Thursday, January 17, 2013

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Okay so I know it's been forever since I've written a blog but today I just have to share a story with everyone that makes up for being absent for so long....

So panty baby dick comes in chat this morning and sends me a picture of him dressed in a lacy black bra, matching panties, a garter and thigh hi's. How pathetic! It just reminds me of why I love laughing at losers with little pricks the size of a gerbil. And it also reminds me of why I get off on small penis humiliation phone sex so much. This panty boi reminds me of one of my favorite sluts Marci. Shes not ashamed to admit that she loves dressing in girlie clothes and getting laughed at and humiliated like the slut that she is. But Marci is into to way much more than my new panty boi babydick is. This tiny dick panty wearing loser is still in denial. Not only did he get dressed and dare me but tried to say he doesn't really like dressing in lingerie and it was just a joke. 

That has to be the biggest fucking CROCK i've ever heard!! No one dresses like him matching and all and then says "Oh I don't really get off on this I just did it as a joke." And he did the silliest thing that a subbie could do and dared me to post his picture. Now why would any fucking small dicked prick do that for? My though is coz he didn't know I would actually do it. So here he is with me calling his bluff. So lets see what he says when he finds his picture here posted for all my panty lovers to read about. And all my girl friends will laugh their asses off too!  

Here is a picture of Baby dick. I would put him in the top ten for the smallest pricks i've ever seen! It's a real shame that someone that can look that good in lingerie have a useless pueny prick too! Hahahahaha!! 

 Is yours little like his? I just know you want to hear my sexy bratty girlish voice humiliate, laugh and put you in a pair of my panties. 

Will I have to put you in your place too and remind you that you are in fact a loser with a dick that's so small all it's good for is laugh at and putting in panties? I bet you are dripping pre cum right now thinking of all the things I can do to you. 

So go ahead and pick up your phone and call me for some of the best small penis humiliation phone sex around! 

And if you are a obedient panty wearing slut maybe i'll send you a pair of my pretty scented freshly worn creamy panties free so you can wear them the next time we have some sph fun together. 

Mistress Brandy ~ 1-888-402-8669

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Anonymous said...

Tell him to break out a razor and shave for heaven sake !