Monday, April 5, 2010

The Ultimate Kinky CBT Pain Slut

I’m thinking of a really hot domination phone sex call that I just did yesterday with a guy who likes to get kinky and also do cock and ball torture. This submissive slut is one of the most extreme I’ve ever run across when it comes to taking pain and having his ass and mouth stretched out. He was my slut and used for my amusement. He is a lover of humiliation that gets off on being used and abused. On this CBT phone sex call he used Rubber bands, an anal pump, a cock pump and rubber bands to put around his balls for every minute that I was with him. He was the center of the stage and I was the dominating ring master at a circus with lions, tigers, elephants and other animals. He was dressed in kinky fetish attire and all eyes were on him. His dick got so hard when he knew he would be servicing all of those wild animals. Knowing that he would be on his knees ready to suck their cocks and have his fucking ass hole gaping and ready to be stretched out. For him the bigger was better. The tolerance for his pain was so extreme that he begged to be filled up more and more. He heard my bratty voice say “You like being a circus slut don’t you slave? Now put that ass up in the air and take that lions dick up your tiny ass!” He would feel the thrusts sliding in and out of him as he moaned out in pleasure. And then I would say “Take a pump to your ass with that anal pump!” And he was a very good obedient slut and pumped it hard. He throbbing knowing that his ass was getting fucked even pounded. Knowing that he was soon going to be filled up with a load of cum. And when another minute passed by I said “Now take a rubber band and wrap it around those balls!” I could hear him crying out as he followed my instructions to the t. And when his slutty ass was finished getting used and filled up with cum I ordered him to lick that lions cock off and clean it up. How dirty is that and humiliating with all of those people around watching him and fixated on his holes being stuffed and used.

I could hear him as he made those slurping sounds up and down that lions dick tasting his ass and cum wrapped around it. And before he knew it I was saying “Now pump that cock with the pump!” He would moan out every time I told him to do that. He even had metal pins inside of it. Kinda like the gates of hell with the spikes pushing in against his shaft. I made him suck and fuck tigers monkeys and the biggest animals cock there which was the elephant. As time went on I would say “Now put two rubber bands around your balls!” Or “Pump your fucking ass two times!” Or “Pump that cock twice!” And all the while he was getting more stretched out in that fucking ass hole or more pain to those fucking balls and extreme pain to his cock. I told him to imagine that he was with me and I took him out to a farm yard and he is in the open on a field where everyone could drive by or even walk by and see him being totally whored out to all my pigs, cows, dogs, and horses. Being humiliated and taking loads of cum all over his face to lick and drink up and to get his ass stretched out by the animal with the biggest cock that I could find. And I told him to imagine what it would be like to be the center of attention at a fetish party. There to give me exactly what I wanted and auctioned off to the person who had the most money so he could be whored out for their entertainment. He was so fucking hard thinking about all of the kinky things he would do for me and how much I would make him my whore that he started to beg me to cum. But I said “You can cum but you better shoot that fucking load in your mouth!” He did it too just like a cum drinking slut. He would have taken it in a glass or a fucking dog bowl if I would have told him. There are no limit’s or restrictions when it comes to the kinky phone sex that I get into. Are you in a submissive mood today and ready for this mistress to bring you to your knees? I don’t care what your fantasy is I’m here and ready to give you exactly what you want.

Don’t keep me waiting slave

Mistress Brandy