Monday, February 8, 2010

My Favorite Toilet Play Phone Sex Slut

I love hearing about all of your kinky phone sex fantasies. I'm a very open minded mistress that has no boundaries when it comes to the kind of kinky, dirty, naughty, taboo, twisted things that get you off. As I was sitting here I was thinking about what kind of entry I can write about this week. And then my phone rang and I heard from one of my favorite golden shower phonesex callers. He likes for me to share his name with everyone. Dave is a bit stubborn sometimes when it comes to giving me what I want. But he makes the perfect kinda guy for blackmail phone sex. He always gets so weak when I tease him with my sexy body. And he has a very deep ass fetish and whenever he pulls up one of my pictures with my skirt up or me dressed in some thigh hi's with the pumps and matching bra and thong seeing me bent over, all he can think about is getting down on his knees and worshipping my little ass. All I have to do is say "Look at this. Don't you want to touch it and kiss it? Don't you want to move my little thong to the side and take your tongue and run it up and down my slit?" Then he starts to moan out and say "Yes you can make me do anything when show that ass off like yours." As much as he tries to deny it I know he loves to be my dirty little scat licking whore. My personal toilet who will come to be my slave so I can teach how to take every last lick and bite down. It's so humiliating to him I know. And he will cry out like a little bitch and moan out but at the same time he finds himself hearing me say "Okay you dirty slut if you don't clean up my tasty slit and clean me of all of those brown treats then i'm going to have to take out my camera and show where you were on your knees sucking off my strap on.

Not to mention those pictures I took of you standing naked masturbating and jerking off to those under age girls. I'm sure your wife would love to see you doing that wouldn't she?" Whenever I say that he just stops fighting and says "Yes Mistress I will obey and do as you say." And before I know it he is begging me to squat right over his face to let him drink down all of my warm golden showers. It turns me on so much when I think about feeling his tongue sliding in and out of my pink tight pussy lips. Licking and sticking it in my watery hole to get all my pee out. And he loves to hear me laugh and say "You are such an obedient pee drinking slave." His dick gets hard and he begs me to start stroking it. And he knows that I will push his limits. Not only will he be drinking it out of my golden pussy lips but I'll have him down on his knees drinking it from a dog bowl. And take one of my favorite tails to stick it up his ass and start fucking him with it. Sometimes he will get lucky and i'll have my little girl friends over there. You should hear the way he begs to take a taste of their sweet little pussy and ass. I could make him do anything just to let him see their pretty little panties. Its so much fun to see him struggle. That's when I have to come out with my bondage gear and tie him to my bed. He loves having his wrists and ankles cuffed or having me tie rope to him. Being completely restrained and at my mercy with no where to go. I look and say "You are my cunt licker. Lap that tongue up and down and feel me wrap my soft little hand around your cock." It doesn't take me long until he is shooting that cum into a bowl and getting back down on his knees to lick it all up like a good pet.

I'm dripping wet right now thinking about hearing all of your nasty dirty phone sex fantasies. How far will you go for me today?
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