Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Controlling A Pathetic Tiny Dick's Orgasm

Controlling a mans orgasm is one of my favorite things to do. Especially submissive males. I just get so wet when I think about having my way with them. And when it comes to all those guys who call me for small penis humiliation phone sex I just know they will never deny serving my every need. I just love wrapping them around my pretty little finger and hearing how horny they are. They are my favorite when it comes to tormenting them. Especially when I flaunt my sexy little body at them. Their pathetic little hard dicks cloud their brains and all they can think about is doing whatever it takes for me to allow them to cum.

I heard from one of my favorite little dick losers last night. He loves to be driven to the edge and made to be helpless and out of control. I just love to tease and seduce him. And what I really love to do is laugh at his useless 3 inch prick. His tiny pecker always gets so hard when he calls me for humiliation phone sex. And it gets even harder when he hears my girlish bratty giggle. Sometimes he likes to play hard to get but once I start feeding his weakness he is like putty in my fucking hands. I just love getting his midget clit hard and putting him in panties. But what I really like to do before he is allowed to wear them is slide them in his mouth. He chomps on them like a fucking hungry dog does a bone. He looks so rediculious too. When I see him on cam and make him put my dirty panties on his head and say “I’m a pathetic little dick bitch.” I just LMAO. And if he denies me then I just take out all of the information I have on him and threaten to black mail him. I love having him right by his tiny little weenie. Because once I have his fucking balls in my hand he knows there is no turning back.

I will put him in front of all of my girl friends dressed in my fucking undies and make him lick the floor. Especially after one of my studs secretly shoots his creamy load on the floor. This horny fucking slut thinks that I squirt my cream on the floor. And he knows if he doesn’t lick it up clean I’ll go in the kitchen and find whatever I can to stick up his slutty ass. How embarrassing is that? A room full of pretty girls and him wagging his ass like a pathetic dog begging to have me stuff eggs, ice cubes, marbles, cucumbers, celery sticks or whatever else I can find. He is such a whore too when it comes to having his tiny ass hole filled. It just pushes him straight to being on the edge to cumming in those pretty little panties of mine. Or maybe it could be the fact that he loves hearing me call him humiliating names in his ear. If I do it in my sweet sassy voice he starts begging me like the horny fucking jerk off slut that he is.

Bit by bit I took away whatever man hood that he had and left him like the pathetic tiny worthless loser that he is. I say “I know you have been begging me like a slut to stroke your itty bitty dick. But its just so tiny there is no way you can stroke it. What you have to do is rub it like a clitty because there is nothing there to grab on!” When I finally allow him to start touching it and grinding into my panties he starts begging me to grab his favorite girl friend. What might that be? That could be the closest thing he can find to hump. He loves grinding into pillows, blow up dolls, this mini fucking pocket pussy that is his favorite. And if he is lucky enough and proved how much of a worthless pathetic bitch he can be then I may allow him to hump my fucking leg.

When he’s on his knees in front of me I tell him “take that tiny fucker and place your finger and thumb around it and start rubbing it for your mistress. “ I knew it wouldn’t be long before this loser was going to be squirting so I worked him up slowly and then told him to stop. Then I told him to start playing with it again and made him stop again. I made him make humiliating noises like pant like a dog and meow like a cat. LMAO it was hilarious! But he LOVED doing it for me. I honestly thought it was very hot. And when I described to him how I was sliding my finger up and down my pretty little panties and then sliding them to the side and teasing my dripping wet pussy he almost blew. He begged like the loser he is and said “Princess I’ll do whatever you want just please let me cum!” He was powerless and he knew that I owned him mind body and soul. He knew that I have the power to ruin his fucking orgasm and deny him from squirting his pathetic load. He was so desperate by the time I got done with him I had him on his hands and knees again dripping his cum on the fucking floor and then made him lick it all up. He cum so hard he passed out while I saw him on cam. When he finally woke back up he messaged me and said

“Princess Brandy I cant wait to call you again for Domination Phone Sex.”

Do you have a pathetic tiny prick and ready to be controlled by a princess today? Then take that little shrimp dick out loser and give me a call.

1-888-402-8669 ask for Princess Brandy

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