Sunday, June 21, 2009

My New Sissy Slut Busted At The Bar

You were sitting at the bar having a drink and I saw your red satin panties when you went to raise up your arm to get the waiters attention for another round. When I saw this I could not resist walking over to you and tell you what I saw under your shirt. I decided to join you since the seat next to you was open and said "Hi there I'm Brandy and I was sitting at that table over there and I just saw what's under your top." You said "Hi there i'm Tessa what are you talking about?" I said "Well you are wearing red panties under your pants." You looked at me and said "No i'm not I'm wearing shorts." I said "come on now there is no way you can deny that you are not wearing panties and with them being red you know they are going to stand out." I told you to lift up your shirt again so I could get another look. You said "I can't do that Brandy I'm sorry." I said in a stern tone "It you don't i'm going to yell out and tell everyone what I saw then you will have to show everyone then!" He said "I don't believe you." I said "Try me if you think i'm playing." As I got up and turned to everyone in the bar. "He said in a worried voice "Okay don't do it I'll show you now." He raised up his shirt and sure enough there were those red fucking panties under his top. I looked at him and said "Since you lied to me this is what's going to happen. We are going to go back to your place and i'm going to punish you for not being truthful with me!" He looked at me and said "Yes Miss Brandy i'm staying at a hotel at the Sheraton." Then he asked me if I would follow him or drive with him. I said "I'll drive you over there you may try to escape and get out of what I have planned for you." When we arrived there we went up to Tessa's room and to my surprise she had all kinds of lingerie, fishnet panty hose, bra's, pumps and lipstick. I looked at him and said "This is what's going to happen, I am going to totally feminize you and then I have something else in store also." I told him to get undressed so I could get ready to transform him into a female. When tessa dropped his pants I could see a very tiny bulge in his panties and I said "Look at that tiny little dick how small are you?" He said "I'm only four inches." I said "No wonder why you are in panties then! You have a tiny little prick!" Standing there laughing I said "that wasted flesh is totally useless I bet you have to sit down like a girl when you pee dont you?" His face turned red and said "Yes I do." I said "Well today i'm going to turn your pathetic ass into my slutty bitch." Standing there in his cheeky panties he said "Oh my god this is going to be so humiliating isn't it?" I said "You bet your loser ass it is." I could see that Tessa was already completely shaved on her legs arms chest and pub area.
So I brought out the fishnets and matching bra and brought out some red lipstick and pumps and said "Get dressed in this Tessa now." She stood there looking at me saying "Do I really have to do this?" I said "Yes you have to fucking do it or i'm going to run out in the hallway and tell everyone you are in here dressed in red cheeky panties! And i'm going to yell at the top of my lungs too!" Tessa still standing there I said "Oh you think i'm bluffing?" I walked over to the door and opened it up and saw some people walking down the hallway and said "Oh I have something to tell you." Tessa said "No I'll do it Brandy I promise." As I laughed I came back in and said "I thought you would change your mind slut." Tessa got dressed for me and put on everything and I must say she really transformed into a hot looking girl. I looked and said "Now it's time for you to be my bitch." I looked and said "Have you ever had curiosity of taking a big fat cock in both of your slutty holes?" She said "Actually yes I have been curious of what it would be like to try just once." I said "Well you are in luck then because outside that door I have a hot stud who has a big fat cock and he is ready to have it sucked and fucked." Tessa stood there saying "You do?" I said "Yes I do for real." I called him in and said Tessa meet my hot friend." She looked up and down his body and seen the big bulge in his pants. And I know her tiny little worm was getting hard seeing the way he was looking at her. I said "Now drop down to your knees slut and take his big fat cock out." Tessa got down there looking up at me and him and unzipped his pants. Pulling them down with his huge 9 1/2 inch dick in her face.With her red painted lips ready to open up and slide down his shaft she parted her mouth and started to suck on his big meaty rod. Moving her head up and down my friend started to moan out calling her a slutty whore. Telling her how good it felt feeling her lips suck on his dick. I said "Tessa spread your fucking legs open pervert and start to play with that large clitty. She started to touch it as her mouth started getting fucked deeper and faster.

