Thursday, January 17, 2013

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Okay so I know it's been forever since I've written a blog but today I just have to share a story with everyone that makes up for being absent for so long....

So panty baby dick comes in chat this morning and sends me a picture of him dressed in a lacy black bra, matching panties, a garter and thigh hi's. How pathetic! It just reminds me of why I love laughing at losers with little pricks the size of a gerbil. And it also reminds me of why I get off on small penis humiliation phone sex so much. This panty boi reminds me of one of my favorite sluts Marci. Shes not ashamed to admit that she loves dressing in girlie clothes and getting laughed at and humiliated like the slut that she is. But Marci is into to way much more than my new panty boi babydick is. This tiny dick panty wearing loser is still in denial. Not only did he get dressed and dare me but tried to say he doesn't really like dressing in lingerie and it was just a joke. 

That has to be the biggest fucking CROCK i've ever heard!! No one dresses like him matching and all and then says "Oh I don't really get off on this I just did it as a joke." And he did the silliest thing that a subbie could do and dared me to post his picture. Now why would any fucking small dicked prick do that for? My though is coz he didn't know I would actually do it. So here he is with me calling his bluff. So lets see what he says when he finds his picture here posted for all my panty lovers to read about. And all my girl friends will laugh their asses off too!  

Here is a picture of Baby dick. I would put him in the top ten for the smallest pricks i've ever seen! It's a real shame that someone that can look that good in lingerie have a useless pueny prick too! Hahahahaha!! 

 Is yours little like his? I just know you want to hear my sexy bratty girlish voice humiliate, laugh and put you in a pair of my panties. 

Will I have to put you in your place too and remind you that you are in fact a loser with a dick that's so small all it's good for is laugh at and putting in panties? I bet you are dripping pre cum right now thinking of all the things I can do to you. 

So go ahead and pick up your phone and call me for some of the best small penis humiliation phone sex around! 

And if you are a obedient panty wearing slut maybe i'll send you a pair of my pretty scented freshly worn creamy panties free so you can wear them the next time we have some sph fun together. 

Mistress Brandy ~ 1-888-402-8669

Monday, January 30, 2012

Panty Boy Phonesex With Slutty Marci

I just love getting calls from all you submissive males. Especially the ones who loves wearing panty’s. Look at me standing here in my pretty pink panties. I bet you would do anything if I would just slide them off and give them to you. And the way that i'm teasing you with my little top raised up flashing my tits at you drives you even hornier doesn't it? Well anyway I  have to tell you about one of my favorite callers who called me for panty boy phone sex and when dressed up in female clothes likes to go by the name of Marci. She just loves being humiliated. And with a tiny pecker I can see why! This slut has a 2 inch clitty and when it’s not hard it can be considered a clitty. She told me when she wears her panties really tight that her clit looks like a camel toe. How fucking pathetic is that! I’ve come across a lot of little dick sluts but this panty boy has to be the smallest fucking little prick clit loser I’ve ever known! So you see this is why I MUST share her with you. Marci loves being totally made into a girl. And with a mistress like me I can tell you why I would totally get off on feminizationphone sex. A lot of you subbies go around saying that you would do anything to please a princess like myself. But as soon as I mention taking a big fucking toy up your mangina you chicken out just like a fucking bitch. Pussies bitch out and get scared. But Marci? She can take a fucking 9 inch thick dildo up her slutty man pussy. Even if it means her numbing it up to take it. She’s training herself to take them big, thick and long. That is the sign of a true subbie slut.

Marci owns over 60 pairs of panties. All very sexy, soft, satiny, cheeky, bikini, and lacy. BUT my panty boy does NOT own one fucking pair of granny panties or white ones either. Who wants to be in something like that? I would never tell any of my panty boys to slide a pair of those on. And if I found out they did own a pair of granny panties I would say “burn those bitches! Shred them up and trash them!” There isn’t anything sexy about owning a pair of panties that your granny would wear! Marci owns about 20 bras that have the padding inserts in them. And what I really love about those is that they have nipples so when this sexy slut is wearing a halter top or something tight fitting with spaghetti straps you can see those hard nipples poke through. I totally would dress her up in a pair of red fishnets with a black and red garter and a matching bra. Over that I would put her in a short fucking pleated black and red skirt mini style to show off those sexy long legs. With someone who stands over six feet tall, why not have on a short mini? And then I’d add a tight fitting cami or corset with that long red wig and some glossy red lip gloss and ad a pair of five inch pumps. Once my panty boy is totally feminized you could only imagine what would happen next.

