Monday, October 26, 2009

Cuckold Losers Cheating Wife's Business Trip

When was the last time you got told by your wife that she's going out of town on a business trip and would not be back for a few days? I bet just recently. And now you sit there in a pair of her dirty panties with your finger sliding in and out of your pussy ass stroking that little shrimp dick wondering if she's really on business or just fucking some hot guy at a hotel. I know you cant stop thinking about how big his dick is and how he can satisfy her like you CANT. You know you are pathetic and only good for being her clean up slut and cock sucking fag. You would do just about anything to slide between her sexy long legs and lick all the cream that's dripping out of her hot little pussy. And my sexy voice in your ear telling you how much of a loser you are. And you know I will tell you that you will be my bitch!

I know the thought of that makes your clitty dick hard doesn't it? If you answer yes to that then you should get on the phone right now and call me for some hot cuckold phone sex. I had a cuck call me last night and tell me that same thing. And the loser wanted me to tell him exactly what his cheating wife was doing behind his back. He said "Mistress Brandy my tiny dick is so hard right now I'm wearing a pair of my wife's panties and I can't stop thinking about what kinda man she's fucking this time." I laughed and said 'She's fucking a man with a huge 9 inch dick. I bet she is dressed like a whore right now in the hotel room. In a short fucking skirt and low cut tight fitting top. Showing off that hot body with a matching bra and thong under it and some thigh hi's and six inch pumps. He started to moan out like a pathetic little bitch saying "Is she really?" I said "Yes and she's laughing thinking about "What a loser husband I have. He has no idea that i'm here fucking a real man with a HUGE fucking cock." Then I went on to tell him how she's probably sucked his big fat dick already and made it rock hard. Saying "Imagine her on her knees with her hot mouth sliding up and down his thick pole. Something that you don't have. And I bet you cant remember the last time she sucked and fucked your shrimp dick." He just loved the name calling. I bet his tiny prick was just throbbing thinking about how much of a slut his wife was being right at that moment. Then I said "Just imagine him fucking her right now while she's laying on the bed with her legs wide open." Saying "Oh fuck my slutty pussy it needs your cock so bad. My husband is so pathetic I never let him fuck me anymore with his tiny dick.

The only thing he is good for is being my clean up boy and cuckold slut." I bet she told him all of the pathetic things you did just to be able to get a taste of her warm wet pussy." I could hear you touching that little reject and moaning out like a loser in heat. Saying "Oh she's fucked lot's of cocks hasn't she." I said "Yes she has. Every time she leaves out of town she's got a new cock filling her tiny cunt up. And all you can do is stay home and think about seeing her with her legs open getting fucked by some hot stud. You think about the look on her face as she is getting pounded and hearing her laugh at you looking at that ugly little thing between your legs that you call a dick." He started to pant and moan and heard me say "Yea I know you are trying to stroke that tiny prick and I bet you want to cum don't you? Knowing right at this moment your wife is taking a huge load of cum in her little pussy. It's just too bad you can't be there to clean off her lovers dick so she can allow you to clean up all that cream that's leaking out of her pussy. But maybe when she decides to come home she will let you do it for her." The moment I said that this little fucker popped and said "Oh YESSSSSSSSSSSSS Mistress Brandy." I giggled and said "What a fucking loser you are now take off those panties and clean up that cum.... I just love telling cuckolds how much of a slut their wives are. Is your's away on a supposed business trip right now? Then give me a call so I can tell you how much of a slut and cheating wife she is.

Mistress Brandy


Monday, October 12, 2009

Controlling And Blackmailing A Pathetic Sissy

Question: How long did it take for me to black mail a phone sex sissy caller out of all of his information?

Answer: It took exactly 35 minutes

It really only took me less time then that but I really don't care. The loser was willing to give me anything by the time I was done with him. And I could have really stomped on his credit card a whole lot longer then the 60 minutes that he stayed on the phone with me. Not to mention that he kept extending his time. But I know this will only be the start of me luring him back in. Once he saw my pictures on my blog he got weak in the knees and was ready to give me just about anything that I wanted. He was a fucking panty wearing slut who craved to give his information to me. And when he denied me the black mailing just made him weaker. The moaning in his voice when he gave me the first piece of information which was his girl friends e mail address was just the beginning. He said "I can look at you and tell that you would email her and tell her that I'm a slut wouldn't you?" I said "Yes I will so you won't stop there I want her address, phone number and work number." He said "I won't do that." He started to hear clicking sounds like I was typing up something. He said "What are you doing Miss Brandy?" I said "I'm typing up a e mail to your girl friend right now and tell her that you are wearing a pair of panties right now and you are on the phone with me stroking off your little dick. And I will CC you the copy of this e mail to her." He said "No no don't do that please!" I said then give me what I want fucker!" And his voice whimpered and said "Yes Mistress Brandy. He gave me all that I asked for with no hesitation." And I started to write it all down laughing. That just made the fucker stroke even more. But I didn't plan on getting all of his information because he needed a reason to call me back other then just my sexy bratty bitchy voice. Pathetic bitches like that will give me their address, phone number work number and address mom's name and address and phone number and his e mail with his pass word and credit card number and the three digit cvv number on the back. I know that his dick must twitch just knowing at any moment I can use all of that to my advantage. I bet he would be sweating not knowing if I would actually use his credit card to buy something very expensive for myself. Don't worry loser I won't buy anything too expensive. Just maybe if i'm in a bad mood and want to treat myself to a amazon gift card. The point is to drain his credit card nice and slowly. Just like a financial domination mistress loves to do.

I mean come on now a princess like me deserves to have nice things doesn't she? As we were on the phone talking I said "You will do whatever I say dumb ass. You could be a good girl and go shopping for new lingerie. And yes you have to tell the sales girl that you are doing it for your mistress. And yes I want you to go in there and try on that slutty baby doll." He said "Oh my god do I have too?" I said "YES! And you will do it when the store is crowded with people. Just pretend that you are a fucking model for Frederick's of Hollywood." Then the pervert said as he was moaning out "Ohhhh yes do I have to do anything else for you?" I said "Yes after that you will go to the nail shop and get a pedicure and manicure done. Something that will match that new babydoll that you are going to buy. And NO I don't care what other people say I know they will be laughing at you." He said "What if I say no?" Then he heard me dialing a phone number from my cell and heard it ring." He said "Who are you calling!!" I said "your girl friend!" The little bitch said "NO NO NO I'll do it!" This pathetic sissy was new to the whole thing of being black mailed and wasn't sure of what to expect so I had to tell him what could be in store for him. I said "Look slut I can dress you in my panties and smear your lips with bright pink lip gloss and get you on your fucking knees ready to suck cock. Especially if you just come back from shopping at the mall." That got him so turned on he started to beg me to stroke his cock. I said "You cant call that little thing a cock. Its a prick! He said "But that would be so humiliating to suck a real cock!" I said "I know it will be but you know what I'll do if you don't." Then I said just come in our free sex chat room sometimes and send a message to one of my experienced cock sucking sluts. They can tell you that I can be MUCH MORE humiliating then that. His pathetic loser ass will never know what to expect and when to expect it when it comes to me. His intense breathing grew very rapid and he said "I really want to cum Mistress Brandy can I please do it now?" I said "Only if you eat it whore!" He said "Yes I'll do anything for you!" He jacked his little wimp prick off and dropped his driblets of cum in his hand and sucked it off for me and then thanked me like a fucking loser that he is.

I can't wait to blackmail this pathetic sissy again. It's one of my most favorite things to do! I know he can't wait to see what will be in store for him!

Mistress Brandy

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