I said "You are such a slut make sure you make his cock nice and wet because i'm going to get you up on that bed and get that slutty man pussy of yours ready to get fucked. Talking with her mouth full and sliding up and down almost gagging on his rod my friend said "Okay that's enough or i'm going to cum in your mouth bitch." I said "Take the proper position and get that ass up in the air and spread those cheeks open. My friend crawling up on the bed behind her taking his big fat cock in his hand he started to push it in her fuck hole. Feeling how tight it was he said "God damn you are tight." Grabbing her hips he started to pull her back onto him. I stood there teasing Tessa as I started to lift up my black little top saying "Look at my perky tits I bet you want to touch them don't you pervert. And that loser baby worm is getting hard just thinking about it isn't it?" As I started to laugh I pulled up my skirt and flashed my little panties at her. Saying "I just love making horny fucks like you my bitch." Take that cock deeper in your whore hole!" Seeing my fuck buddy rim her hole Tessa was moaning out like a bitch in heat. Grabbing his beef stick as she choked and grabbed his cock. I walked over to her and started to tease her clitty. Rubbing it back and forth saying "You like that don't you loser?" Running my finger tips up and down feeling her boy shorts get wetter I said "Are you ready to drink down a load of cum you slut?" Looking back at my friend as he was stretching her hot hole open. I said feed this horny bitch your cum now down her throat. He said "Hell ya I am cause i'm ready to blow right now!" I looked at Tessa and said "Get on your knees and slide your hand down in your panties and play with that useless dick." She pulled it out exposing it and I looked at it and started to laugh. Saying "Oh my god you cant even see it. Where is my fucking magnifying glass it's so tiny I need to shine my spot light on it." Tessa's face turning red because she was feeing so humiliated I said "Tip your head back slut and say ahhhhh and take down all of his cum. Plus you are going to cum in those panties and lick them clean too. You are dressed like a fucking whore so you may as well be treated like one!" With my friend jacking off his huge dick over her mouth she said "AHHHHHH..." I said "Beg him for his cum you thirsty slut!" She started begging like a cum slut saying "Please blow your load in my mouth I want it so bad." He said "Oh yes you hot bitch I'm cumming now!" And shot the biggest load of cum i've ever seen. I looked at Tessa as she was rubbing her tiny worthless pecker and said "Now spurt your little drops of cum in those panties now and take them off so you can lick them all up for your mistress. Tessa's face looked so pretty painted in cum and she licked it all up like a good girl and cleaned her panties too. I can't wait to find her in a bar again so I can have my way with her.... Are you looking for a Mistress to come dominate you today? Come see me here or just call 1-888-402-8669 ask for Brandy

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Daddy Is A Panty Sniffing Pervert

