Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Dirty Cum Eatting Slut

It's been a long time since I heard from you. But when you messaged me last night you said "Brandy I've been reading your domination blog and I really like your latest entry about your dirty panty entry. And I miss the way that you make me your pet." As we chatted for a while he told me that he was ready for me to have my way with him again. So I told him that I would get my favorite toys ready for him and that I wanted him to dress in his black thigh hi's and wrap up his balls with a thong and put on a pair of satin panties. Before I knew it I heard my phone ring and I knew he was ready for some kinky Phone sex. I was ready to make him my dirty slut. I know he will do anything for me because obeying me means he will get my dirty nasty treats. As he walked in my living room I said "Tonight we are going out to an adult sex club. I had something very kinky for him to wear. And he would put on just about anything for me weather it's leather pants with his ass out and a matching sleeveless vest and i've even put a collar and leash on him and lead him around on all fours. When we arrived to the club all of my girl friends were there and they were ready ahead of time and knew that he was going to be getting very nasty for me tonight. I took you to this room and said "L I'm ready for you to be my piss drinking slut now. As I raised up my little skirt laying you down as I started to squat right over you face. Nothing makes you harder then seeing my bare little cunt starring you in your face as I tease you with it. Grinding it round and round as you start to stroke your swollen cock to drink in my treats. You are always such a good dirty slut for me too and will do whatever I tell you too do. I looked down at you as I said "I want you to lick my pink pussy lips clean for me now." As I could feel your tongue sliding inside of me. Devouring me as you slid it in deeper and deeper. Feeling how tight it was as you started hearing me moan out. I said "Now it's time for you to lick my tiny little ass and show me how dirty you can be. That made your cock ROCK hard when I told you that. I love to show off my tight little ass to you.

Bending over and lifting up my skirt knowing that you would do anything to pull my panties or thong to the side and lick it. And you are a hot ass licker too. As I grinded my hips into your ass I said "You know you have to get ready to drink your piss for me soon." But I thought about something even more nasty. I said "Get up slut." I am going to give you an enema but this kind will consist of your piss mixed with mine and my girl friends." You said "Oh my god yes I want that so bad." As my girl friends giggled they said "We do have to go pee really bad too. You throbbed knowing that some of them were underage and knew that those tight little pussies were so fresh and ready to do whatever I told them to do. As I got the enema machine ready my little girl friends lifted up their skirts and exposed their little panties to you as you said "Oh my look at those pretty little panties." As I turned around I said "I bet you want to taste those panties too don't you L?" I knew that he did as the started to slide them off and handed them to me. As I took the tube and slid it in your ass and we filled the tank up with our piss I said "I'm going to slide an extra tube up your dirty fucking ass hole. Because when you shoot it back out the tube you are going to drink it all down." As we cut it on I stepped around in front of you as I said "Feel all that hot golden rain shooting in your ass?" You moaned out saying "OHHHHH yes I do. I love it when you use me like this." As I handed you the tube I said "Now put this in your mouth so you can get ready to drink it all down for me." Taking the panties as I started to run them across your nose. Seeing the expression on your face as you smelled all of those dirty little panties. Your dick and balls looked like it was about ready to pop out of the panties you were wearing as I said "MMMM they smell so good dont they? But none smell as good as mine do they?" He said "No they don't mistress." Pumping his cock as he drank all that piss down I said "Since you were an obedient dirty piss drinking slut i'm going to fuck your tiny ass with my strap on." And L would let me put just about anything up his hole from candy bars, to ice cubes, to carrots, cucumbers and more.