Marci has been very curious about sucking cock and has bi fantasies. And anyone who knows me knows that all I need to bring out one of my studs with a big fat fleshy cock. How embarrasing is it for a fucking subbie to get down on her knees with a big fucking cock right in the face to suck, slurp and lick on. How much more humiliating would it be to have a BBC  to suck on? Talk about some humiliation phone sex to never forget about. With me standing there to guide her how to suck on it and make it feel real good. Just imagine if I was your mistress and your mouth was watering ready to suck and lick on a big fucking dick like marci. I bet your fucking clitty would be so hard in your panties you would be begging to show me how much of a good fucking dick sucker you are. That fleshy dick was pumping in out of my sluts mouth. Feeling it throb as she took in more with every suck. She tasted that pre cum dripping down her throat just knowing  what happens next! And that’s a huge fucking load of cum shot down her throat and all over her face. And there I stand over her while her face is all jizzed up to take my pretty fingers to scoop all that cum off and feed it to her. Subbies never waste cum! And when her clitty is excited from being dressed up like a slut and feeling those pretty soft panties rub against her smooth skin and face all pained up with cum then along comes me with my big fucking strappy to bend her over and fuck her like the slut that she is.

I heard her moaning out as I stood there with my big fat fucking strap on bending her over and sliding those cheeky boy shorts down and start to slowly slide it in that sissy pussy. I grab her hips and say “Take my strap on cock you slut I’m going to give it to you so fucking good you beg me to cum! And with every stroke I pump a little faster. That hole stretches out and then she feels my soft little hand slide down in those panties as I tease her clitty. Calling her humiliating names and smacking her ass and shoving that strappy in deeper. I can tell by the way Marci grabs around that huge toy that shes ready to cum. But do you think I’m going to allow her to do that? Or is she going to beg like a bitch before she can release it? I bet your clitty is so fucking excited just wondering what happened next that you’re dripping pre cum in your panties.

Go grab a pair of your favorite panties and give me a call for some of the best panty boy phone sex you have ever had. 

Mistress Brandy I-888-402-8669

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heart Pounding Financial Domination Phonesex

Hello subbies! I know its been AGES since I’ve made a blog entry but today I got super inspired by someone I want to tell you about. His name is greg and he loves financial domination phone sex. When I picked up my phone I could tell I would be having my way with him right away. He had a case of beer and his drug of choice ready for some forced intoxication phone sex. He had a strap and a hanger and wanted to torture his dick. As we talked I realized that he had a pathetic little prick. Which is why he wanted to be blackmailed. I should have known a slave like him didn’t have a wife or a girl friend. He gave a new name to the word slave bitch. I just knew I could financially dominate him and have him like putty in my hands. All it took was my sexy voice, sweet wicked giggle and seductive body. This slut didn’t have any limits either. He loved getting dirty and obeying my every command. I also found out that he liked forced bi phone sex. He fantasizes about doing things against his will. I could not stop laughing at him. Especially when I found out he had hot pink lipstick and nail polish. I listened as he sniffed lines and got totally fucked up. That was when I knew I was going to make my move. I said “greg I want you to send me a picture of your lips painted up but I don’t want you to use your fucking hot pink lipstick.”