I'm thinking of a time when I was younger and just got in from shopping and found my daddy in my bedroom with a picture of mine in his hand and a pair of my dirty panties in his face smelling them. I said "Daddy what are you doing sniffing my dirty panties like that!" He jumped and said "Oh baby I was just emptying your dirty clothes into the hamper." With his face turning red I said "Don't lie you were smelling my dirty panties!" Then I looked down and saw the huge bulge in his pants with wet stains on his crouch. He looked at me and said "What's in the bag baby girl?" I said I got some new clothes and I also got some new lingerie today." Daddy perked up and said "Oh really?" I said "Yes really I did and they are very hot too." He stared looking at me the way a perverted pedo looks at underage girls and had that look of hunger in his eyes. I said "I know you are going to like watching me in the outfits. You always can't seem to stop staring at me when I walk around in my skimpy little clothes." Walking closer to him saying "Isn't that right you pervert. Don't you like to see the way my little tops show off my tits? And I know you like seeing me in these really short skirts. And I know your big daddy dick gets really hard when I go to bend over and I show off my panties." Daddy started to moan out as he took his hand and started to run them across his crotch. I just loved to tease him calling him names and told him how disgusting he is. And I know he could not get enough of going through my dirty clothes hamper to find my dirty panties. I said "Well you know I'm going to have to punish you for finding you like this." He said "Punish me what do you mean?" I said "Don't play stupid you know what I mean." I told him if he didn't do what I told him to do then I was going to tell mommy that he was a panty sniffing pervert. He said "You wouldn't!" I said "Try me." He started to walk out of my bedroom and I grabbed my phone and started to dial her number. I looked at him and said "I'm sure she really wants to hear about this while she's away on her business trip." He said "Put the phone down Brandy I'll do whatever you tell me too!" After hearing him beg me like a little bitch I thought "I can blackmail daddy however I want and show him what happens to horny perverts." I stood there looking up and down his body and said "Take out your cock I want to look at it daddy." He said "No I don't want to show it to you Brandy." I said DONT TELL ME NO IF YOU DON"T DO IT NOW I'M TELLING MOMMY ON YOU!!!" He looked at me and said "Please not that! I'll take it out now." He unzipped his pants and brought it out and oh my god it was so much bigger then what I thought it was. I didn't want to stare at it but I just could not help myself. I said "Look at how hard your cock is. I bet you are having perverted thoughts right now aren't you my pervy daddy?" He moaned out and said "MMMMM yes I am baby." I said "Start stroking that cock for me but first I want you to put on my panties."

I started to slide up my skirt teasing daddy as I started to slowly lower them. Exposing my pink tight pussy to him he must have grew and gotten even harder. Stepping out of them I said "Here put these on for me." He took them in his hand and sniffed them and said "Fuck baby your pussy smells so good and they are creamy too." Sliding them on I said "Now stroke your dick through my panties and if you deny me I'm going to walk over to my closet and bring out one of my favorite toys." He said "Toys?" I said "Yes I have a strap on, dildo, and I have a vibrator." He said "What would you do with those?" I said "I would put you on your knees first and make you suck it like a slut. And then I would bend you over and make you take it up your ass like a bitch." As his hand was sliding up and down his dick I started to tease him again lifting up my top saying "Just think about how good it would feel with my soft little hands on your ass and my big fat strap on sliding in your tight fucking hole." I could hear him moaning out as I was telling him exactly how to stroke his cock. Telling him when to speed up and when to slow down. And to tease that big mushroom head as his other hand was massaging his full cum filled balls. Looking at him as he looked at my firm perky tits I said "That feels good doesn't it bad daddy?" He said "Oh I can feel myself wanting to cum Brandy." I didn't make it any easier for him I walked even closer to him and lifted up my skirt exposing my wet pink lips saying "I bet you want to feel my pretty pussy lips don't you daddy? They are so smooth and tight. I bet you have stroked off so many times with my dirty panties wishing that you could slide your pervy cock inside of your little girls snatch box. I know you want to feel how tight it squeezes and grips around that big fat dick don't you." Walking even closer to him I said "Now jerk and pump that cock for me and squeeze it too!" He did exactly what I said and feeling my soft dirty panties rub against his shaft he said "I can't hold it anymore baby may I please be allowed to cum now?" I slid my finger inside of my pussy and said "Do you really want too bad?" He said "Yes I'll do anything if you let me cum." I said "Okay daddy I want you to shoot your fucking load in my panties and then you will lick them clean do you hear me?" He said "Oh no don't make me do that I don't want to eat my own cum." I said "Well if you can't do that I won't allow you to cum!" Lowering my skirt and top slowly and making my way over to the door I said "I'm also going to tell mommy what a fucking pervert you are when she gets home." He stopped me and said "No no please don't deny me cumming I'll eat up my cum for you." As I got a wicked grin I turned around and said "That's what I thought now shoot your load!!" Pumping and jerking his cock he started to spray strings of cum all in my little panties. Hearing me say "That's right empty those balls!" Daddy came so much that he just about collapsed. He slid my panties off of his ass and put them up to his mouth and started to lick them all clean for his little girl. I just love having my way with daddy I can't wait to catch him in my room again so I can make him do even more *giggles*
I love you daddy!