Monday, October 27, 2008

Bound And Helpless

Let me tell you about this phonesex call that I had where I was at the bar having a drink with some of my girl friends when you decided to come up and sit down next to me. You told me you were seeking a devilish mistress for some bondage. Little did you know that I was the one you were looking for. As your eyes was looking up and down my body you had no idea what I had in store for you. We sat there and talked for a little bit as we got to know each other. You being a complete and total sub and me being just the opposite I knew right then and there we were the perfect match. You having no idea what my wicked mind was mixing up. When you turned your head for a moment I slipped a drug in your drink. Something that would cause you to fall asleep instantly. When you turned your head back around you went to pick up your glass to take a drink. All of the sudden you started to feel very relaxed and sleepy. As I turned around to my girl friends that was with me I said "Let's get him." We took you out to our limo as you were fast asleep. Just long enough for us to take you out of the car and get you back into my basement. Putting you up on my bed as I took all of your clothes off. Then walking into my closet as I took out some of my pink lingerie. Something made of satin trimmed in lace. A matching thong, bra and thigh hi's. When you woke up you were cuffed to my bed. Wrists and ankles totally bound and at my mercy. Legs spread apart as you looked at me saying "What happened to me? What have you done? I'm dressed in females lingerie and cuffed to your bed!" As I stood over you laughing I said "Well be careful what you ask for because you just may get it." As I was dressed in something very sexy. Walking besides the bed as I started to take my hands and touch you all over your body. Toying and teasing with you as I could do anything I wanted to. I could tell that you were getting very excited from the bulge that was forming in my panties. Taking my hands as I began to run it across your cock. Pulling out my toy as I said I have a special place for this to go as I started to lube it up with some ky gel. Hearing you as you started to moan out "Oh no please don't make me take that dildo in my ass." Looking into my eyes as i said "There is nothing you can do. You are my slave and I will do what I want to do with you." As you began to moan out saying no, no, no over and over again. Hearing me as I said "Stop talking before I decide to use some ben gay instead of this gel! Feeling me as I started to take my toy and slide it up and down your ass crack. As you struggled over and over again trying to get away. Moaning out even louder. Me looking down at you as I said "You talk and make too much noise for me." As I started to turn with my ass facing you.
Wiggling my hips out of my creamy panties. Giving you a close up view of my little pussy as I took my feet out of them. Standing back up as I turned back around and said "Here open up your mouth!" As I shoved my creamy panties in. Laughing again as I started to slide my dildo in your ass. Fucking it in and out as you could taste the juices on my panties. With your moans being muffled as I said "You like the way my pussy tastes don't you slave!" As I started to slide my dildo in and out faster and faster. Rolling it round and round. Fuckig your ass so good and hard and starting to hit your g spot I could see your cock start to stand straight up in my panties. Laying there looking like a slut as I said "I'm going to make you blow your load." As I took my soft little hand and started to run it up and down your cock through my satin panties. Teasing it as I climbed directly on top of you as I started to straddle you. Exposing my pink pussy to you as I started to slide my finger inside and fuck it nice and slow. Hearing me moan out as I started to grind myself onto you. Looking at you as I said "You wanna cum don't you slave." As shook your head saying "Oh please yes may I cum." Muffled as your voice whimpered out with pleasure." Hearing me as I said "What's my name slave." You said "Brandy" I said "No that's not what you call me as I slid my toy all the way out and all the way in again. Delaying as I started to tease and deny you. Hearing you as you tried to moan out again. "Oh please may I cum!" As I turned you over on your side taking my hand to smack your ass over and over until you got it right. Finally hearing you say "Mistress Brandy." As I pulled my panties out of your mouth. Saying "Mistress Brandy what!" As you were shaking saying "Oh please Mistress Brandy may I cum?" Feeling my strap on fuck your tight little hole so fast and good as my hand began to pump your cock I said "Okay shoot that load for me in my panties you slut! And I want you to lick all that cum out of them when you do." Hearing you as you came so hard that you drained every last drop of cum in your balls. Looking at me as I unlocked your ankles and took off my panties and shoved them back in your mouth and said "Here lick them clean you cum slut." Looking at you as you waddled them in your mouth. Saying "Next time I won't be so easy on you slave. I could use other things like my riding crop, paddle, harness, candle wax, icy hot, or nipple clamps. And that's just a short list of the things that could be in store for you....What kind of slave are you today? Do you dare to enter my dungeon? Then call me at 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Brandy

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Mistress Brandy

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Confessions From My Panty Wearing Slut Brother