He said “Umm Ummm you don’t Brandy?” I said “NO! I want you to paint your fucking lips up with that hot pink nail polish!” He got on his web cam as I saw him paint his lips up for me. It was hilarious!” I didn’t stop there though. A princess like me wanted more domination phone sex! So after that I giggled and said “Now I want you to take that pink t shirt off and write I LOVE COCK across your chest.” Of course he was sending me pictures and if he didn’t do what I want I told him I was going to post him all over my fucking blog. But I needed a little more leverage. So this slave e mailed me a picture of his business card! I had everything on there I needed to get exactly what I wanted! It had his cell phone, work phone, e mail, website, fax number, and address. OOHHHH how sweet that was! Now I could truly turn up the heat on this fucking slave! There was no way he was going to deny me from this point! Whatever I wanted I was going to get with no fucking questions asked. And if he did deny me, then I said “Well I’m just going to print out one of your fucking pictures and put attention marketing department and show them how you have written I am princess brandy’s slave all across your chest.” He said “Oh no no no! You can’t do that!” I said “What do you mean I can’t do that! Don’t fucking tell me what I can’t do! I’m sure your boss would love to see why you didn’t go to work today! Not to mention you have hot pink nail polish across your chest!”
It was the perfect kind of humiliation phone sex call ever! Because everyone would know how much of a pathetic little dick subbie he really is. And it was going to be truly embarrassing to expose him for the fucking beer drinking slut that he is. I told him to sniff a line and take a drink for me. I saw him tip his head back as he chugged his beer down. He had this disgusting looking expression on his face  because it was mixed with the nail polish. What a fucking loosah! *giggles* His hard pathetic prick was dripping as we came to the end of our time and I said “greg you better extend time for your princess!” He was my human atm machine and I was going to make sure he felt the burn on his credit card. He loves a girl who knows how to use fininacial domination to her advantage. After he kept extending time and I found out enough of his dirty phone sex secrets to use to my advantage I messaged him on yahoo. This loser started to come down from his high and of course had a hard time remembering what happened. But lucky for me I didn’t forget. So I had to give him a cold hard reality check of all of the secrets that I know about him. It’s a shame for him if he doesn’t give into my fucking demands. Because what I exposed on this blog entry is just half of his secrets. He has tons more that I’m ready to tell EVERYONE including his boss.
For now slave I’m just going to show part of your pictures with your face cut off. And I’m not going to hyperlink your full name back to my blog. But if you don’t give me what I want and send me a $50 amazon gift card to then I’m going to expose you for the fucked up lip painting, line sniffing, alcohol drinking loser that you are. Not only to my readers but to your fucking boss too! I know his name, his blog and how to get into contact with him. So what’s it going to be greg? I’m giving you ONE HOUR to give me what I want. And that’s MORE financial domination phone sex. If not who knows what will happen to you next. I know I do! *wicked evil giggles*
Princess Brandy~ 1-888-402-8669
Tic Tok Tic Tok slave.... Your time is running out. It's been 45 minutes and if you don't think this princess will expose your dirty little fucking secrets then we shall see....Get ready to have your face posted and your full name hyperlinked back to my blog...Are you going to man up or press your luck or see what I will do?

Well it looks like this slave didn't do what he was suppose to do. So my next step is to show his fucking face on my blog so everyone can see how much of a subbie he really is! Your secrets are going to be exposed now one by one. I hope those soft panties and bra feel good against your skin! And I hope your heart is pounding because i'm going to slowly turn up the heat on you. I'm ready to go to my fucking fax machine right now and send your dirty secrets to everyone at your job. Its too bad for you that I could drop the ball hard on you but right now i'm just going to continue to leave you hanging. Not knowing what I will do. Am I going to spread the word to your co workers? Or am I going to give you one more day to give me what I want and contact me? Hmmmm what should I do? I bet your heart is ready to drop in your fucking stomach right now. I just love keeping you on the edge in suspense...

Are you a subbie slave like greg? Are you ready for this princess to have her way with you today? How far are you willing to go to  serve me and give me what I want? 
Update for all you slaves and subbies!!!

This little bitch Greg got terrified that I exposed him to his boss. After taking days off from work from forced intoxication from his princess he went back in and his boss fired him on the spot! He did an hour long call with me AND put $100.00 in my e mail from amazon. He had to pay up or I was leaving his personal information on my blog. This slave will call me again because he's addicted to what I will do to him. Not only was I firm, stern, and demanding. I also was a very sensual seductive one also...Slaves always have to pay the price if they want me to keep their dirty little secrets... Until we meet again Subbie Greg your secrets are safe with me....

Princess Brandy

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Controlling A Pathetic Tiny Dick's Orgasm

Controlling a mans orgasm is one of my favorite things to do. Especially submissive males. I just get so wet when I think about having my way with them. And when it comes to all those guys who call me for small penis humiliation phone sex I just know they will never deny serving my every need. I just love wrapping them around my pretty little finger and hearing how horny they are. They are my favorite when it comes to tormenting them. Especially when I flaunt my sexy little body at them. Their pathetic little hard dicks cloud their brains and all they can think about is doing whatever it takes for me to allow them to cum.

