Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Dirty Piss Drinking Slut

Let me share a hot phone sex call with you that I got from my dirty piss drinking slut last night..... My girl friends and I were out tonight at a club having some fun and decided we were going to go to the bathroom and check on our make up. When we got in there it wasn't a lot of people in there. I had really been drinking a lot and could feel my bladder dancing so I decided to empty it. When I went in the stall I pulled up my little skirt and lowered my little thong and started pee. I heard someone moaning in the stall next too me as the golden rain was falling out of my tight little pussy. And I could not tell at first if it was moans from pain or pleasure. But the more I pee'd the more intense the moaning got. So I said "Excuse me are you okay?" Then the moans quieted a bit. As I wiped the drippings off of my pussy I raised up my panties and went out to wash my hands. My girl friend said "Brandy I have to pee also." As she went in there and did the same thing the moans started up again. But this time it sounded like a mans voice as I started to walk closer to the stall I said "What are you doing in there?" I was very noisy so I peeped through the crack and saw you standing there with your big hard cock out. You were dressed in black thigh hi's and had a pair of black silk panties on. And you also had your cock and balls tied up. You were so into listening to the girls pee that you didn't see me watching you. I said "Hey girls there is a guy in here with his dick out stroking it!" They said "Are you fucking kidding me?" I said "No i'm not!" I said "Open up that door and show yourself!" I knew by now that I was going to have to show you what happened to dirty guy's who like to listen to girls pee. I said "So you like getting off on girls peeing do you?" As you had your throbbing hard cock in your hand. Looking at the way I was dressed as your eyes ran up and down at my body. You said "I'm sorry I could not help myself. I said "Well since you want to do that you are going to be punished!" As you moaned out "Ohhhh yes how am I going to be punished?" I said "I'm going to make you my fucking piss drinking slut!" As I took your hand and guided you in the handicapped bathroom my girl friends came and I put you down on your knees. I said "My bladder is full again you slut and you are going to get down between my legs and drink my piss up!" I could see your cock twitch when I said that as I said "You probably like that don't you ?" As I raised up my little skirt again and lowered down my panties. Squatting on your face as I said "Now open up your mouth and drink down all my pee." As I started to empty my bladder in your mouth my girl friends stood there looking at you as they laughed and giggled.

They were under age but I knew the bouncer there so I could get them in with no questions asked. That made you even harder knowing that they were only sixteen years old. I said "If you waste any of my pee on the ground then I'm going to make you get on your fucking knees and lick it up." You said "Yes Miss." As I said "You like the way it tastes don't you?" As you took your tongue and cleaned my little pussy up for me. I could feel some trickle back on my ass so I said "I want you to clean my little ass also. Stick your tongue back in my dirty little hole." I looked down at you as you started sliding it back and forth. From my tiny little ass to my creamy little pussy lips. Tasting how wet it was as you slid your tongue in deeper and deeper. Hearing you moan out as I could see pre cum dripping from the tip of the head. I looked on the floor next to your head and saw some of my pee that had wasted and I stood up as I said "You dropped some on the floor clean it up." You said "Yes miss brandy anything for you." As you got down on your knees and licked it all up for me. With your cock in your hand as you were stroking it for me. With even more precum dripping out by now. I stood there watching you saying "I could make you do anything I wanted you to do." As I teased and taunted you. I said "I could make you drink my under age girl friends pee or lick their asses and clean them up good and make you show me how good of a slut you can be for me. And for a treat I could take off my dirty creamed in panties and make you lick them up and sniff them. Then make you stick them up in your ass and hold it in there with a butt plug or a pair of my panties. You started really pumping your cock by now. And I said "While you are dressed like that with your regular clothes over it I could make you take care of my errands for the day. And when you come home I would fuck you with my strap on. Seeing the way you were looking at me I said "You are ready to come now aren't you?" You said "Oh yes please Mistress Brandy can I?" I said "Yes if you do I want you to shoot it all over your fucking stomach and then take your finger and lick it up. And if you are a good slut the next time I'll let you shoot it all over my ass." As I raised up my little skirt and turned around and exposed it to you saying "And after you shoot it on my tight little ass you can lick it all up." As soon as I said that you started to beg me "Oh please may I cum now Mistress?" I said "Yes you may." As you pumped your big hard cock and shot a creamy hot load all over your stomach. I said "The next time I catch you in this bathroom you can only imagine what I will do to you. As I laughed and took you by the hand and walked out. Are you ready to come be a good piss drinking slut for me today? Then call me at 1-888-402-8669 ask for Brandy