I want to share a phonesex call with you that I got about humiliating my older brother...
"What are you doing!?" I said as I walked in and caught my older brother in my panty drawer. I just got in from running errands with my girl friend and her boy friend when I caught him wearing my panties, matching bra, thigh hi's and pumps. Caught red handed as he was prancing around like a bad little girl. I looked at him as I stood there as his face began to turn red from being embarrassed. Asking him "How long has this been going on?" He started to confess that he had been in my room a lot of times when I was out in school or at the mall shopping. Telling me how he went through my dirty clothes looking for my freshly worn panties. And how he got so hard when he put them up to his nose and drank in my pussy scent. I said "Is there more that you are not telling me slut?" And he said "Yes there is more Brandy. I also stand outside of your door jacking off in your panties when I know you and your boy friend are in there having sex together." I can see the way that he fucks you and how you suck his cock. Then I also see the way that you drink all of his cum up." Looking into my eyes he told me "It makes my little cock so hard that every time I think about it I secretly cum in your panties." Then he went on to confess that he wants to be a cock whore for me. And that he strokes his cock thinking about how much he wants to feel a big fat cock sliding in his mouth. As I stood there looking at him I said "Well that's what you are going to get bitch!" Looking at him stroke his pathetic little dick I told him "I know you have had fantasies about me haven't you!" He said "Yes I have." Then I said "Well you know i'm a taboo slut but I would never fuck you or your pathetic little dick." as I stood there laughing at him." He moaned out more hearing that as my girl friends began laughing too. I said the only thing I would do to you is use you for my own amassment. And I looked at him and said "And you don't know how much of a dominant bitch I can be." Looking at him stating to stroke through my panties I said "Did I say you can stroke that dinky dick yet? Now get on your knees for me and get that hot mouth ready." I called in my girl friends boy friend with the big 9 inch cock as he walked in and saw my horny brother on his knees. Looking down at him as I said "See that big fat bulge in his pants? That is something that you will NEVER have between your legs." I told him to take out his dick and start to stroke it. His eyes got really big as he saw how big and fat it was. I looked at him saying "I bet your mouth is just watering right now isn't it." As he looked over at me he started to beg me if he could suck it. I said "Beg more you hungry whore! That's not good enough for me." He started to beg even more as his hand was sliding up and down his big hard rod. I looked at him as I said "Okay go ahead and slide it in your mouth." Looking at him as he started to take it in and out. Looking like he had sucked cock before he began to slurp on it more and more." Hearing me say "Now tell me how much you like it you pathetic fucker!"

He looked up at me with his mouth full saying "Oh I love cock it feels so good sliding in my mouth." Telling him to take it deeper and make it wetter and suck on it faster for me. My girl friends boy friend was about to cum soon as he took his hand and put it on the top of my brothers head and began to fuck his face faster as he was slurping on his rod just like he had a jolly rancher lollipop in his mouth. I looked at him and said "Now take your tongue and slide it down his shaft and make your way down to those full balls like a dirty bitch." He made his way down as he took them in his mouth and began to suck on them nice and slow. I said "Don't suck on them too fast you have to be gently with them." As they rolled round and round in his mouth. Seeing that big fat cock twitch as he said "I'm about to cum!" I looked at my brother as I said "now slide that hot mouth back up to the tip and wrap those lips around that cock and start to suck it again." I could tell how much he wanted to stroke that pathetic little weenie between his legs so I said "Take your hand and start to rub my panties up and down that cock. But you will not cum until I tell you to." As his mouth was stuffed with cock and his hand was stroking his little worm he moaned out louder and louder and louder. Looking over at me as I was touching myself and exposing my panties to him. Turning around with my ass facing him as I started to wiggle out of my little skirt. I knew that would make him pop that pathetic little load fast as he saw my cream colored thong. I ran my hands up and down. Sliding my finger in my tight little pussy and raising up my top to expose my matching little bra he said "Can I please cum now?" I looked at him and said "NO!" Seeing the expression on his face as he asked me again "Oh please may I cum now Brandy?" I stood there as I said "I want that load built up so much that when you do cum it fucking blows you away." He said "Oh please, please, please Mistress Brandy may I cum now?" I looked down at him as I was still touching myself right in front of him and saying "That's the magic word now shoot that hot fucking load you pathetic loser! And open up that hungry mouth and take in that creamy hot jizz of that big fat cock that you are sucking." He said "Ahhhhhh" As he shot his load in my panties and took a thick hot load in his mouth that his face was covered. Looking like a cum guzzling slut I said "Now take of my panties and lick your cum out of them. " Telling him "And the next time I catch you in my bedroom wearing my panties and lingerie i'm going to REALLY punish you then. I'll start off by changing your name and calling you Amy. I'll have both of your holes filled at the same time! And that's just the begging of what I can do with pathetic little bitch like you. As he stood there smiling at me I just knew he wanted to know what more I would do to him. But he knew that I was going to leave him guessing because that would make him want to cum back for more. Are you ready for me to catch you wearing my panties today? You will be in for the punishment of a lifetime. Call me at 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Brandy Or you can find me in our free sex chat room.