I heard from one of my favorite little dick losers last night. He loves to be driven to the edge and made to be helpless and out of control. I just love to tease and seduce him. And what I really love to do is laugh at his useless 3 inch prick. His tiny pecker always gets so hard when he calls me for humiliation phone sex. And it gets even harder when he hears my girlish bratty giggle. Sometimes he likes to play hard to get but once I start feeding his weakness he is like putty in my fucking hands. I just love getting his midget clit hard and putting him in panties. But what I really like to do before he is allowed to wear them is slide them in his mouth. He chomps on them like a fucking hungry dog does a bone. He looks so rediculious too. When I see him on cam and make him put my dirty panties on his head and say “I’m a pathetic little dick bitch.” I just LMAO. And if he denies me then I just take out all of the information I have on him and threaten to black mail him. I love having him right by his tiny little weenie. Because once I have his fucking balls in my hand he knows there is no turning back.

I will put him in front of all of my girl friends dressed in my fucking undies and make him lick the floor. Especially after one of my studs secretly shoots his creamy load on the floor. This horny fucking slut thinks that I squirt my cream on the floor. And he knows if he doesn’t lick it up clean I’ll go in the kitchen and find whatever I can to stick up his slutty ass. How embarrassing is that? A room full of pretty girls and him wagging his ass like a pathetic dog begging to have me stuff eggs, ice cubes, marbles, cucumbers, celery sticks or whatever else I can find. He is such a whore too when it comes to having his tiny ass hole filled. It just pushes him straight to being on the edge to cumming in those pretty little panties of mine. Or maybe it could be the fact that he loves hearing me call him humiliating names in his ear. If I do it in my sweet sassy voice he starts begging me like the horny fucking jerk off slut that he is.

Bit by bit I took away whatever man hood that he had and left him like the pathetic tiny worthless loser that he is. I say “I know you have been begging me like a slut to stroke your itty bitty dick. But its just so tiny there is no way you can stroke it. What you have to do is rub it like a clitty because there is nothing there to grab on!” When I finally allow him to start touching it and grinding into my panties he starts begging me to grab his favorite girl friend. What might that be? That could be the closest thing he can find to hump. He loves grinding into pillows, blow up dolls, this mini fucking pocket pussy that is his favorite. And if he is lucky enough and proved how much of a worthless pathetic bitch he can be then I may allow him to hump my fucking leg.

When he’s on his knees in front of me I tell him “take that tiny fucker and place your finger and thumb around it and start rubbing it for your mistress. “ I knew it wouldn’t be long before this loser was going to be squirting so I worked him up slowly and then told him to stop. Then I told him to start playing with it again and made him stop again. I made him make humiliating noises like pant like a dog and meow like a cat. LMAO it was hilarious! But he LOVED doing it for me. I honestly thought it was very hot. And when I described to him how I was sliding my finger up and down my pretty little panties and then sliding them to the side and teasing my dripping wet pussy he almost blew. He begged like the loser he is and said “Princess I’ll do whatever you want just please let me cum!” He was powerless and he knew that I owned him mind body and soul. He knew that I have the power to ruin his fucking orgasm and deny him from squirting his pathetic load. He was so desperate by the time I got done with him I had him on his hands and knees again dripping his cum on the fucking floor and then made him lick it all up. He cum so hard he passed out while I saw him on cam. When he finally woke back up he messaged me and said

“Princess Brandy I cant wait to call you again for Domination Phone Sex.”

Do you have a pathetic tiny prick and ready to be controlled by a princess today? Then take that little shrimp dick out loser and give me a call.

1-888-402-8669 ask for Princess Brandy

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cum On Subbie And Stroke For Your Princess