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Slutty Sissy Tiffany

I want to tell everyone about sissy Tiffany. She did a phone sex call with me today dressed in lacy black cheeky panties with a pink cotton candy cami, black thigh hi's, a garter, a short slutty skirt and six inch pumps. She was looking to be dominated and humiliated. The first thing she told me was that she has a 4 1/2 inch dick. As soon as I heard that I started to laugh. She then told me when it's not hard it's only 2 inches and can barely be seen. I said "I bet! That's so pathetic." As I went on to tell her "That's so small that when you have to pee I bet you do it sitting down just like a girl would because it's too tiny to aim." As she said "Yes Miss Brandy I do." As she stood there looking so slutty I said "I bet when you lift up your skirt you can't even tell that you have a penis because it's so tiny." Telling her that I would have to get my magnifying glass and shine a bright light on it just to find it. I could tell that she was getting very excited by the way she was responding to me. I said "Do you know where you need to be right now?" She said "Where is that?" I said "You need to have your sissy ass on your knees looking up at me ready to wrap your mouth around my strap on." As she moaned out saying "Oh yes I want to feel your strap on in my hot wet mouth." I said "I bet that pathetic little worm is getting excited just thinking about it isn't it? And come to think of it, I should just call it a sissy clitty cause it's just too tiny to be called anything else." As I laughed and giggled. I walked to my closet and pulled out one of my favorite strap on's as I started to slide it on. Dressed in my purple fishnets and purple satin bra with my matching panties and pumps. Ready to have my way with Tiffany. I looked at her and said "On your knees slut. As she kneeled down not being able to take her eyes off of my hot purple fishnets. I said "Wrap your mouth around my strap on and suck it like a good whore. As she lowered her lips down on it and began to take it in and out she started to moan out. As that short black skirt raised up showing off those cheeky panties. Moving her ass back and forth as she slurped and sucked on my strap on. I said "I know you want to touch that tiny little knub don't you? With her mouth full of my strap on raising her lips up she said "Oh yes please can I touch it?" I said "Yes cause you cant stroke it unless you use your thumb and index finger." Laughing as I said "Rub it just like it's a pussy." As she took her finger and started touching it through those slutty panties. Taking my hand as I put it on top of her head and started guiding it up and down my strap on.

Making her take it in deeper and deeper as she looked up at me. She was a good strap on sucking whore and sucked it just how I wanted her too. As I said "Now get up I'm ready to bend you over and fuck that sissy pussy of yours." As she said "Yes Mistress Brandy." Hearing me say "I bet your hot little hole has been waiting for this moment for a long time now hasn't it. And you know i'm going to fuck you so good your head will be spinning." As I lifted up her skirt and pulled those panties to the side. Taking my soft hands as I gave her a slap on that tight ass. Taking the tip of my strap on head as I started to slide it in that hot little man pussy of hers. Hearing her moan out as I started to slowly slide it in her hot little hole. Hearing her moan out as I said "You like the way that feels don't you Tiffany." As I heard her moaning out even louder." Hearing me say "I love having my way with sluts like you." As I grabbed her hips and pulled her back on my strap on. Telling her "I'm going to make you my bitch." As I started fucking her hole even deeper. Grinding my hips into hers as I started to hit that g spot. I looked up at her as I took my fingers and said "I'm going to finger that itty bitty nub of yours if I can find it." And started to laugh and giggle again. Hearing her moan out again as I started to tease it and touch it. Running my fingers back and forth flicking it as her sissy pussy grabbed a hold of my strap on and squeezed and choked it. Hearing me say "You want to cum don't you slut." She said "Oh yes may I please cum Mistress Brandy?" I said "Beg me to cum." As she looked back at me as her hot little hole was getting fucked like never before and started saying "Oh please Mistress can I cum I want too so bad. I'll do anything if you let me cum." As I took my little finger and stroked her clitty even faster. I said "Okay you can cum but I want you to lick that cream up for me like a good slut." Saying I know you can't shoot out that much seeing as how you have a itty bitty dick." Knowing it would just be driblets or drips. As she started gripping my strap on and cumming all over it I said "Now get down on your knees and clean it off slut." And she did just like a obedient girl should. As I looked down at her saying "The next time I hear from you i'm going to tie you up to my bed and tie your legs up in the air and bring out my flesh colored strap on and fuck that sissy pussy of yours so you can see what it's like to get fucked like a whore. As she moaned out "Oh yesssss Mistress."

