Monday, August 31, 2009

I Will Enslave You Submissive Slut

Come here you pathetic submissive slut and get ready for the sweet scent of my pretty silky panties. Get down between my legs so I can shove your nose into them. I know you want me to smother you don't you. Do you want to take your tongue and slide it up and down and taste all the cream that's on them because i've been rubbing my pussy all day thinking about your worthless little prick and what i'm going to do to you. Or maybe you are a cuck whore and you have a tiny little prick. You know you are worthless and cant satisfy your wife or girlfriend. Your tiny dick is the size of a needle and there is nothing you can do with it but watch and see me take a real mans cock in my dripping wet pussy. I like them big fat thick and meaty. All the things that your little member is NOT. Hear me moan out as I'm getting fucked deep and hard and looking over at you as I laugh and call you a waste of flesh. All I will ever do is leave you puddles of cum for you to lick up. I know you want to clean up these sheets of my pussy juices that squirted all over his dick. And if you are not a cuck maybe you are a cum thirsty cock loving sissy who craves to be dressed up by a hot and sexy mistress. Let me tease you and bend you over and fuck you how you need it. Maybe that will be nice and slow so you can feel every inch of my strap on stretching your sissy pussy open. Or maybe I'll grab your ass or shoulders and pump you deep and hard. Pumping and ramming you so deep that you are begging me to let you stroke your little clitty. It will get rock hard as you hear my nasty mouth say "Do you like being my sissy bitch? Are you dirty and want a real cock in your holes? Maybe you are a sissy fag and want to feel a fleshy dick pump your slutty holes.

Do you have a diaper fetish and long to feel my soft intense hands spank and tease your uselss worm? I bet when you think about it you cant help yourself and start to cover your tiny prick in piss and cum. I'll make you my dirty scat lover and have you doing things you never thought you would do. Let me rape your wallet and tribute my power over you. Let me lure you in and put a hypnotic spell over you and turn you into my pretty little bitch. I know you want me to hypnotize you and turn you from a worthless man into a woman. Hearing my sexy voice take you away as your body starts to transform into a woman. Before your very own eyes your chest starts to sprout breasts. And you find that tiny prick between your legs starts to slowly disappear and before you know it there is a tight pink pussy in its place. And when you waken you are totally transformed and feminized. After you are in my slutty clothes I will take you out and publicly humiliate you. Giving you errands and assignments to do all for my own personal pleasure. I will give you a glass of that unknown potion that I made for you. I could make you a female forever. Or turn you into my slave for life. Make you my little submissive bitch who only wants to serve me. Turn you into a giant goddess or shrink you into a tiny person to toss around for my amusement. I will take control of your mind and your cock and bring you down to your knees and have you begging me to masturbate. Maybe I will let you touch yourself if you have proven yourself worthy to do so. But if you cum before I allow you then you will be in for some very stern punishment. You can beg like a little bitch for mercy but it will take more then your pathetic wimpy please for me to release you. When I'm done with you, you will be saying "Oh thank you Mistress Brandy for making it up to you and allowing me to give all of my cum to you...Telling me that you cant wait to serve me again... When will that be little subbie?

Mistress Brandy

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Punishing Him For Being A Panty Sniffing Slut

