Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sissy Slut Training You'll Never Forget

Hey little girl are you going to surrender to me willingly or will I have to black mail you to be my sissy phone sex slave?

Let me just give you a taste of some of the things i'm going to force you to do. I am going to dress you in all kinds of pretty pink outfits like my thigh hi's with the garter. A matching bra and satin panties with a slutty short skirt and a tight fitting low cut cami or corset. And then i'm going to put on some six inch pumps with locks on them and paint up your lips a pretty shade of glossy pink. And pick out a red or blonde wig. Once you are all dolled up my pretty I'm going to make you walk around in front of my girl friends. And the first thing they will think is that you are some kind of street walking hooker. And I will laugh and giggle saying how ridiculous you look. Once you are finished strutting around in front them i'm going to take you out so EVERYONE can see you. And don't make me force you or i'll have to use these pictures that I took of you while you were naked stroking your pathetic little dick like a horny loser and show them to your wife. So lets get ready to go to my favorite shopping mall with your pink purse dangling on your arm with your pretty pink nails that I just polished up. You know everyone will be laughing at you but I don't care about that.

There are other things I will have you do too. I could have you sit in the car and jack off your pathetic little dick or make you pee in your panties and stain up your skirt so everyone can see your wet stain when you go out to the park or library.

Or I could dress you in my pink or red bikini and have you stand out in my back yard in the broad day light and yell out "I AM A SISSY FOR MISTRESS BRANDY." Playing with your man pussy with a fucking dildo shoved up your ass. And if your dinky dick is tiny then i'll cut a hole in the middle of a watermelon or a yam and have you fuck it until you are begging me like a little bitch to cum.
Public humiliation phone sex is one of my favorite things to do to girls like you.

I could also make you suck on one of my favorite toys too. Put you down on your hands and knees and take it in your pretty sissy lips. Slurping and sucking on it like a bitch. And I could get behind you and pull your pretty panties to the side and fuck you with my huge strap on. I just get so turned on making you my slut. Hmmm and if you really want to prove yourself to me i'll bring over one of my hot boy friends and you can take his real cock in your mouth and sissy pussy. You know I want to hear how good you suck on his big fat dick. And I know you want to be treated like a real girl so do NOT deny me bitch.

And if you are the dirty kind of sissy then I can put you on your knees and stand above you as I make you my piss drinking slut. Drink in all of my golden showers like I know you want too and then clean me up. I know your clitty is getting hard thinking about being my dirty slut. A mistress can never get enough toilet slaves and if you deny me I'll just tie you up to my bed and cuff you. Just imagine if I was your bratty school girl standing above you dressed in my checkered skirt and white top. With my white cotton panties over it just squatting over your face ready to piss right in your mouth. I would not remove my panties either I would just go right through them and when i'm done with you i'll slide them off and ring them out in your dirty fucking mouth. Then laugh at you and call you a pathetic loser. You know you like it when I call you those names don't you?

Do you want to see how dirty my mouth can get? Then pick up your phone and get ready to serve me sissy. I know what you want so it's time for you to give me what I want and that's a hot
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Mistress Brandy

Sunday, July 5, 2009

How Much Can You Take?

How much can you stand before you are on your knees begging me to cum? I look into your eyes saying "Take all of your clothes off for me. I want to see your big fat cock." You see me laying back with my tight delicious pussy starting you in the face. With my sweet scent in the air that makes you stiffen the more you smell it. You stand there looking at me with my fingers sliding up and down my pussy lips. I know you want to touch your cock but you know you must ask for my permission first. I see the look of lust in your eyes as I slide my first finger inside. Its so tight and wet and you can see it going in deeper and deeper. I go to squeeze my pink lips around it and your dick starts to stiffen even more. MMMM it really starts to swell and throb as I tell you "Do not touch it just yet." As much as you may try to deny that you don't like to be tease I know you do. You like it as much as I do. I look into your eyes saying "Give me your hand." You place it on top of mine not sure what i'm about to do and I take your finger tip and gently run it against my smooth bare lips. You can feel how wet and creamy it is and you start to moan out intensely. And you think this is the moment that i'm going to let you slide your finger inside of my dripping wet pussy but I go to release your hand. Giggling as I say "Get on your knees baby and take your tongue and slide it up and down my tiny little pink lips. Allowing you to take your big fat cock in your hand and run up and down your shaft. Stroking it for me as your tongue is running circles around my clitty. "Do you want to slide your tongue inside and taste my sweetness?" You really start to get turned on saying "Oh please let me tongue fuck you Brandy." I can see the pre cum dripping out of the tip of your head and I know that you are ready to cum soon. So I say "Take your hands off of your cock but keep licking me." I start to grind my hips into your face. Taking my hands to pull your head into me. Wrapping my sexy long legs around your head and as your tongue is deeper inside of me rimming me you can feel my tiny walls grab and squeeze around your tongue. You start to beg me "Can I please touch and stroke my cock again for you?" Sounding like a bitch in heat I say "Not yet!" You are going to taste my cum as I start to moan out your name saying "Lick it just like that. You feel so good baby no one has ever licked my pussy so good before." With you licking faster and faster. Up and down from my lips to my clit. Sucking in on it and then I give out a very loud moan and release all of my sweet juices on your tongue. You lick up all of my cream as it's falling down my leg and I go to lift you up and take my palm and wrap it around your dick. Running it up and down your shaft. Squeezing on it a little bit as you move back and forth. I look at you and say "I'm going to take you to the edge and then make you blow your cum like never before. Pumping faster and faster as my finger tips hit that sensatitive spot under your cock head. Driving you out of your mind as my other hand starts to wrap around your balls I go to cradle them and squeeze them lightly. I look up at you and say "I bet you would give anything to feel my hot wet mouth wrap around your cock head and tease it just a little. What would it take for you to blow your fucking load all over my face? Call 1-888-402-8669 ask for Brandy