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He Drank My Golden Rain

Earlier today you messaged me telling me that you were looking for a sensual domme for a hot phone sex call and had a very hot start of a role play that you wanted to do with me. It started off as me seeing you sitting across the room as you were finishing up your glass of wine as you saw me approaching you as I said "I could not take my eyes off of you tonight. Are you here alone?" You said "Yes I am." As I smiled I said "My name is Brandy." As you smiled back telling me yours in return. Saying "You look very sexy tonight Brandy." As I said "Thank you. Can I get you a refill on your drink?" You said "Yes please I'm still very thirsty." As you handed me your empty wine glass I slowly lifted up my little black skirt as I looked into your eyes and moved my little thong to the side. Seeing the intensity grow on your face and in your eyes as I started to fill up your glass with my fresh warm pee. You could not take your eyes off of my pink bare pussy as you saw me peeing right into your glass. As I lifted it back up to you, you said "Oh yes thas just what I was craving ." As I handed it to you saying "Drink it all down for me." As you lifted it up to your mouth and took it all down I could hear you moaning as you started to run your hands between your legs. Touching the big hard bulge in your pants as you took in all of my hot golden nectar. I took you by the hand as I said in a seductive way "Lets go back to my house." You followed me back home as I invited you in not knowing what I had planned for you tonight. As I walked up to you being very flirty you said "Your pee tasted so good Brandy." As I looked at you saying "It would have been much hotter if you were on your knees with my pink bare pussy lips above your face and peeing straight into your mouth. Feeling my grind my lips into your mouth as you clean my little hole for me" As I stood there saying "You would do just about anything for me wouldn't you." Weather it's worshiping my sexy little body from my pretty little feet and toes, sexy long legs, sweet tight pussy, my hot little ass, under my little arms and my perky 34 B breasts. As you stood there getting more turned on by the second.

You said "Yes I would Mistress Brandy." I said you would even take my strap on in both of your slutty little holes and feel me fuck your hot wet mouth and tight little ass too wouldn't you?" You said "Oh yes I would." Seeing me take my hands as I ran them across my little body I said "You would even go out dressed in my thigh hi's and soft satin panties with your clothes over it and take care of my errands wouldn't you?" You started to stroke your cock through your pants as you said "Oh yes I would." Knowing that when you called me I would be teasing and toying with your mind making you hard as a rock and when you came back I would make you my slut and fuck you so good you would be begging me to cum. I would show you off to all of my girl friends as I tell them how I trained you to serve me in whatever way I wanted you too. As I lifted up my little skirt and put you down on your knees so you could get a taste of my tight wet cunt and tiny little ass. Taking your tongue as you slide it back and forth just how I want it. Running your tongue in and out of my ass tasting the juices that drip from my pussy as I move my hips back and forth in circles. Telling you that you are my kinky little fuck slut. Looking into your eyes as I say "I know you want to put my creamy panties into your mouth too and taste all the cum that's leaked out into them. And smell them too and know that the more you do that the more cum would build up in your full balls. And then I would own you and make you mines forever. Feeling me wrap my soft little hand around your cock as I stroke it up and down. Pumping it as you feel me slide my strap on in your tight ass. Sliding it in deeper and deeper as you feel me hitting that g spot. MMMM I get so fucking wet when you throb for me. And then look back at me as you beg your Mistress to cum all over your stomach for me. I look at you saying "Beg me again" As I grab your hips and pull you back onto me thrusting my strap on even deeper inside of you. Moaning out "You can cum but you better shoot it like a rocket...." As you say "OOOOOH yes Mistress Brandy!" And cum like never before. Are you looking to come serve a sexy Mistress today? Show me how far you are willing to go for me. Call me at 1-888-402-8669 ask for Brandy