I walked in and caught you sniffing my worn panties. You were moaning out and said "Brandy's panties are so soft and smell so good." You had no idea I was standing there looking at you. I said "What are you doing? Why are you sniffing my panties?" You started stumbling over your words saying "Uh, Uh, well they were sitting out here exposed and I could not help myself." I said "That doesn't matter you are my daddy's best friend!" Then I said "Do you know what I do to guys who snoop in my panties?" You stood there with your face turning red and said "No I don't Brandy what do you do?" I said "I turn then into my sluts!" I told him to follow me back in my bedroom but he just stood there not moving. I said "Do you think I'm playing with you? I'm going to call my daddy in here and tell him that his best friend is a pervert and is sniffing my panties!" You said "Oh please no don't do that! I'll do anything you want me too!" I said "Good then follow me into my bedroom. I was dressed in my red corset with my red panties and thigh hi red boots. I could feel his eyes looking up and down my body as we made my way back to my room. I went into my closet and brought out my strap on and said "This is what I'm going to use on you slut! And not only are you going to take this in both of your holes you are going to have a slutty girls name. So call yourself Ashley while you are in my presence." I slid off my red panties and placed them on my bed exposing my pink wet pussy to him then stepped into my strap on. I said "Do you know my girl friends love to have me catching them going through my panties." I could see his cock getting harder in his pants as he said "Oh really and what do you do to them?" I said "I do the same fucking thing i'm about to do to you I push them down on their knees and make them take my strap on in their slutty mouths. Then after they have made it nice and wet I bend them over and pull their fucking panties to the side and slide my strap on in their slutty holes." I picked up my red creamy panties and handed them to him and said "Put these on they are very wet and creamy. I've been playing with my little pussy all day." He said "You want me to wear these?" I said "Yes I do if you don't i'm going out to tell my dad what you did!" He said "Okay i'm putting them on right now." He dropped his pants and shorts and out popped his hard throbbing cock. He stepped into them and started to moan out like a slut and said "Oh they feel so good Brandy." I looked at him and said "Now get down on your knees Ashley and suck my strap on like a good slut."

He got down and looked up at me and opened up his mouth and started to slide his lips up and down. Sucking on it like a good little whore. With my soft panties rubbing against his dick I said "You like sucking my strap on don't you?" With his full mouth slurping and sucking he said "Oh yes and I'd do anything for you." I could see his dick sticking out of my panties as he took my toy in even deeper. Bobbing like he had tasted the best ice cream popsicle stick he ever had. I said "Go ahead and start stroking your cock for me because i'm ready to fuck your hole now Ashley." He raised his mouth up and looked at me. I said "Now get your slutty ass on all fours." I took my wet strap on and started to push it against his hot hole. Pushing it in as he started to moan. I said "Since you have a slutty girls name that's just how you are going to get fucked. But you want it like that don't you?" Grabbing his hips as I started giving him more. I said "You want that ass stretched open and you want it deep and hard. I know you do I can tell by the way you are grabbing your ass around it. In fact when I first met you I could tell that you were a slut and had secrets." His hand was sliding up and down my panties feeling me work my hips into his. Thrusting all the way in and all the way out. I said "I want you to feel every inch of my strap on filling up your hole and after you blow your hot load you are going to remember what happens when you decide you want to sniff my worn dirty panties." Then I said "You like my strap on don't you? That fucking ass loves the way I work it in you." He moaned out even louder saying "Oh yes I do please fuck me harder!" I said 'That's just what i'm going to do!" I plunged my toy deep inside of him. Rimming and invading his ass. I wanted him to remember what it's like to feel me fucking him. I started to hit that g spot calling him my slutty girl Ashley. Telling him how I was going to make him bust his load like he never has before. I said "Work that fucking cock jack it off for me I know it feels good in my soft little panties and I know you want to shoot your load in them don't you?" He looked back at me and said "Yes I do Brandy." I could tell he was ready to cum by the way he was panting and breathing so I said "Cum on Ashley you fucking slut I want your cum right now!" Telling him how sneaky he was and calling him a panty loving slut." I grabbed his hips again and pulled him back on me and started to move from right to left and put my pressure on his g spot and started to cuff his balls in my soft hands and the next thing I knew he was saying "Oh fuck i'm going to cum!!!" He soaked up my panties with his thick load as I slowly worked my strap on round and round. Slowly pulling it out of his hot ass and said "Now this is going to be our little secret right? Because my daddy would not like knowing that I just fucked his best friend with my strap on." He looked at me and said "Oh yes it's our secret." Until the next time I catch him sniffing my worn creamed in panties....

Am I going to walk in and catch you sniffing my creamy panties today? Maybe you like sniffing my dirty ones that I have worn. Or maybe I will walk in and see you stroking your cock with them or maybe even wearing them! You know what happens when I catch you doing that. So get ready to receive my punishment for being such a naughty panty slut.

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