I just can’t stop thinking about how hard your cock gets for me. And I love the way I can seduce you into doing just about anything I want. When you walk past my bedroom window you can see the way that I look at you. And you can’t stop thinking about the times we spend alone. Your dick drips pre cum when you think about all of the kinky phone sex things that I seduce you into doing. I know you cant get enough of this princess dominating you. I take control of your cock and make it harder then anyone ever has. Some days you want to be put on your knees and take my big fat strap on in your mouth. You get so hard when I look down at you and say “Suck on this fucking strap on cock for me.” I’ll put my hand on the top of your head and guide your slutty fucking lips up and down and having you slurping all over it. You are my favorite slut and I love to wrap you around my little finger. You look up at me as your head is bobbing up and down taking it in further and further. I can tell that you are ready to be bent over my bed with your ass up in the air so you can be a good slut for me. I’ll tease you at first and just toy with your hungry hole. And when you cant take it anymore and begging me to fuck you I will grab your hips and thrust my strappy in and out of that tight fucking hole. My little pussy gets so wet when you call me for domination phone sex. I get so turned on hearing you call out my name as I’m pumping your ass deep and fast. I know you wanna cum so bad because the way that you beg me. But I know that you also like tease and denial phone sex. You want this soft little baby smooth hand to wrap around your dick and stroke it a little bit then stop. I hear your pants and moans as I giggle and then start to stroke you a little more and then stop. My palms are slippery from your pre cum as I start to jerk it a little more and get those balls filled up with more cum and then stop. You can feel my toy stretching your asshole open as I’m moving it in and out and grinding it round and round. You know this princess will control you and let you know if I’ll allow you to cum or not. It drives you insane but you drip precum at the thought of what I will do to you.
Sometimes when you are in bed late at night with your girl friend you cant stop thinking about how much you want to be a slut for me. There are times you will go to your secret spot and pull out a pair of my soft panties and wrap them around your dick and start stroking off. You know that “she” cant give you what you want. There are even times when you will slide those panties on and sneak into the other bedroom while she is sleep and call me just to hear my sexy alluring voice. You say “Princess Brandy I just had to sneak away because I could not stop thinking about your petite sexy little body and how you use that to get whatever you want from me. The way that you wear those short little skirts or tight fitting pants that shows off your ass. And the way that you bend over knowing that I’ll be looking at you. Or the way those tight fitting tops look as they grab onto your perfect tits. I also can’t stop thinking about how hot you look in your lingerie when I’m watching you from my bedroom.” I can hear the lust in your voice as your hand is wrapped around your cock pumping it for me. Then you say “I’ve stroked off so many times thinking about the way you control me and make me do things I’ve never dreamed of doing before. And I want to keep serving you. I want to be your slave for life and prove that I’m worthy to be your pet.” Then I say “I am going to lure you so far into me that when you least expect it I’ll be in your brain. You wont be able to stop thinking about me or my seductive little body. All you will want is my perky tits and hot little ass grinding into you. And my soft little hands sliding into your shorts masturbating your throbbing hard cock. I’ll stroke you so good that you will be begging me to cum. And then you will confess of how much you would rather fuck me then your girl friend. I will mind fuck you so good that you will explode the hugest load of cum you have ever had. And that’s when I will totally own your mind, body and throbbing hard cock…I will always be your cock teasing princess

Mistress Brandy

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cum Stroke With My Lil Girl Panties

I know when you see me on these hot summer days running around barely dressed in nothing but my panties and bra that you get all kinds of naughty thoughts. It doesn’t matter who you are either I know how hard your dick gets and all you want to do is sneak into my bedroom and raid my panty drawer. And if you are a dirty panty luver then I bet you wanna rummage through my dirty clothes and find a pair of my freshly worn ones.  You know how much I love to tease you and make you rock hard. I know you drip pre cum every time you think about my creamy panties sliding all over your cock. You know that I will never let you fuck me so being a panty fucker is the closest you will ever get to my sweet pink lips.  You would give anything wouldn’t you just to be able to take your hand and touch them. Sometimes I like to toy with you so I come sit down on your lap and grind my little ass back and forth in your crotch. I look in your eyes and say “I can feel your dick growing I bet you wanna slide it out and rub it across my undies.” You start to moan out like a pervert in heat and beg me to let you take it out. But you know I’m just a panty tease phone sex brat. I’ll make you so fucking hard that pre cum oozes from your dick and make you think that you can fuck my little girl panties and then laugh in your face and deny you. Do you honestly think I would allow you to jerk off with these panties without you doing something for me in return? Dream on loser but if you really wanna show me how bad you want them then it’s time for the humiliation phone sex to begin. And trust me I can think of all kinds of embarrassing things for you to do. It doesn’t matter how mild or extreme it is. I have lots of subbies who will do whatever I tell them just to get a taste of my creamy dirty undies. And if they dont do what I tell them then I will just have to use the personal information I have on them and hold it above their head to blackmail them and get what I want. Besides just think of what would happen if I emailed their wife or even worse! I would pick up the phone and call them and tell them that their husband is a panty stroking pervert.
Some get on cam and take a dildo and stick it up their ass and fuck it for me. Some get a pair of their wives panties and slide them over their head and tell me they are a worthless loser. And I have to say when they hear me giggle at them it makes their dick so hard it throbs. Some will get down on their knees and beg me to lick my boots or heels and clean them with their tongue. And some will even slide off my sneakers after I’ve just come back from the gym and beg to clean my sweaty little feet.  They love the names that I call them. I think they get off on knowing that they are a pathetic fucking slave for me. Just how kinky and dirty would you get for your princess? Just think of the reward. My soft panties wrapped around your dick jacking off as I stand there and tease you with my sexy little body. Think of me sliding my little hand down in these baby blue panties and masturbating for you. I'll finger this dripping wet pussy until you are begging me to take them off and show this pretty bare pussy to you. I just know that makes your dick rock hard. You sit there thinking “If only I could jerk with them and maybe even hump my tight tiny young ass or even worship and kiss it while you are stroking off with my panties. You know you want too. And what could be better than that? I’ll tell you what’s better panty fucker. That’s calling me for panty fetish phone sex

