slid out of his ass. As I grabbed my strap on and slid it on I said "Show me that tight fucking hole." Putting lube on it as I started to push it up against his hole. Grabbing his hips as I said "Get ready to stroke that dick because i'm ready to fuck you good." As I started to push it in that slutty hole he started to moan out. Looking at all of my girl friends standing there feeling so turned on as I slid all the way in and all the way out. Pumping that hot hole faster and faster as I told my girl friends to start playing with your cock. Taking their finger tips as they ran it up and down your shaft. Feeling me grind my hips into yours as I started hitting that g spot. Hearing me say "You like being my pet don't you L?" He said "Yes I do Mistress Brandy." As I took my hands and smacked his ass. Feeling me start to move my girl friends hands as I started to rub your dick through those satin panties. I said you are going to cum for me aren't you slut!" As I was sliding all the way in and all the way out. Hitting that spot even more as you felt my soft hands squeeze and pump your cock. Moaning out so loud you heard me say "This is my cock and I own your cum don't I?" Hearing you moan out "Oh yes Mistress it's yours." And I said "Nobody can fuck you and make you their slut like I can right?" And you said "Oh my god yes!" As you started to say "I'm ready to cum whenever you command me to I've been so hard for you today." I said "I want it now!" As I slid my strap on out of your ass and walked around in front of you. Looking into your eyes as I said "And I want it right here!" As I pointed to my tight little ass. Bending over as I lifted up my little skirt wiggling my hips back and forth pressing my ass back onto your cock head as you started to shoot your load all over it. It felt so thick and hot and very creamy. As I looked back at you and said "Now it's time for you to lick it up for me. I know you want to taste it you dirty fucking cum whore." MMMM and you licked it all clean as you trailed your tongue around my tight little ass cheeks. As I took my finger and scooped up a little and turned around and sucked my finger seductively and said "you taste sooooo good...." I can't wait for you to be my pet again...

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He'll Do Anything For Me & My Dirty Panties

Hey guy's are you ready to hear my confession? I love guy's who aren't afraid of trying things for the first time. Men who are ready to do whatever I want especially if it means pleasing me. And that means wearing my dirty little panties. Just think of me wearing my favorite pair as i've been out all day going shopping and then coming home later in the evening as I lean back on my chair and spread my sexy long legs open and exposing them to you. You walk over to me as i'm touching myself and see my pretty little hands running between my legs as I rub them up and down my satin purple panties. I look at you as I say "Come on over here and touch them and feel how wet and creamy they are for you. Then I want you to take a long sniff and take in the sweet aroma for me." I can see your dick stiffen in your pants as you think about my pretty, creamy, sweet pussy that has been in these panties all day. And don't try to tell me that you don't want too smell them either and touch them because I know you would love every moment of it. My intoxicating aroma that makes you completely weak as you can't stop thinking about how they would feel against your own skin. So soft and silky just thinking about how addictive that is makes you drip pre cum.

I just know you would be kneeling down as you wait on me to come in and take my hand and pull your face between my sexy little thighs. You look up at me as you begin to undo your pants and take your throbbing hard cock out as I start to lower my purple satin panty covered pussy against your mouth. As you take your tongue and start to lick my pussy lips through these used panties. I start to moan out "MMMM that feels so good baby." As they get VERY wet. Taking my soft hand as I hold the back of you head and guide you back and forth. From my clit to my slit as you start to stroke that cock more and more. I love to tease you and I just know by now you want me to slide these pretty panties off and expose my tight bare pussy. As I look down at you saying "My panties make you tingle all over don't they? It's almost like you feel yourself falling into some kind of hypnotic spell." As you look into my pretty blue eyes you murmur "Yes they are." Feeling yourself fall deeper as I tell you "If you love them so much I want you to put them on right now." As you are reluctant for a moment but then you slide your pants off because you can't resist feeling my soft satin creamy panties rub up against your swollen cock. As I stand up and wiggle my sexy ass and hips out of them and hand them over to you. You step into them as you slide them up your legs and over your ass. Feeling the creamy soft crotch of them around your throbbing dick and how satiny they feel as you start to drip even more pre cum in them. I look at you and say "Rub my soft panties against your cock for me and don't stop until you burst into a huge load of cum right there." As I walk over to my panty drawer and grab a fresh pair and slide them on my tight little ass and hear you moaning. Seeing me stand in front of you as I tease you and play with my pussy lips right in front of you. Saying "Stroke that cock with my dirty panties." Over and over again until you have so much cum that builds up you blow a thick hot load right where my sweet little pussy is. Addictive aren't they. I can't wait for you to give in and do more for me.... Are you ready to do ANYTHING for me today? And if you are hesitant but curious will I have to black mail you? Then call me at 1-888-402-8669 ask for