And yes he would even eat the candy bar and vegies after they slid out of his ass. As I grabbed my strap on and slid it on I said "Show me that tight fucking hole." Putting lube on it as I started to push it up against his hole. Grabbing his hips as I said "Get ready to stroke that dick because i'm ready to fuck you good." As I started to push it in that slutty hole he started to moan out. Looking at all of my girl friends standing there feeling so turned on as I slid all the way in and all the way out. Pumping that hot hole faster and faster as I told my girl friends to start playing with your cock. Taking their finger tips as they ran it up and down your shaft. Feeling me grind my hips into yours as I started hitting that g spot. Hearing me say "You like being my pet don't you L?" He said "Yes I do Mistress Brandy." As I took my hands and smacked his ass. Feeling me start to move my girl friends hands as I started to rub your dick through those satin panties. I said you are going to cum for me aren't you slut!" As I was sliding all the way in and all the way out. Hitting that spot even more as you felt my soft hands squeeze and pump your cock. Moaning out so loud you heard me say "This is my cock and I own your cum don't I?" Hearing you moan out "Oh yes Mistress it's yours." And I said "Nobody can fuck you and make you their slut like I can right?" And you said "Oh my god yes!" As you started to say "I'm ready to cum whenever you command me to I've been so hard for you today." I said "I want it now!" As I slid my strap on out of your ass and walked around in front of you. Looking into your eyes as I said "And I want it right here!" As I pointed to my tight little ass. Bending over as I lifted up my little skirt wiggling my hips back and forth pressing my ass back onto your cock head as you started to shoot your load all over it. It felt so thick and hot and very creamy. As I looked back at you and said "Now it's time for you to lick it up for me. I know you want to taste it you dirty fucking cum whore." MMMM and you licked it all clean as you trailed your tongue around my tight little ass cheeks. As I took my finger and scooped up a little and turned around and sucked my finger seductively and said "you taste sooooo good...." I can't wait for you to be my pet again...

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He'll Do Anything For Me & My Dirty Panties

Hey guy's are you ready to hear my confession? I love guy's who aren't afraid of trying things for the first time. Men who are ready to do whatever I want especially if it means pleasing me. And that means wearing my dirty little panties. Just think of me wearing my favorite pair as i've been out all day going shopping and then coming home later in the evening as I lean back on my chair and spread my sexy long legs open and exposing them to you. You walk over to me as i'm touching myself and see my pretty little hands running between my legs as I rub them up and down my satin purple panties. I look at you as I say "Come on over here and touch them and feel how wet and creamy they are for you. Then I want you to take a long sniff and take in the sweet aroma for me." I can see your dick stiffen in your pants as you think about my pretty, creamy, sweet pussy that has been in these panties all day. And don't try to tell me that you don't want too smell them either and touch them because I know you would love every moment of it. My intoxicating aroma that makes you completely weak as you can't stop thinking about how they would feel against your own skin. So soft and silky just thinking about how addictive that is makes you drip pre cum.

I just know you would be kneeling down as you wait on me to come in and take my hand and pull your face between my sexy little thighs. You look up at me as you begin to undo your pants and take your throbbing hard cock out as I start to lower my purple satin panty covered pussy against your mouth. As you take your tongue and start to lick my pussy lips through these used panties. I start to moan out "MMMM that feels so good baby." As they get VERY wet. Taking my soft hand as I hold the back of you head and guide you back and forth. From my clit to my slit as you start to stroke that cock more and more. I love to tease you and I just know by now you want me to slide these pretty panties off and expose my tight bare pussy. As I look down at you saying "My panties make you tingle all over don't they? It's almost like you feel yourself falling into some kind of hypnotic spell." As you look into my pretty blue eyes you murmur "Yes they are." Feeling yourself fall deeper as I tell you "If you love them so much I want you to put them on right now." As you are reluctant for a moment but then you slide your pants off because you can't resist feeling my soft satin creamy panties rub up against your swollen cock. As I stand up and wiggle my sexy ass and hips out of them and hand them over to you. You step into them as you slide them up your legs and over your ass. Feeling the creamy soft crotch of them around your throbbing dick and how satiny they feel as you start to drip even more pre cum in them. I look at you and say "Rub my soft panties against your cock for me and don't stop until you burst into a huge load of cum right there." As I walk over to my panty drawer and grab a fresh pair and slide them on my tight little ass and hear you moaning. Seeing me stand in front of you as I tease you and play with my pussy lips right in front of you. Saying "Stroke that cock with my dirty panties." Over and over again until you have so much cum that builds up you blow a thick hot load right where my sweet little pussy is. Addictive aren't they. I can't wait for you to give in and do more for me.... Are you ready to do ANYTHING for me today? And if you are hesitant but curious will I have to black mail you? Then call me at 1-888-402-8669 ask for