In return I’ll mail you a fresh pair of my sweet smelling panties.You can rub them across your dick until you squirt all that sticky hot jizz all over them. And if that doesn’t make you wanna blow your load then just imagine my soft little hand stroking your dick with them rubbing up and down your shaft. But you better not blow until you pick up the phone and call me for some of the hottest domination phone sex around. And who knows maybe if you are kinky enough you may just lick up all the cum from them and show me how dirty you can really be!
Are you ready to cum play with me today? I’m ready to make you so fucking hard you are begging me to cum…
Princess Brandy ~ 1-888-4025-8669

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Ultimate Kinky CBT Pain Slut

I’m thinking of a really hot domination phone sex call that I just did yesterday with a guy who likes to get kinky and also do cock and ball torture. This submissive slut is one of the most extreme I’ve ever run across when it comes to taking pain and having his ass and mouth stretched out. He was my slut and used for my amusement. He is a lover of humiliation that gets off on being used and abused. On this CBT phone sex call he used Rubber bands, an anal pump, a cock pump and rubber bands to put around his balls for every minute that I was with him. He was the center of the stage and I was the dominating ring master at a circus with lions, tigers, elephants and other animals. He was dressed in kinky fetish attire and all eyes were on him. His dick got so hard when he knew he would be servicing all of those wild animals. Knowing that he would be on his knees ready to suck their cocks and have his fucking ass hole gaping and ready to be stretched out. For him the bigger was better. The tolerance for his pain was so extreme that he begged to be filled up more and more. He heard my bratty voice say “You like being a circus slut don’t you slave? Now put that ass up in the air and take that lions dick up your tiny ass!” He would feel the thrusts sliding in and out of him as he moaned out in pleasure. And then I would say “Take a pump to your ass with that anal pump!” And he was a very good obedient slut and pumped it hard. He throbbing knowing that his ass was getting fucked even pounded. Knowing that he was soon going to be filled up with a load of cum. And when another minute passed by I said “Now take a rubber band and wrap it around those balls!” I could hear him crying out as he followed my instructions to the t. And when his slutty ass was finished getting used and filled up with cum I ordered him to lick that lions cock off and clean it up. How dirty is that and humiliating with all of those people around watching him and fixated on his holes being stuffed and used.

I could hear him as he made those slurping sounds up and down that lions dick tasting his ass and cum wrapped around it. And before he knew it I was saying “Now pump that cock with the pump!” He would moan out every time I told him to do that. He even had metal pins inside of it. Kinda like the gates of hell with the spikes pushing in against his shaft. I made him suck and fuck tigers monkeys and the biggest animals cock there which was the elephant. As time went on I would say “Now put two rubber bands around your balls!” Or “Pump your fucking ass two times!” Or “Pump that cock twice!” And all the while he was getting more stretched out in that fucking ass hole or more pain to those fucking balls and extreme pain to his cock. I told him to imagine that he was with me and I took him out to a farm yard and he is in the open on a field where everyone could drive by or even walk by and see him being totally whored out to all my pigs, cows, dogs, and horses. Being humiliated and taking loads of cum all over his face to lick and drink up and to get his ass stretched out by the animal with the biggest cock that I could find. And I told him to imagine what it would be like to be the center of attention at a fetish party. There to give me exactly what I wanted and auctioned off to the person who had the most money so he could be whored out for their entertainment. He was so fucking hard thinking about all of the kinky things he would do for me and how much I would make him my whore that he started to beg me to cum. But I said “You can cum but you better shoot that fucking load in your mouth!” He did it too just like a cum drinking slut. He would have taken it in a glass or a fucking dog bowl if I would have told him. There are no limit’s or restrictions when it comes to the kinky phone sex that I get into. Are you in a submissive mood today and ready for this mistress to bring you to your knees? I don’t care what your fantasy is I’m here and ready to give you exactly what you want.

Don’t keep me waiting slave

Mistress Brandy